Whiteflash Adds Lab Created Diamonds To Their Inventory

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A few days ago I received an email from Whiteflash letting me know that they are in the process of adding lab created diamonds to their in-house inventory.

I’ve been wondering for a while if/when Whiteflash would begin offering lab grown diamonds. Many of the merchants I work with have already made the move to also offer lab created diamonds to their customers.

It’s been interesting, to say the least, to see the way the market has adapted to and responded to the public demand.

Ten years ago I would not have predicted that lab created diamonds would be as a huge sector of the market as we see today.

Four or five years ago saw a small spike in traffic to a page on this site which only touched very lightly on lab created diamonds. At the time lab grown diamonds made up less than 0.01% of commercial, jewel quality diamonds and there was still resistance from diamond jewelers. But public demand was a rising tide which they would not be able to hold back. I am happy though that jumped on the bandwagon early as I’ve been able to assist many people with their lab diamond purchase.

I began including recommendations to jewelers who offered lab created diamonds rather than limiting my affiliation to naturals only. Soon big names like James Allen began adding lab diamonds to their stock. That was probably one of the biggest game changers, as it signaled to the world that lab diamonds are a serious option for diamond hunters. Other merchants who’ve recently done so include Diamonds-USA, Brian Gavin Diamonds, and Concierge Diamonds.

While plenty of diamond jewelers still scoff at the idea of taking lab created diamonds seriously it may only be a matter of time before the majority of diamond jewelers stock both natural and lab grown diamonds.

The jewelers who are slow to make the change will invariably grow tired of turning away prospective customers who are clamoring for lab created diamonds.

The fact is that the demand for natural diamonds is strong enough to make their more affordable cousins an attractive alternative.

The reasoning most people employ is as follows:

I want a diamond.

I want the biggest (and brightest, but mostly the biggest) diamond I can afford.

A lab grown diamond can look just as good as a natural.

I’ll get more diamond for my money so why not go with a lab grown?

That’s right. The environmental pros and cons are for the most part glossed over.

The value for money is the primary reason people will choose a lab created diamond over a natural/mined diamond.

I have found that the majority of lab-diamond seekers place higher clarity and color as a priority over size. While most of the prospective buyers of natural diamond will begin their search among H color and VS2 clarity when it comes to lab created diamonds most people are asking me to help them find a lab created diamond with a color grade between D-E-F and clarity grades of VVS1-VVS2.

Though it’s a little early to see Whiteflash’s complete range of lab created diamonds I have been informed that the range they will be carrying will be carefully selected for outstanding cut quality and light performance, which is their specialty. The diamonds are IGI certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut, and at the top of the scale in terms of color and clarity (colorless VS1+). In addition, they are “As Grown” with no post-growth treatments, which you will be able to confirm by checking the comments on each respective diamond’s IGI report.

How To Buy A Lab Diamond From Whiteflash

At the time of writing Whiteflash does not have lab created diamonds listed in their general search. You will have to use their contact page, get in touch with them. They will then work with you to find the lab created diamond which best suits your requirements.

A More Indirect Approach

Alternately if you prefer to not contact them directly just yet you may use my free Diamond Concierge Service. Please mention that you would like a Whiteflash diamond when you fill out the form. I will then contact Whiteflash on your behalf and work as an intermediary.

For Those Just Discovering Whiteflash Now

If you are only just discovering Whiteflash please allow me introduce some of the key aspects of their business. The infographic below covers some of the most important and outstanding ways Whiteflash differentiates themselves from your average jeweler.

Whiteflash’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a steady stream of BBB Pinnacle Awards are a result of both their devotion to customer care and to their dedication as a socially responsible company.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “We want to make a difference in the world” you may think this is just another cliched catchphrase. From my experience with Whiteflash I can assure you that it isn’t. Their desire to make a difference can be seen by their dedication to Whiteflash’s Core Values which guides their staff in all dealings with customers, suppliers, with each other in the workplace, and with the community at large. Need I say more?

I would be remiss though if I didn’t add the fact that their support for UN Global Compact and the Diamond Development Initiative go well beyond paying lip service to the Kimberly Process. Whiteflash not only guarantees that the diamonds they offer are conflict-free, they are proactive in the pursuit of making a positive difference to the lives of those in the diamond mining communities of the world. Not to mention their support of Jewelers for Children, a cause which is near and dear to Whiteflash.

Putting your trust in Whiteflash for transactions which are both financially and emotionally important is treated with respect and appreciation. They strive to create long term relationships and their Customer Loyalty program is a way of saying ‘thank you’ for making Whiteflash a part of your journey.

As members of the American Gemological Society Whiteflash is dedicated to education and consumer confidence. In case you aren’t familiar with AGS, AGS was established by the same person who established GIA. Its goal was consumer education and protection. Whiteflash adheres to this philosophy and goes to extremes ensuring customers have the benefit of complete and accurate information about products and services. This way you get to make the best possible buying decision.

Whiteflash diamond products are posted with a comprehensive set of laboratory data and light performance imaging, and many of our top articles on diamond grading are co-authored with the AGS Laboratories.

Whiteflash feels a Social Responsibility to positively impact the community which is why they operate by raising awareness among their own staff, their vendors and their customers of important issues affecting an increasingly interconnected world.

With thousands of online reviews from the best third party review sites such as Google+ and Yelp, along with free shipping and a money back guarantee, it is easy to see the kinds of brilliant experiences that Whiteflash are creating each and every day with customers all over the world. They can do the same for you! And to make your online buying experience more comfortable they offer a One Year Buy Back Guarantee on the purchase of any Whiteflash in-house certified natural diamonds. What’s not to like?

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