The Best Places To Buy Diamond Jewelry Online

Most recent update: Aug 14, 2018

OK, I’m going to jump right in and make this nice and easy for you.

These are the places I recommend to anyone looking for high quality diamond jewelry.

If you want to know why these made it onto my list I include some of the criteria here.

You will find these sites include all the required information not only for first time buyers but also for the more experienced diamond shopper who knows what to look for when it comes to buying a diamond. There are subtle differences in everyone’s needs so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re not sure where to look.

This is my list of the best places to buy diamonds online:

Blue Nile: The Source Of BrillianceTM


Blue Nile screenshot

Blue Nile is among the pioneers of online diamond retail. Offering a large selection of diamonds to online shoppers was something that was very novel when Blue Nile started out. Blue Nile now offers up to 200,000 diamonds to choose from at any given time. For those who know anything about retail you will quickly realize that to have that much inventory in stock you would have to have hundreds of millions of dollars to invest and it would leave a huge amount of capital tied up in stock.

The way Blue Nile have managed to build up the amount of diamonds available to online shoppers is by taking advantage of and implementing high tech solutions. The stones they initially listed were all held by manufacturers (which is the industry term for diamond cutters). When you place your order with Blue Nile, the diamond manufacturer and the settings manufacturer will both send the respective item to a jeweler (setter). The diamond gets set in the ring and sent straight to you. From the time the ring is ordered to the time it arrives at your door takes approximately 5 days. Blue Nile will give you a more accurate estimate depending on your selections. Blue Nile now has many Blue Nile branded diamonds that they sell exclusively and are not available elsewhere.This includes the Astor signature diamond.

Blue Nile have a very well run system and there are thousands of very happy customers getting stones which they were able to choose from a large selection. At Blue Nile you can view the diamond grading reports (certificates) before buying. Familiarizing yourself with the 4 C’s is a good idea.

They provide excellent tutorials and they make it easy with a fantastic and informative website. Blue Nile has done an amazing job compiling such an incredible list with this vast array of choices. On top of the fact that they have a wide variety they also have negotiated good prices with their suppliers, so you will be able to get very good deals. The company has been awarded the Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, which recognizes the best in online customer service as ranked by actual consumers.

Reasons to buy from Blue Nile

  • Excellent variety of diamonds
  • Many styles of engagement rings
  • One of the largest collection of diamonds in the world to choose from
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • 30 Day Returns
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
    Visit Blue Nile and view diamonds in 360° NOW.

Whiteflash: Super Ideal Diamonds + Extreme Precision = Exceptional Beauty


Whiteflash stands out as an exceptional jeweler. The company is a member of the prestigious American Gem Society and has been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Winner of Distinction Award for ten consecutive years including the 2015 Pinnacle Award, the BBB’s highest honor. In addition, Whiteflash is the first jeweler to receive ISO 9000 certification which shows a commitment to quality and customer care that is profound. Thorough annual audits are required to maintain this certification, demonstrating their absolute focus on providing a top quality experience. Knowledgeable consumers will love Whiteflash product offerings. In addition to being internationally recognized for their A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal diamonds, they are authorized distributors for engagement rings and fine jewelry from the top designer brands such as Verragio, Simon G, Ritani,Vatche, and Benchmark. Whiteflash stocks the largest in-house inventory of ideal diamonds of any retailer, and the website gives the discerning shopper everything they need to know by including diamond specific photos, light performance images, laboratory certificates, and comprehensive details on the stones listed on their site. This is crucial when shopping for high quality diamonds. In addition to a world class website, Whiteflash diamond and jewelry consultants are GIA trained and available by phone, chat, and email for no-pressure information, consultation and guidance. Owning a diamond with the highest cut grade results in more fire and brilliance, and a more satisfying long term investment. And buying from a company with a proven record of exceptional customer care is critical for purchases of such emotional importance. This is why I recommend Whiteflash to anyone in the market for top quality diamond engagement rings or fine jewelry. This video gives you a look at the Whiteflash Houston showroom and also gives you a glimpse at some of their incredibly beautiful designs.

Reasons to buy from

  • Large in-stock Inventory of Certified Ideal and Super Ideal Diamonds
  • Comprehensive ASET Light Performance Imaging and Information
  • Lifetime 100% Trade-up Benefit
  • Authorized Distributor for the Top Designer Brands
  • 30-day Money Back Guaranty
  • ISO 9000 Quality Assurance
  • Complimentary FedEx Insured Shipping

Whiteflash has a number of important distinctions that makes them take first place on this list.

Read more about Whiteflash here:

Benefits of shopping with Whiteflash for your diamond.

Whiteflash Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds


Briangavindiaonds: Custom Engagement Rings & Signature Cut Diamonds
Brian Gavin Diamonds: Custom Engagement Rings & Signature Cut Diamonds

Brian Gavin, a fifth generation diamond cutter has created some of the most astoundingly beautiful signature cuts. Brian and his father, Benjamin Gavin, researched and refined the well known “Hearts and Arrows” design. They applied their knowledge in the fields of light dispersion and performance, based on five generations of experience to achieve a remarkable improvement on the standard hearts and arrows design, enhancing what’s known as the performance quality of the final product. The result is an amazing augmentation in the stone’s light reflective performance under all lighting conditions. The design has been available since March 2009, and it is a marvel of engineering and design. To find anything close to this quality at a bricks-and-mortar store you’d be looking at 3 to 4 times the price. Their unbelievable work and commitment to excellence will undoubtedly play an important part in making one of the most special days of your life that much better.

Black By Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin Diamonds recently unveiled its most extraordinary diamond collection to date, Black by Brian Gavin. The collection launched in September 2016 features diamonds cut with the “Gavin Effect,” (patent pending) a calculated technique to maximize super light performance and optical precision. The Black by Brian Gavin collection features some of the rarest and most impeccably cut diamonds in the world and represents years of meticulous research and experimentation by Brian Gavin Diamonds in conjunction with the American Gem Society Laboratories.

After decades of studying ideal cut diamonds and their proportions, Brian Gavin uncovered diamond areas of diamonds that were underperforming. Referred to as “Low-Intensity Light Zones” by Gavin because high intensity light was not being captured in these areas, the zones were preventing even the most ideal cut diamonds from delivering optimal light performance. The Brian Gavin Diamonds’ team went to the drawing board and set out to reach a new pinnacle of diamond cutting that would eliminate these zones and in turn usher in a breakthrough in the light performance of diamonds.

The Brian Gavin Diamonds team worked closely with the American Gem Society Laboratories to bring Black by Brian Gavin to life. The collection only features diamonds cut with the “Gavin Effect” technique, a proprietary cut enabling the light to be reflected off nearly the entire pavilion of the diamond, allowing these diamonds to deliver stunning optical performance and maximizing a sure sparkle. The Black by Brian Gavin collection features diamonds with color grades D through G and clarity grades IF though VS2. All diamonds in the collection also feature Brian Gavin’s Signature Hearts and Arrows to ensure the diamond embodies the perfect marriage of sparkle, brilliance, fire and scintillation. Each Black by Brian Gavin diamond undergoes a detailed inspection and is affirmed with an exclusive Black by Brian Gavin branded AGS Lab grading report.

In an interview about this most incredible accomplishment Brian Gavin could not hide his delight with the final results: “This diamond collection is unlike any other in the world, Black by Brian Gavin is truly the pinnacle of my career and is born from my relentless passion and obsession with diamonds with impeccable performance, exacting precision and incomparable beauty”

Black by Brian Gavin creations are delivered to you in Brian Gavin Diamonds’ most unique packaging, which matches the diamonds’ rarity among diamond collections.

In October 2017 Black by Brian Gavin announced an award-winning collection of designers for the Black by Brian Gavin range. Definitely worth checking out.


Reasons to buy from Brian Gavin Diamonds:

  • High quality diamonds
  • In-house Designers
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • Signature cuts
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    • Answers Emails
    • Returns your phone calls
    • Knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff
  • Customers are over the moon with the level of satisfaction.

Read more about Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

James Allen: 360° Diamond Display Technology


Shop Engagement Rings and Loose Diamonds Online
Shop Engagement Rings and Loose Diamonds Online

James Allen has been real good for consumers. Their 360° Diamond Display Technology has caught the attention of both online shoppers and diamond manufacturers worldwide. Shoppers get to browse through a huge selection, and manufacturers are eager to showcase their best stuff on such a magnificent platform. Customers of James Allen report that great service is still alive and well. That’s just one of the great things they are known for. One very important and exceptional reason people turn to James Allen to find a diamond is because of the high resolution images of all the stones listed. If you want to get a close look at what you are getting and examine your precious stone, James Allen offers a high resolution image of every stone they list. How many? The total is updated in realtime and is currently listed at As of today there are over 200,000 diamonds for you to choose from! With excellent prices and outstanding service you are certain to find something to your liking. They also have a streamlined system which makes it possible for them to process your order very fast. Certainly faster than many other retailers in this business. Positive reviews for this company are in the thousands!

Reasons to buy from

  • High Resolution Images
  • 30 day returns
  • Free Shipping
  • Huge Selection
  • Good Customer Service
    • Answers Emails
    • Returns your phone calls
    • Knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Lots of positive reviews by satisfied customers

Read more about James Allen.

Diamonds-USA: Variety, Customized Designs and The Purest Diamonds

Website: home page screenshot
Diamonds -USA is the web presence of David Braverman’s diamond manufacturing and diamond jewelry retail company. The website began operation in 1997. I have been on their case to update the look of the website, but I guess they’re busy cutting diamonds and making jewelry. Diamonds-USA offers both 100% natural diamonds as well as clarity enhanced diamonds. The clarity enhanced listings all have the initials C.E. (for Clarity Enhanced) and are accompanied by a lab report (aka diamond certificate) issued by EGL Europe, or in the case of very small diamonds by the Diamonds-USA in house certificate. There are considerable savings to be found among those, and Diamonds-USA provides a strong guarantee of durability.

Apart from clarity enhanced diamonds Diamonds-USA offers a very nice selection of 100% natural diamonds including some lovely sought after fancy cuts. Cushion cut diamonds and Princess diamonds are on the overall not that easy to find, so it’s worth checking out and see what they have to offer.

Custom rings

Send Diamonds-USA a drawing or a photo of a setting and they will create it for you.

Reasons to buy from

  • High quality diamonds
  • Excellent Variety of Fancy Cuts
  • In-house Jewelry Designers
  • Computer Aided Designsend in your drawing or photo to have a ring made
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • One of the Widest Selection of Diamonds and Settings
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    • Answers Emails
    • Returns your phone calls
    • Knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff
  • Overwhelming amount of positive reviews by satisfied customers
    Visit NOW.

Ritani: Fine Jewelry and Virtual Consultants


Ritani: Unique Engagement Rings, Diamonds, and Diamond Jewelry
Ritani: Unique Engagement Rings, Diamonds, and Diamond Jewelry

Ritani has a unique “clicks and bricks” model that blends online shopping and brick-and-mortar stores. It is a beautiful website in regards to design and navigability. Ritani offers engagement and wedding rings both online and via a network of independently-owned jewelry stores. You can design your ring on the Web, then try it on in-store with no obligation to purchase. The Ritani website provides all the elements one would hope to find when shopping online for diamonds. The diamonds in their inventory are cut for maximum sparkle, and you can view their diamonds and fine jewelry from all angles. All of Ritani’s custom engagement rings are designed and handcrafted in New York. Ritani artistry is truly a thing of beauty. Ritani makes each customer feel special by tailoring the service to each customer’s needs, ensuring they get expert answers and the best advice, with no rushing, so they are certain they have made the right decision. The Ritani Gemologists provide expert guidance so that customers have all the information needed to make the right choice in diamonds. Consultations include high-definition videos, images, and in-depth analysis of their expert-cut diamonds not available anywhere else — all free of charge.

During your free online consultation, a Ritani gemologist will help you select the best possible diamond for your needs. In your online consultation, you’ll have access to:

  • Exclusive HD images & video
  • Specialized reports
  • Additional diamond inventory

With Free In-Store Previews, customers can view made-to-order engagement rings and loose diamonds at trusted local retailers in participating areas for no charge before purchasing. All Online Orders are shipped free and insured to their destination, and carry a 30-Day returns policy. With free return shipping and pickups, there are no risks and no extra errands required. Ritani offers international shipping to 50 countries worldwide. International shoppers get the benefit of seeing product prices in their local currency, guaranteed order totals, cost-effective international shipping, and much more.

  • High Resolution Images
  • 30 day Returns
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Luxury Packaging
  • Huge Selection
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    • Answers Emails
    • Returns your phone calls
    • Knowledgeable and extremely helpful consultants
  • Overwhelming amount of positive reviews by satisfied customers
Visit now

Victor Canera: Art that Adorns You


Victor Canera: The Finest Bespoke Diamonds and Jewelry
Victor Canera: The Finest Bespoke Diamonds and Jewelry

The site is designed with the discerning diamond shopper in mind. With high resolution images, full lab reports, ASET Scope, and Ideal-Scope images for every diamond in Victor Canera’s inventory, you will find everything you need to purchase the perfect stone. A magnificent collection of high performance diamonds and exquisite hand-crafted jewelry set Victor Canera apart from the crowd. You can match a ring design from their catalog with a Victor Canera precision cut diamond for the ultimate engagement ring. One thing many people find reassuring when looking at the Victor Canera collection is that they don’t have to sift through countless inferior diamonds. Victor Canera’s exclusive diamonds are selected and designed to be of the highest quality. The Victor Canera in-house brands feature flawless optical and physical symmetry resulting in optimal light performance. There are three signature cuts you will find exclusively at Victor Canera: Canera Ideal Hearts, Canera Antique Cushion and Canera European Round. Additionally Victor Canera offers hand forged bespoke jewelry making. There are several marked differences between wax cast jewelry and hand forged jewelry. With hand forged jewelry the master craftsman has greater control over each individual part of the design resulting in this being a superior jewelry creation technique. You can send Victor Canera your design ideas or you can browse Victor Canera’s engagement ring page for ideas and contact them to have your custom ring hand forged.

One thing I have to tell you is that the breathtaking rings made exclusively by Victor Canera are simply astonishing! Ok, so you will have to budget a decent amount for the setting, but you’ll see that they are more than just good looking. They are a work of fine art.

Reasons to buy from Victor Canera

Gemvara: Sealed with a Ring (& a kiss)


Gemvara home page screenshot
Gemvara: choose a design, and customize.

Gemvara’s strong suit is that they offer an extensive range of options for customizing jewelry. The site is fun to use and it’s very easy to navigate through the different options. With the underlying philosophy of appreciating that no two people are alike Gemvara offers enough options so that the

same will be said of jewelry purchased from them. By having multiple choices it is easy to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry directly on the Gemvara website. This design is then sent directly to a jeweler/setter and created for you. The process is straight forward and user friendly. Gemvara has made it an easy 1-2-3 step process: Select a design and bring it to life with 29 gemstones and 9 metals to choose from. Every piece Gemvara sells is made to order. All center diamonds come with either a GIA or AGS grading certificate and can be viewed on their website.
Gemvara was founded in 2010 and is owned by Richline Group Inc. a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company

Top Diamond Websites At A Glance

View features compared side by side hereView Diamond Vendors Comparison Chart

Note to first time buyers: Do you just want a great diamond without having to sift through thousands and thousands of choices? Here is my top tip: Narrow your search down by only choosing Ideal Cut diamonds with a 000 cut grade on their AGS lab report.

stamp of approval

That little bit of advice will drastically improve your chance of getting it right the first time. No one wants the hassle of needing to ask for a refund or replacement. The dissatisfaction experienced when receiving a lower quality cut diamond can be avoided altogether. If you are overwhelmed by the terms and acronyms, that’s ok. I still remember feeling the same way many years ago. If you need any help at all please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I will reply with a shortlist consisting of beautiful high quality diamonds you can have a look at.

About me: I am a Diamonds Graduate and Colored Gemstones Graduate (both through GIA). This website is my little project as I realized that it can be incredibly hard for a first time buyer to make sense of things when faced with the overwhelming amount of information out there. My goal is to provide you with a handy easy-to-follow free guide which will help you find fantastic deals. Everything here is given to you completely FREE. Commissions received from merchants (if there is a sale within a month of you clicking through one of my links) are taken from the jewelers’ advertising budget, and actually helps keep their costs down. Promotional fees are only awarded a long time after a sale is made AND if the client decides to keep their purchase past the refund period. This, as you can see, is motivation for me to help you find what you want and something you will be happy with! Supporting these great jewelers helps keep great service alive and well, helps pay for the costs of running this website and also makes it possible for me to pay for my kids’ education (and they sometimes get to see one of their favorite bands!!)
Talk about a Win-Win-Win-Win situation!

Happy diamond hunting!


Natural color diamonds, also known as fancy color diamonds, require specialist knowledge. While all of the jewelers I list here can get you a fancy color diamond, I have created a separate list of online jewelers that specialize in fancy colored diamonds. See the best place to buy fancy color diamonds online:

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