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Diamonds made in a lab (not mined diamonds)
The diamonds sold by the following companies are lab created diamonds. They are created to have the same molecular structure as natural diamonds, with some notable differences: see the chart below.

My recommendation when buying a lab created diamond is to be very clear with the recipient that it is lab created. (See this article about someone who wasn’t upfront)


Gemesis Diamond Company is proud to create diamonds in both colorless and fancy yellow colors. Diamonds created by Gemesis are certified by leading gemological institutes and cherished by anyone seeking a truly beautiful, environmentally and socially responsible diamond of the highest quality, purity and rarity. Each Gemesis diamond is totally unique, just as in nature.

Lab-created precious jewels so breathtaking they grace the Miss Universe crown yet so scientifically advanced even your jeweler can’t tell the difference. A lab-created diamond must function exactly like an earth-mined diamond. It has to sparkle, cut glass, dazzle you with its radiance and keep the secret of its origin so that everyone who sees it believes it to be real. That beautiful, flawless jewel must then be regally placed in a setting so perfect in its detail and graceful in its design that even the most discriminating jewelry connoisseur would be proud to own it.

 Property  Diamond Nexus  Mined Diamond
 Internal Flaws  Never  Almost Always Has Birthmarks
 Clarity  IF*  VS2+
 Brilliance  Excellent (7.40)  Excellent (7.40)
 Dispersion  Excellent (0.46)  Excellent (0.44)
 Refraction  Superlative (2.20)  Superlative (2.40)
 Color  Colorless (D)  Tinges of Yellow or Brown
(Various Grades)
 Hearts & Arrows Effect  Yes  Maybe
 Toughness  Excellent  Excellent
 Porosity  .097  .096
 Chemical composition  C,O,S,Fe,Co,Ni,Y,Zr,Hf,Gd  C
 Cut  Hearts and Arrows  Sporadic
 Final Polish  By Diamond Powder  By Diamond Powder
 Lifetime Performance Guarantee  Yes  No
 Price Per Carat  $99 – $149  $13,500
*Under 10x magnification