The Diamond Ring: Common Questions Answered!

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Should I choose a diamond for an engagement ring?

A diamond has come to mean love, commitment, and beauty. It has held top spot in people’s minds as the emblem of romance. As diamonds are known for being the hardest mineral, it’s easy to see how they can represent longevity and durability. A well cut diamond will return the light that it gathers as well as split it up into all the colors of the rainbow. What better way to represent generosity? It is also a clear stone. I can’t think of a more apt representation of openness and honesty. It’s really got it all! But hey, don’t let me sway you! Feel free to choose any stone you want for an engagement ring. But diamonds win hands down in my book.

Where can I buy a diamond ring online?

If you like doing a bit of the research yourself and tweaking the parameters to find the stone that’s perfect for you I would check out James Allen or Blue Nile. If you only want the best of the best go straight to Black By Brian Gavin Diamonds. If you are interested in looking at lab diamonds then check out these great places that have lab diamond engagement rings.

How do I buy a diamond ring?

  1. Set a budget
  2. Choose a shape and setting, in consultation with the recipient, if feasible.
  3. Pick a diamond
  4. Buy

It is highly inadvisable to go into debt to buy a diamond ring. This is why setting a budget is important as the first step. And in order to avoid having to return a ring for an exchange it’s a good idea to have a pretty good idea as to what the recipient wants both in terms of diamond and setting.

Which diamond ring should I buy?

The best selling diamond shape is the round brilliant. Second place changes every year. Some years ovals are all the rage, then next year it could be cushions, or radiants. But round brilliants always outshine every other shape and as such continue to remain the most popular. As far as the setting goes, my recommendations are to think about the person who will wear the ring. Are they very active? Then maybe go for something that isn’t too delicate. I would also suggest going for 6 prongs rather than 4, as ring wearers often feel that this holds the stone in place more firmly.

How much does a diamond ring usually cost?

Some people will spend the equivalent of two months’ salary on a diamond, others spend less, but the amount you spend on a diamond is a very personal decision. It’s easy to get caught up in seeing better and noticing more and more expensive diamonds. –The price of a diamond can go as high as you want it to. But in the end a sparkly stone can be found for a lot less than 2 or even 1 month’s salary.

How much should I spend on a diamond ring?

Spend what you are comfortable spending. Looking at the statistics from different vendors gives a completely different idea as to the amounts people are spending on diamonds. Information from one of the Internet’s largest diamond retailers, Blue Nile, shows us some surprising statistics. View the current best selling by color, carat, and clarity at Blue Nile by following the links in the chart below:

View ‘s Best Selling Carat, Color and Clarity by Shape:
Round Brilliant Diamonds
Princess Cut Diamonds
Oval Cut Diamonds
Cushion Cut Diamonds
Emerald Cut Diamonds
Radiant Cut Diamonds
Pear Shaped Diamonds
Following the above links you will see which characteristics for each shape sells well. It’s interesting to note that that many people find value in K color SI2 clarity round brilliant diamonds, but go for much higher color and clarity for emerald and radiants.

Which diamond ring is the most expensive?

If you want to go for the most expensive diamond, then look for the highest color grade, which is D, and the highest clarity grade which is Flawless/Internally flawless.

Signature Cut Diamonds

You can also look for patented signature cut diamonds. Here are a few suggestions on where to look for signature cut diamonds:

Signature CutVendor
Black™ by Brian GavinBrian Gavin Diamonds
A CUT ABOVE® [round]
A CUT ABOVE® [princess]
Canera H&A
Astor by Blue Nile™

Fancy Color Diamonds

If you want to look even further you could go for something even rarer: a fancy color diamond. Red, blue, or green and almost every color in between, these diamonds command respectable prices to say the least.

Signature CutVendor
Fancy Color DiamondsBrian Gavin Diamonds
Fancy Color DiamondsJames Allen
Fancy Color Diamonds

What is a good engagement ring diamond?

Many people aspire to owning a 1 carat diamond. This carat weight if cut into a round brilliant shape is about 6.5mm across. To learn all about 1 carat diamonds see The classic 1 carat diamond: Everything you ever wanted to know!

Round brilliants are the shape that has the potential to return the most light and create the most fire (colorful flashes of light). This shape has been and continues to be the most popular. It is easier to set this shape than a number of other shapes, so you will find there are more ring settings available for this shape. The second most popular shape varies from year to year, with ovals, princess, cushion, emerald, and radiant all vying to be chosen by those who want something a little different.

What is the best color for a diamond ring?

The less color the better, but everyone has a slightly different level of comfort when it comes to how much noticeable color they want in their diamond. The less color a diamond has the higher its price, all else being equal. For this reason most people will choose a diamond which is a few grades lower than the completely clear (what some people call completely white) colorless color grade of “D”. Depending on who you ask the sweetspot for color is either H, I or J. If you look at the statistics I linked to above you will see that plenty of people are perfectly comfortable with a K color diamond. An interesting phenomenon is that ideal cut diamonds return light efficiently and don’t show as much color as poorly cut diamonds. The way color is reduced when a diamond returns light efficiently is best observed in oval cut diamonds.

The actual body color of the above diamond is most obvious in the parts of the diamond which simply can not return light as efficiently as is possible from the outlined part. This diamond is cut beautifully but the physics of light only allow for efficient light return in areas where the crown and pavilion angles are complementary.

The cut which facilitates uniform efficient light return is the round brilliant. This is the reason people usually prefer the near colorless to completely colorless grades of D-E-F for fancy cuts (that is for any cut which is not a round brilliant).

What size diamond is the best for an engagement ring?

Diamond engagement rings are usually half a carat or more. As stated above, 1 carat diamond rings are highly sought after, but even a 0.38 ct diamond can look great, if it is cut well. If a 1 carat diamond is way out of your price range but you absolutely want the ring to hold a 1 carat diamond, I would suggest considering a lab created diamond.

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