Are Those Real Diamonds Taylor Swift is Wearing in Bejeweled?

Taylor Swift glitters in her latest album Midnight with a song called Bejeweled.

So you may be wondering if those are diamonds and if not what are they?

They are in fact crystals, though being clear crystals they fall into the category of diamond simulants. (just to clarify , the necklace in question starts at 3:33.)

SWAROVSKI emailed me excitedly to let me know that the necklaces featured prominently in the video worn by Taylor Swift and Dita Von Teese are necklaces from their Millenia range.

I had to take a closer look and I think you’ll agree with me that those are some stunning pieces. I looked it up in the SWAROVSKI catalog and confirmed that yes the necklace is indeed part of SWAROVSKI’s Millenia family. The piece was designed by Giovanna Engelbert for Collection I.

In their catalog SWAROVSKI describes the necklace as: “An elegant wardrobe essential.”

And while maybe not everyone would consider it to be an essential piece of jewelry, it is a very elegant piece. The clear crystal necklace is beautifully crafted. The octagon cut crystals are set in a silver tone plated prong setting and the hidden fastener is very cleverly designed. Watch the video below to see how the clasp works. The necklace pairs nicely with matching earrings from the Millenia family. Add a black dress for evening wear and you’re ready to bedazzle. Mind you this can even be worn on its own with a plain white t-shirt.

How to open and close the necklace

It works a bit like a door chain latch. Sort of. The knob from one side is inserted at the widest part of the groove on the receiving end and is slid down to the narrow part. Once in place close the catch on top. This secures the fastening. To open the necklace, open the catch and slide the knob back to the widest point from where it easily comes out. Simple.

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