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My name is Thomas J Stevens, GIA Diamonds Graduate


Welcome to My Top 10 Diamond Websites.

With this site I am hoping to give you a short-cut to finding out which on-line diamond sellers give the best and most satisfying service to anyone looking for diamond jewelry.  With so many things in life, the more you learn, the more you discover there is to learn. The world of diamonds presents us with just such a topic, so I decided to put together this website, to help anyone looking for a diamond to find what they are looking for. I love the subject of diamonds and still find it a fascinating subject.

Anyone who is a first time buyer may get a little confused with the many choices and of course there may be the fear of being ripped off if they don’t know the terminology.

The first step is to watch the videos on our diamond education page. This will help make sense of what the various diamond terms mean when you are looking through the list of diamonds on the site you choose to buy from.


My mission statement is to help others find diamond jewelers that provide excellent service and will make the buying experience smooth and satisfying.

I am very passionate about diamonds and enjoy maintaining this website.

I focus on engagement rings but all the companies listed here have a wide selection of jewelry: diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, just have a look at their sites.

The Catch of The Day section will have diamonds or items of jewelry that we think are outstanding and great value. We also notify our readers of Coupons as they become available from the vendors on our list.

Updates happen almost daily and we send notifications through Twitter when a “Catch of The Day” is added on this site.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of “Catch of The Day”

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None of the companies listed here have paid to be included on the list and I have listed them as a result of my own efforts and research into several hundred diamond businesses and their practices. I also do not advertise any random junk on this site, as I only place ads to promote those companies I recommend as being top of the range. Running this website does involve expenses so I have signed up as an affiliate of the companies that ended up on my list. This does not affect the price you pay for any purchases. Many recommendations I make and resultant sales are actually unrewarded. This is because it only works if you visit one of the sites listed here by following the links on my site and do end up making a purchase within days or weeks (if all the circumstances are right) after which some of them may send me a commission from their advertising budget as a “thank you” for directing customers to them. I have no guarantee that it will work any specific percentage of the time but I am running this site in good faith that it will benefit you and if nothing else a little good karma is going around. Maybe you can share this site with someone else.

There are sites that run “Top 10” or “Top 100” lists that charge businesses $2000 or more per month to be on their list. I find this unethical and am happy that I decided to set my site up in the way I have chosen even if in the end it is less profitable for me. Of course it is inevitable that people browsing the site bypass my links. What they don’t realise is that it doesn’t make one bit of difference to the prices. I am hoping that the few tips I provide on this site free of charge will help you save money, avoid hassles (by finding the most reputable vendors) and give you a good experience.  I believe you will come to the same conclusions I have in regards to the top online diamond sellers, as all of the companies listed here are definitely working hard to deliver excellent service.

Having this list of diamond jewelers should make it easy for you to choose from the most reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and well established diamond dealers worldwide.


If you like what you find, please share this site, as someone else may be looking for diamond buying tips as well.


A little more about mytop10diamondwebsites.com:

This website has been designed to help you find the best places to look for a diamond ring, or any diamond jewelry. As diamond buying is not something anyone wants to rush into we have provided quality information to assist first time buyers selecting a jeweler to deal with. Diamonds do not have to be a mystery, though they are a specialist item and do require some introduction as not every diamond is created equal. A common misconception is “the bigger the better”.  While this may be the case for some people and nothing will convince them otherwise, the real value of a diamond is in its sparkle. Sparkle is what makes diamonds outstandingly special. And how do we find those outstanding diamonds? Knowing just a few things to be on the look out for can make all the difference.

Diamonds are valued not so much for their rarity but for their incredible sparkle. Rubies are in fact rarer than diamonds. Though diamonds are the hardest of minerals. The molecules are compacted in such a way that they do amazing things to light. The way a diamond makes all available light dance and exude brilliance is fascinating.  A good quality diamond will sparkle like nothing you have ever seen. This is one of the reasons jewelers just a few years ago often voiced their opinion that online diamond buying would never take off. They knew the hypnotic effect a diamond has on anyone looking at the diamond could not be replicated online. They were also aware of the emotional experience which people go through when buying something so attractive and valuable.

But online diamond vendors had an ace up their sleeve: lower overhead costs. So now it has become too good to pass up the opportunity to buy a diamond online. The selection available on many diamond sites is so vast, and the prices so much lower. But how do we know we are getting a sparkly diamond?

Avoid Hassles By Getting Good Quality Diamonds

Buying diamond jewelry from dealers who deal in quality diamonds is a good plan to start with. What assurance do we have that the diamonds are in fact good quality, and have genuine sparkle?

The best information about this will be on the diamond’s grading report.

Diamonds should always be bought with a grading report. This is a document issued by a gemological laboratory  that describes the diamond in detail and accompanies the diamond when sold. We recommend only buying from sites that allow you to see the grading report before buying the diamond.

Once you have spent a few minutes learning the terms used on a grading report you’ll start getting a better idea of what you are looking at. Understanding the four basic things about diamonds is the first step to buying a diamond online.

We have set up a Diamond Education Page with videos provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which give you a clear understanding of what the terms mean when you are presented with a diamond’s specifications. Learning what these terms mean gives you an upper hand when browsing a diamond vendor’s website. This way you will be able to guarantee ending up with a beautiful piece of jewelry. You will reduce the risk of ending up with a dud by buying from jewelers that have a good track record. It is not worth trying to save a few $$$ buying from some one man operation only to discover that you only have 7 days in which to return the merchandise. It helps to understand about diamonds when making your selection, which is why I will again recommend checking out our Diamond Education page. Once you  understand the terms in use you get a better idea of what you are paying for. As there are four factors which influence the quality of a diamond you will find that two diamonds which have the exact same weight are priced at two completely different levels. Once you have learned about the basics you will see why the two diamonds are priced so differently. You may then find that you are perfectly happy with the lower priced one, or you may be more comfortable selecting the one that is of higher value. All the vendors we recommend insure your order and use a well respected courier.

Please note that the majority of sites call the grading report a “diamond certificate” as this seems easier for most people to understand and get some sort of idea of what is being referred to. I suppose “grading report” does sounds like the diamond might have gone to school.

Big-Time Savings Of 25% Or More When Buying Diamonds Online

Buying online you will save 25% at the very least, sometimes up to 40% for an equivalent jewelry item at a brick and mortar specialist jeweler. As it is cost effective for jewelers to use the internet to market their inventory many jewelers are taking their stores online. This creates competition and it’s good for us, the consumers, as these jewelers will be doing everything they can to get good reviews by providing their customers with a high level of service.

The difference between buying jewelry on the internet and buying in a retail store is that photos of a diamond will not do the subject justice. Diamonds when seen for real have almost a hypnotic quality, as there is really nothing comparable. This can be to your advantage as you won’t be under it’s “spell” so to speak. The disadvantage is that looking at a photo or diamond grading report may not give you a complete idea of exactly what the diamond looks like. This compromise is worth it for many people, since the savings are substantial.

In order to give people some variety we have listed ten websites which we identified as having the highest marks in customer service as well as knowledgeable and helpful staff. The top raking sites have been, and continue to:

  • Make it easy to confidently make a large online purchase
  • Make the whole process smooth
  • Help customers find what they want
  • Arrange delivery to fit your schedule
  • Make their customers feel comfortable
  • Make their customers feel in charge of their ring purchase
  • Offer things that other jewelers won’t offer
  • Explain everything in clear terms
  • Make sure you get the best quality for your budget
  • Assist in selecting settings
  • Are happy to provide as much education as is needed
  • Patiently work with customers through any modifications
  • Provide fast responses to questions
  • Keep their customers informed and updated
  • Are responsive and attentive in addressing any concerns
  • Make first time buyers feel comfortable
  • Have a distinct priority in maintaining happy customers
  • Work within your parameters to get you the best diamond possible
  • Respond with detailed information promptly
  • Provide you with detailed description of the diamond
  • Allow you to view the grading report
  • Hassle-free refund policies
  • Provide Free Insured Shipping
  • The diamond jewelry websites we recommend all stock high quality diamonds, higher quality than you would find in stock at an average mall jeweler. And at much better prices.

Where To Look For Diamond Jewelry

There are several kinds of diamond jewelry websites:

1. Brick and mortar jewelry shops who maintain an online presence

2. Jewelry dealers who sell exclusively online

3. Diamond brokers who fill orders

The list we have compiled includes companies from all three groups as the companies we chose have a proven track record and have shown themselves to be reliable, demonstrated a good understanding of what customers want, and make it easy to choose from a great selection. These companies also understand how little effort is involved for you to go to someone else’s site. As a result they are bending over backwards to give you the best possible service a hassle-free shopping experience. If you are in a hurry and want to receive your order within 2 or 3 days we recommend buying preset rings from either the first or the second type of online diamond jewelry vendor. However the diamond brokers we have on our list have a very streamlined operation and only take a couple days more than jewelers who sell directly. The cost savings could make it worth waiting a couple of days, if you can.

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A Cut Diamond Online

  • Learn about the 4C’s (see our Diamond Education Page)
  • Speak with the vendor on the telephone.
  • Ask the vendor to get eyes on the diamond and describe the diamond. These people have seen more diamonds than you could imagine. They will know if the particular diamond you are interested in is good or not.
  • Explore the vendor’s website, read through their terms and conditions.
  • Inspect the diamond as soon as you receive it.
  • Return it for an exchange if it doesn’t match your expectations.

Which Diamond Sellers Are Reliable?

Making a big ticket purchase like this it is always comforting to know we are dealing with reliable companies.  This website is here to provide you with a list of diamond vendors who are able to provide you with high quality diamond jewelry at a considerably lower price than any brick and mortar retailer is able to provide. We show you why this is and what you need to know in order to make the best choices.

What’s The Best Way To Start?

This list will give you an idea of what is on offer. It really helps to understand some of the terms which are used in a diamond’s description. Learning the basics about diamonds helps you make sense of a stone’s Grading Report (also referred to as Diamond Certificates). Looking at a Grading Report is a very good idea so you know what you are getting. If you make sure you buy from dealers who have reports  from a recognised laboratory will mean that you can rest assured you are getting a clear idea of the diamond you are buying. We show you which online sellers use the respected laboratories to issue Grading Reports. Getting diamonds which have a report from grading labs from GIA, AGS and EGL are the ones we recommend, particularly in the United States. In Europe HRD is one of the most recognised and respected laboratories. The section on this website called “Catch Of The Day” includes a variety of treasures from our recommended jewelers. Many articles include detailed explanations as to why a particular diamond is a good deal.

What To Look For When Buying A Diamond Ring (Online or Offline)

  • The “Cut” grade is the most important factor.
  • You’ll be happiest with diamonds whose grading report says “Excellent Cut” ; or “Ideal Cut”.
  • Diamonds which are cut in the shape of “Round Brilliant” (also called round) look best if they have a color grading of D, E, F, G, H, I, or J.
  • Fancy cut diamonds is any shape which is not a round brilliant. These look best if they have a color grading of D, E, F, G, H, or I.
Go straight to the next step here: Learn The Basics About Diamonds
or go to our list of recommended diamond jewelry vendors:


Happy diamond hunting.

Thomas J Stevens, GIA Diamonds Graduate




 Image copyright information: Images from diamond vendors are used by permission. As an affiliate I may use promotional material from vendors’ websites to promote their products. No images are used which do not correspond to the product being sold, nor are any stock images used by me as a substitute where an image is not available. Stock images are only used (and I have paid for their use) when illustrating a concept or for adding visually to a page, never as a descriptor for a product. Any errors should be brought to my attention through the contact form.