How To Examine Your Super Ideal Loose Diamond Upon Receipt

Question: I want to buy a loose diamond that really sparkles and have my local jeweler set it in a ring my girlfriend and I are designing. This may seem like a silly concern but if I order a diamond online how would I examine the stone once I receive it? Should I handle it with gloves? I’m a total newbie when it comes to diamonds. PS I am looking at buying from Whiteflash. –Ken

Answer: Hi Ken, thanks for sending in your question. I will try to answer you to the best of my ability. So no, you won’t need to use gloves. Whiteflash send out their diamonds in a beautiful presentation box along with a couple of implements to aid in examining (and admiring!) your beautiful stone.

Whiteflash were kind enough to send me one of their presentation boxes so I could showcase it for my readers.

Whiteflash’s loose diamond presentation box

The box is big enough to sit comfortably on a bookshelf as it’s about the size of a couple of hardback cover books. The front is embossed in gold lettering with Whiteflash’s logo.

Inside you have a box containing the diamond as well as some viewing implements.

Once you flip open the box you will see there’s a smaller box where your diamond awaits. The small box is flanked by a couple of implements that you can use to take a closer look at the diamond. On the left you have a diamond grabber, also known as a stone holder, gem pick up tool, or four prong tweezers. And on the right you have a Hearts and Arrows viewer.

The diamond is held in place with two clear sheets of non-slip material

Once you open the diamond box you will see that the diamond is held securely between two clear sheets. These clear sheets have a sort of rubbery texture. They are not slippery so that when you open it up the diamond won’t slide off unless you tip it over intentionally. Even if you do tilt it it has to be almost enough to make the diamond roll off before the diamond will move. So while you still want to be careful, Whiteflash have made it as easy as possible to keep the diamond secure. This way you are a lot less likely to accidentally drop the diamond.

The included Hearts & Arrows viewer enables you to see the precision of the hearts and arrows patterns by examining the diamond through the pavilion or through the table.

As I demonstrate in the video the H&A viewer is used with the small disc they include upon which you place the diamond to view the diamond through its table.

I also show how to use the diamond grabber which provides a convenient and secure way to hold the stone when you’re examining it.

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