Which Engagement Ring To Buy When You Are Time Poor

If you are wondering what engagement ring to buy and don’t want to spend months at it here are some suggestions which should help you save time. If you are limited for time here are a couple of tips and trick which will make the whole process faster and smoother.

Buy from a jeweler that has a fast turnaround

If you are pressed for time but don’t want to compromise on quality the first places I would suggest looking online are jewelers that have the diamonds on hand and in stock. The diamond industry allows diamond jewelers to offer stones for sale which are held by the diamond manufacturers. However some jewelers buy the diamonds outright and therefore already have them on hand, ready for setting as soon as you hit “Buy”. After that I would check jewelers that have very efficient internal systems for getting your order to you in a timely manner. These are my recommendations:

Jewelers With Fast Service

diamonds for
speedy delivery
Brian Gavin Signature
Brian Gavin Diamonds
Canera H&A
True Hearts™
James Allen
Astor By Blue Nile™
I’ve tried to tailor each link where possible to take you directly to top quality diamonds. This will drastically reduce the need for any returns/exchanges, thereby saving you time. The Blue Nile link does not have quick ship diamonds checked automatically but rather I have linked to their in house Astor branded diamonds which all ship quickly.

My first stop would be Whiteflash, though more specifically I recommend you check out these diamonds at Whiteflash. I’ve simply adjusted the parameters to take you directly to the in house diamonds, and the best of the best at that (though you can’t really go wrong with anything from Whiteflash). After that I would check out Blue Nile’s Astor as those diamonds are available for quick shipping and look great. Third I would check James Allen, but specifically these True Hearts Diamonds as they are available for fast shipping. Any of the merchants listed in the Jewelers with Fast Service table above will serve you well.

Go classic: Round brilliant on yellow gold or platinum solitaire

If you want to save time I suggest you avoid fancy diamond shapes. Stick to round brilliant. Not only is this the classic shape we all associate with diamonds, it is the shape with the potential to produce the best light performance of any shape. The geometry of the shape allows for predictable, calculable results. A great deal more research has gone into understanding and perfecting this shape.

Either a yellow gold or platinum solitaire setting is usually a safe bet.

Avoid needing to return/exchange: here’s how

Get good quality. Don’t bother with low clarity, low color, nor with less than excellent cut diamonds.

Make sure you have consulted with your significant other or at least found out what their preferences are in a round about way.

And don’t guess their ring size. Find out the correct ring size by measuring one of their rings or getting a friend/relative to do so.

Here are some info pages on ring sizing:

Find Your Ring Size
Find Your Ring SizeWhiteflash
Virtual Ring SizerJames Allen

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