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There is something magical about seeing a diamond scintillating and sparkling. The flash and fire of a diamond is almost magical as it catches the eye and holds one’s attention like nothing else. The sparkle of a diamond has always been its greatest attraction. It stops people in their tracks as it refracts light and disperses an array of color from the entire visible spectrum. Earlier in history when diamonds could not be bought by the majority of people, ring makers would paint silver on the bottom of glass crystals to give them greater sparkle.

Since a diamond’s sparkle is its greatest attraction it would be a shame to buy a diamond and find that it does not have much sparkle.

Under what circumstances would this occur?

What kind of diamond has less sparkle? A poorly cut diamond.

Diamonds reflect the surrounding light and carry it back to the beholder’s eye. The average viewing distance has been agreed on by grading laboratories and diamond cutters to be approximately 25 cm. This distance is used when determining if a diamond looks good. An Ideal cut diamond will look good at this distance as well as at other distances and at various angles.

The quality of a diamond’s Cut will have a direct impact on its:

  • Brilliance
    This is the total amount of light which is reflected by the diamond. When light reaches the diamond’s surface, some light enters it and some light is reflected back. The most immediate light reflected back will be returned by the crown‘s angles.
  • Scintillation
    This refers to the sparkle (flashes of light) which are produced when a diamond’s viewing angle is moved around. The light that isn’t immediately reflected back enters the diamond and reflects from the inside walls toward the center of the diamond.As it bounces off the internal walls of the diamond it produces what is known as scintillation.
  • Fire
    This refers to the dispersion of light into different colored light. As light is bounced off the inside walls towards the center of the diamond, it then shoots back through the top of the diamond. Because the light is slightly bent by the diamond, a color spectrum is visible when light exits the top of the diamond.

Diamond Cuts


A diamond looks at its best when it has either no color, or has a strong vivid color. Colorless diamonds are by far the most popular for jewelry as they have that sparkle factor. However colored diamonds (called fancy colored diamonds, or just fancies) also have strong demand, though they are less readily available.

The proportions and angles at which a round ideal cut diamond has been cut give a diamond more sparkle than is the case with other styles of cuts. A  diamond cut in this way will have so much sparkle that the color of an ideal cut J diamond will not be noticeable. Remember this applies if it is a round diamond, also known as round brilliant. Other shapes do not disperse light as efficiently as round cut diamonds do and therefore color becomes noticeable even in “I” graded diamonds of other shapes (Fancy Cuts).

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The Past, Present and Future Ring gets a modern twist by showcasing your Round Brilliant Diamonds in X style prongs.

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Possibly The Easiest Way To Buy A Diamond Ring

Brian Gavin just keeps amazing us with their fantastic diamonds.

Now they amaze us with their innovative new feature.

Today they have launched a new feature on their site which maked it even easier to make your choice without being swamped with hundreds of options.

Just type in your budget and you are presented with the 3 to 6 best matches. Once you choose the one you like you can still decide to upgrade to a diamond which has only a modest price difference. (2% to 3%)

I have always thought it advisable to set the budget first when shopping for a diamond. See my page on How To Buy An Engagement Ring. I have spoken to local jewelers who always tell people to pick what you want first, and think about the budget later. They confided in me that people will find the money if they want something bad enough. This obviously works for them, but I feel for the poor people who have over extended themselves. The beauty of shopping online is that you will not be faced with high pressure sales tactics, and it should be easier to stick to the budget.

I can say with full confidence that Brian Gavin Diamonds don’t sell anything one would regret buying. You know you are getting good quality from them. Even if their return policy is 15 days, I know you won’t be returning it because of an inferior diamond, that’s for sure. It’s still double the standard 7 day return policy found all over the internet.

We think this new feature for choosing a diamond ring is absolutely brilliant. This feature gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval without hesitation.

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