My Top 10 Diamond Jewelry Websites

Last update: May 5, 2015

Want to buy a diamond?

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Choose from a short list of hand-picked businesses that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and have consistently provided top quality at the best prices.

With this list I intend to give you a short cut to finding the best place to buy diamond jewelry. Factors I took into consideration are: who provides reliable service? Who is considered to provide outstanding service? Which places provide quality diamonds? Which jewelers can help you find the engagement ring that’s just perfect? Read more about the criteria here.

When setting up this website I imagined that a first time diamond buyer would be a little overwhelmed by the many factors involved when choosing a diamond. This is where the articles on diamond education come in handy.

It is inevitable that when people hear that they can save a couple or more thousand dollars by buying a diamond online, then that’s where they will look. If more and more people are buying their diamonds online, where are they looking? Between the 250,000 diamond vendors around the world which ones offer generous return policies? Who actually shows you the diamond certificates? Who provides free shipping? These and many other questions are answered here. Of course in the end you will only need one jeweler, where you end up finding the diamond of your dreams, but everyone’s needs vary so there are more than a couple listed here to help you toward your final choice.

Since all the jewelers listed here provide outstanding service and exceptional products you will do well to buy from any of these businesses. (though you still need to understand what you’re buying, so learn about the 4C’s!) While you may be tempted to only browse through the top three or four on this list, I encourage you to check out more than just one or two and compare what’s on offer. These are ALL good places to buy diamonds (which is why I am mentioning this a few different ways at the risk of sounding repetitive.). The purpose of this site ( is to save you time when searching for a good place to buy diamond jewelry online.  Everyone has different requirements which we’ve done our best to take into consideration when compiling this list. You may be after a pink diamond or you may be partial to cushion cut diamonds. Some jewelers offer a greater variety of colored diamonds than do others, whereas some jewelers specialise in a particular type of high quality cut. I would like to encourage you to check out a variety of the sites listed so you can see the variety of high quality services from which you can choose.
The choices provided here give you plenty of variety and should get you started on your way to finding what you are looking for. You will be spoilt for choice because you could pick any one of these businesses and may very well find what you are looking for! This website is the result of many months of research into diamond jewelry websites. This website is dedicated to the smart shopper who is interested in getting the best value for their dollar and insists on knowing exactly what they are getting.

When buying diamonds online an extremely helpful provision is when the vendor gives a clear description of the diamonds they are listing. When comparing a 1 carat diamond between two or more vendors you need detailed information in order to make an informed choice.

This is the most useful tool for evaluating a diamond and determining the quality of the diamond. The chart here lists which jewelers have high resolution photos and viewable diamond certificates (grading reports) on their site.

Recommended Diamond Vendors

Each of these ten companies has proven itself to be reliable, trustworthy, and delivers the goods. Customer service is one of the most important factors in giving these companies a high ranking on this list. The term “customer service” may sound like a vague marketing catch phrase until you start trying to get help, maybe you need your ring resized, repaired or exchanged. That is when the term “customer service” starts becoming a very meaningful term. The amount of anxiety and even stress can be unbearable when dealing with a company that is only interested in justifying its actions rather than in serving you well. I have worked hard to include only companies that are truly outstanding and are doing their utmost to make your experience pleasant and satisfying. Each has its own unique area that it specialises in.

The higher ranking ones have been placed in their respective positions only because they edged past the competition by a hair’s breadth in some area where they excel in. You may find what you need at any of the jewelers listed, I don’t want to prejudice you toward any particular jeweler, but I had to start somewhere so this is the order that I have chosen to use after careful consideration. You may be inclined to only check out the top ones on this list, but all these jewelers are outstanding and have worked very hard to make their customers happier than they ever expected.

If you need any additional information or recommendations please send me a message through the contact page.

This list is comprised of vendors who fall in various categories: Loose diamonds, Pre-set rings, Diamonds and Gems. However they made it on this list for rating the highest in the area of customer satisfaction in combination with having good variety and high quality product.

Having said all that I do want to make an important point:

To avoid disappointment DON’T CHOOSE A DIAMOND THAT HAS A POOR CUT!!!

The quality of the cut is the most important factor!

So many people think it’s sooo important to have a bigger diamond. They end up returning it for a smaller diamond that has a better quality cut! Not a good idea if you want to propose by a certain date! (ok sometimes they return it after proposing, which is still a little sad and certainly inconvenient!)

If you need help choosing a diamond don’t hesitate to contact me. My diamond education was done with GIA (Gemological Institute of America) the world’s foremost diamond grading institute and I can help you work out what stone is prettier, because trust me that is what matters!

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