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Are you looking for the best place to buy diamond jewelry? Would you like to know who provides reliable service? Would you like top know what companies have outstanding service? Which places provide quality diamonds? Where will you be able to find the engagement ring that’s just perfect? If more and more people are buying their diamonds online, where are they looking? Between the 250,000 diamond vendors around the world which ones offer generous return policies? Who actually shows you the diamond certificates? Who provides free shipping? These and many other questions are answered here. You may only need one recommendation, but these are all outstanding companies, going the extra mile to win your custom.


  1. Ritani
  2. Brian Gavin Diamonds
  3. James Allen
  4. DiamondWave
  5. Diamonds-USA
  6. B2C Jewels
  7. Gemvara
  8. Amoro
  9. Melrose
  10. Amazon

The choice provided here gives you plenty of variety and you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Each place recommended here provides something unique and we are certain you’ll be pleased with the excellent quality diamonds you’ll find and the marvellous customer service these jewelers are already well known for. You will be spoilt for choice because you could pick any one of these businesses and may very well find what you are looking for! This website is the result of many months of research into diamond jewelry websites. This website is dedicated to the smart shopper who is interested in getting the best value for their dollar and insists on knowing exactly what they are getting.

When buying diamonds online an extremely helpful provision is when the vendor gives a clear description of the diamonds they are listing. When comparing a 1 carat diamond between two or more vendors you need detailed information in order to make an informed choice.

Below is a list of diamond jewelry sites that give you detailed information alongside the diamonds they have on offer. Some even give you each diamond’s detailed grading report. This is the most useful tood for evaluating a diamond and determining the quality of the diamond. The chart here lists which jewelers have high resolution photos and viewable diamond certificates (grading reports) on their site.

Recommended Diamond Vendors

Each of these ten companies has proven itself to be reliable, trustworthy, and delivers the goods. Customer service is one of the most important factors in giving these companies a high ranking on this list. The term “customer service” may sound like a vague marketing catch phrase until you start trying to get help, maybe you need your ring resized, repaired or exchanged. That is when the term “customer service” starts becoming a very meaningful term. The amount of anxiety and even stress can be unbearable when dealing with a company that is only interested in justifying its actions rather than in serving you well. We have worked hard to include only companies that are truly outstanding and are doing their utmost to make your experience pleasant and satisfying. Each has its own unique area that it specialises in.

The higher ranking ones have been placed in their respective positions only because they edged past the competition be a hair’s breadth. You may find what you need at any of the jewelers listed, we don’t want to prejudice you toward any particular jeweler, but we had to start somewhere so this is the order that we have chosen to use after careful consideration. You may be inclined to only check out the top ones on this list, but all these jewelers are outstanding and have worked very hard to make their customers happier than they ever expected. One or two might have websites which in my opinion are looking a little dated as far as the website’s design goes, but they made it on this list because they deliver the goods and provide top service.

If you need any additional information or recommendations please send me a message through the contact page.

This list is comprised of vendors who fall in various categories: Loose diamonds, Pre-set rings, Diamonds and Gems. However they made it on this list for rating the highest in the area of customer satisfaction in combination with having good variety and high quality product.

If you would like to narrow down your search to one specific category please start here: step 1.


Ritani: Fine Jewelry and Virtual Consultants


ritani-diamond-ringFounded in 1999 Ritani provides absolute mastery from Ritani’s artisans. It is one of our favorite sites in regards to design and navigability. They provide all the elements one would hope to find when shopping for diamonds.  The diamonds in their inventory are cut for maximum sparkle, and you can view their diamonds and fine jewelry from all angles. All of Ritani’s custom engagement rings are designed and handcrafted in New York. Ritani artistry is truly a thing of beauty.

Ritani makes each customer feel special by tailoring the service to each customer’s needs, ensuring they get expert answers and the best advice, with no rushing, so they are certain they have made the right decision.

Their Virtual Gemologists provide expert guidance so that customers have all the information needed to make the right choice in diamonds. Consultations include high-definition videos, images, and in-depth analysis of their expert-cut diamonds not available anywhere else — all free of charge.

During your free online consultation, a Ritani gemologist will help you select the best possible diamond for your needs.
In your online consultation, you’ll have access to:

With Free In-Store Previews, customers can view made-to-order engagement rings and loose diamonds at trusted local retailers in participating areas for no charge before purchasing. Only Ritani makes this offer.

All Online Orders are shipped free and insured to their destination, and carry a 30-Day returns policy. With free return shipping and pickups, there are no risks and no extra errands required.

Ritani offers international shipping to 50 countries worldwide. International shoppers get the benefit of seeing product prices in their local currency, guaranteed order totals, cost-effective international shipping, and much more.



Brian Gavin Diamonds: The Most Beautiful Signature Cut Diamonds

Brian Gavin Signature cut diamonds and engagement rings


What struck me immediately about Brian Gavin Diamonds was their attention to detail. But why should I be surprised. This is a jeweler who has designed his own signature cut. Brian and his father, Benjamin Gavin, researched and refined the well known “Hearts and Arrows” design. They applied their knowledge in the fields of light dispersion and performance, based on five generations of experience to achieve a noted improvement on the standard hearts and arrows design, enhancing what’s known as the performance quality of the final product. The result is an amazing improvement the stone’s light reflective performance under all lighting conditions. The new design has been available since  March 2009, and  it is a marvel of engineering and design. To find anything close to this quality at a bricks-and-mortar store you’d be looking at 3 to 4 times the price. Brian Gavin Diamonds currently gives a 15 day return policy from the day you receive your order.

Their unbelievable work and commitment to excellence can certainly make one of the most special days of your life that much better.

Reasons to buy from Brian Gavin Diamonds:

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The best features of Brian Gavin diamonds


James Allen: High Resolution Photos of Available Diamonds

18K White Gold 3mm Comfort Fit Diamond Solitaire


Customers of James Allen report that great service is still alive and well. That’s just one of the great things they are known for. One very important and exceptional reason people turn to James Allen to find a diamond is because you can see high resolution images of all the stones listed. Once you start looking for the perfect ring you may really want to get a close look at what you are getting, and if you are really keen on examining your precious stone, James Allan offers a high resolution image of every stone they list. How many? Over 25,000! ? With excellent prices and outstanding service why would you want to look anywhere else? They also have a system which makes it possible for them to process your order very fast. Certainly faster than many other retailers in this business. If that wasn’t enough they offer 60 days money back guarantee to really make sure you are happy. Now that’s saying something. Positive reviews for this company total way over 3,500!

Reasons to buy from James Allen:

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Diamonds-USA: Variety, Customized Designs and The Purest Diamonds


Ring by Diamonds-USAIn my search for the best places to buy diamonds online I found a number of websites that had a great domain name but fell short on the customer satisfaction side of things. So I was pleasantly surprised when coming across this company. Not only do they have a good website name, they have a well run business that gets top marks on all counts. I highly recommend taking advantage of the automated chat popup that offers to send you details on whatever specifications you are looking for. They are one of the longest running online e-commerce stores having launched online in 1997. If anyone knows the diamond business it’s Diamonds-USA, who have been cutting since 1979. If you are looking for something very specific try Diamonds-USA as they may have exactly what you are looking for. All their staff are knowlegable and eager to help you find the perfect piece. Reasons to buy from Diamonds-USA:

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Best features of Diamonds-USA


DiamondWave: High Quality Diamonds & Expert Assistance

DiamondWave engagement ringThis company has a number of very attractive things going for it. They own all the diamonds they have on offer, so whichever diamond you choose, you are guaranteed to get that diamond. They can get in any diamond you want, though, as they are well connected. Their selection of diamonds are taken from higher quality diamonds: Canadian diamonds make up 90% of their diamond stock. Many people seek out Canadian diamonds as these diamonds are being mined in accordance with the principles of sustainable development   They are also mined to the highest environmental standards in the world; On top of that they have provided social benefits to the northern communities. There are plenty of other reasons why you would choose to shop at DiamondWave: They deal in pearls and gemstones. DiamondWave is one of the most competitively priced online jewelers. And they don’t skimp on service. You will be very happy with what they provide. Customer reviews indicate that DiamondWave are wonderful to deal with and are very helpful, and adhere to the highest standards. It feels quite reassuring to find a company like this who take their mission seriously, which they state as: “to provide a great product with the best value “.  They offer a generous 45 day return policy. You can also trade up later on, as they have a 10 year trade up guarantee.

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Best features of DiamondWave 


B2C Jewels: Low Price Guarantee on Certified Diamonds


Visit B2C JewelsB2C Jewels carries a strong legacy from the diamond industry having built reputation and trust over the past decades. With a family which has been in the diamond industry as renowned wholesalers for a number of years, B2C Jewels goes the extra mile and continues to deliver diamonds at prices 25% to 50% lower than retail. They have selected and maintained their Products, Cost, Quality & Service in a manner that keeps customers smiling and returning back repeatedly. With over 130,000 high quality certified loose diamonds online for you to choose from by means of their Interactive Search you can pick diamonds in accordance to your requirements and specifications, and narrow the search to those that fall within your price range. B2C Jewels’ education section has been carefully designed to help you learn everything about diamonds, gemstones & jewelry and guide you through the selection process. Your purchase is fully insured and shipped using UPS to ensure it reaches you in the fastest possible way at no extra cost. Contact them directly for additional information on each diamond called Diamond Blueprint. Their Diamond Blueprint includes the following: Actual Diamond Image; Aset View; Ideal Scope View; Diamond Blueprint is a service they offer which has many people choosing B2C Jewels as their preferred online destination for diamonds. This service is designed to eliminate the hassles of online shopping and provide you with all the service you expect from a retailer. Having leveraged their expertise as diamond manufacturers and wholesalers they are able to show you what others cannot: the exceptional details that intrigue the eye and inspire the imagination.



Gemvara: Customize To Your Heart’s Content


Go to Gemvara.comGemvara could be seen as the ultimate online shopping site for creating one-of-a-kind custom designer jewelry to suit any style and budget. The reason is they have a couple of unique features. One is the option to place the price on hold for 14 days. With the price of precious metals and gems always on the rise this can be a very useful option while shopping around. The other very attractive feature is they allow international shoppers to pre-pay  taxes and duties at a guaranteed rate so you are not left wondering what you’ll be slugged with when your gorgeous and valuable piece of jewelry arrives. With a selection of more than 1,000 original designs from leading international artists available in an unparalleled palette of options, Gemvara has made sure that their website allows shoppers to easily personalize each piece online by combining varieties of brilliant gemstones with a range of precious metals.

Reasons to buy from Gemvara:

Best features of Gemvara


Amoro: The Only Diamond In The World With A Heart Inside


amoro-fine-jewelryAmoro was established in 1996 by Stephen Crane, founder of renowned luxury retailer Colombian Emeralds International. Drawing on a 40-year relationship with the world’s premier gemstone suppliers and a deep understanding of jewelry’s central role in celebrating life’s milestones, a new classic collection was born. Over the years, Amoro has become a trusted source for creations of outstanding beauty and value, prized by customers the world over.

Reasons to buy from Amoro:


Melrose: Pre-Set Diamond Rings. Ready To Ship. Speedy Service.


Milgrain 31 Diamond Platinum Bridal Set Melrose has a website which would be any online retailer’s envy. Very, very nice. While they are the first stop for many people looking for a Rolex watch, they also offer a nice selection of engagement rings and other high end jewelry. They don’t swamp you with choices so you will find a quality selection of rings starting from 1 ct. You will be proud to present these rings to whomever you are buying for. Reviews from people who have dealt with Melrose indicate that as customers, they feel like they are getting the best from the best when shopping at Melrose. I compared the price to an identical product in retail shops and estimated one can save $3,000 or more by buying a ring from Melrose. There is a definite advantage Melrose offers: speed. Their rings are preset, which cuts out days of waiting. This means that the diamonds are already set into the ring. Whereas at many other places you select a diamond, and then select a setting which then get put together by a jeweler. So this is the one to go to if you are looking for quality and speedy delivery.

Reasons to buy from Melrose:




Diamond Jewelry Category:

Engagement RingsAmazon is known for having just about everything available. But few prople think to look here for engagement rings. Amazon has thousands upon thousands of rings listed on their site. I compiled a list of Engagement Rings which have natural diamonds. The easiest way to do this is to search for terms “GIA certified” , “GIA certificate”, “GIA graded”,”AGS Labs” “or”certified diamond”. Only some listings give you the option of viewing the diamond grading report/certificate, which is why Amazon didn’t rate higher on our list. It is my opinion that it is always better to buy from sites that give you details, lots of details, especially when you are dealing with diamonds, as every single diamond is unique. Amazon is a respected online brand and processes orders fast so they are definitely worth checking out.


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