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by Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG - Last modified January 3, 2020
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Whiteflash showroom in Houston, Texas

What Sets Whiteflash Apart

Here are some of the main features that set Whiteflash apart not only as diamond jeweler of note but as a business that excels in providing a phenomenal customer experience.

Vew Whiteflash diamonds in 360 degrees

Diamonds With Superior Light Performance (better sparkle!)

You usually get what you pay for, however you'd think that with Whiteflash you'd be paying a lot more. It is the superior sparkle of the signature Whiteflash diamonds, A CUT ABOVE®, that takes many people by surprise. For this kind of quality you could easily pay twice the price if not more.

Three Whiteflash diamonds

The importance of diamond cut quality is always emphatically stressed by anyone who knows the first thing about diamonds. It becomes all the more evident when you get to examine super ideal cut diamonds. The importance of cut quality is clear when you compare diamonds of different color grades from Whiteflash's collection of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. As shown in the above photo the superior light performance of Whiteflash's diamonds makes the evidence of the color practically negligible.

The above video explains a little more about the A CUT ABOVE® collection and the reasons they appeal to discerning shoppers who want the best of the best.

One Year Buy Back Guarantee

One Year Buyback GuaranteeA solid buy-back guarantee makes the diamond buying experience with Whiteflash so much more stress-free. They offer a One Year Buy Back Guarantee on the purchase of any Whiteflash in-house certified diamond. Diamonds from their A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select categories are automatically covered by this benefit, an important part of the comprehensive assurance package – The Whiteflash Guarantee. If you want to sell your diamond after the 30 day return period, Whiteflash will buy qualifying diamonds back at 70% of the diamond’s purchase price. This benefit is guaranteed for one year from the date of your invoice. The purpose of this benefit is to significantly reduce the risk and uncertainty surrounding making such a high value purchase. This translates, in real dollar terms, to a risk of only $1,500 on a $5,000 purchase. So in other words $3,500 will be refunded to you if you decide to return the diamond after 30 days. You are completely covered under the full money back guarantee for the first 30 days and the 70% buy back guarantee for an additional eleven months. You'll be hard pressed to find a better security anywhere else. Customers outside the one year period who wish to sell their Whiteflash diamonds are invited to contact Whiteflash. The company strives to meet customers’ needs and depending on  inventory levels and market factors are often able to accommodate longer term buy back requests. Diamonds from the Virtual Selection category, or diamonds that might be sourced for you, are not part of the in-house inventory and are therefore not included in this benefit.

One Year Service Guarantee

One Year Service GuaranteeYou can have full confidence in your jewelry purchase from Whiteflash knowing that any maintenance issues are covered for an entire year. All Whiteflash jewelry orders are backed by a One Year Service Policy. This benefit covers refinishing and repairs to the metals and accent diamonds in your jewelry that are the result of normal wear or manufacturing defects, for a period of one year from ship date. This Whiteflash benefit is in addition to any guarantees applicable to items from the catalogs of their designer brands. Your Whiteflash jewelry is built to be durable and should be worn and enjoyed. However, gold and platinum can be damaged and will experience some level of wear and tear over time, and some designs such as diamond pavé are more delicate than others. It is wise to take lifestyle in to consideration when making your jewelry choices. Important information relating to proper care can be found on the Jewelry Care Essentials page. All costs for materials, labor and handling are covered by Whiteflash. Inbound shipping and insurance to Whiteflash for service is the responsibility of the customer. Complimentary FedEx return shipping and insurance to destinations within the US and Canada is provided by Whiteflash as part of the One Year Service Policy upon completion of servicing. Please see the returns policy page for more information on the process for delivering your valuables to Whiteflash securely. Your items will be carefully inspected and documented upon receipt. The requested work will be performed in a prompt and careful manner. Should any of the required work be found to be the result of something other than normal wear or manufacturing defect, you will be advised of the specifics as well as associated fees, before work is commenced. One Year Service Policy does not cover damage or loss to certified diamonds or colored gemstones. You’ll want to consider personal jewelry insurance for that. The one year service policy is void if work has been performed by another jeweler. Whiteflash are dedicated to servicing your jewelry whenever the need arises. Should your jewelry need servicing outside of the one year period, Whiteflash will be happy to assist you. Simply return the item to Whiteflash for evaluation by following their secure returns process. It will be reviewed by their dedicated customer service team and you will be advised of services recommended as well as associated fees and time frames before any work is done. Fees for repairs or other servicing on your jewelry, as well as shipping and insurance, beyond the one year Whiteflash Service Policy period are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers are highly encouraged to consider personal jewelry insurance, such as that provided by Jewelers Mutual, which can cover all repairs large and small.

Complimentary Ring Sizing

Complimentary Ring Sizing In addition to the benefits under the One Year Service Plan, Whiteflash provides one free ring sizing. While they do encourage customers to determine the correct ring size at the time of the order, Whiteflash offers one complimentary sizing within a period of one year from the date of purchase on most rings. Certain designs cannot be sized, have limited ranges within which they can be sized, or will involve additional fees. It’s a good idea to contact customer service for specific clarification. All labor, materials and handling required for sizing are provided by Whiteflash free of charge. Shipping and insurance to and from Whiteflash are the customer’s responsibility. For important details about secure shipping and costs have a look at their shipping policy page.

Complete Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee

Complete Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee There is nothing more important than having peace of mind when making an important purchase for a very special occasion. The Whiteflash mission is to deliver A Brilliant Diamond Buying Experience® to each and every customer. To assure your complete satisfaction Whiteflash offers a “no questions asked” 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on all in-house Whiteflash certified diamonds, including diamonds from their A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select categories. The 30 day guarantee also applies to all regular catalog settings into which these diamonds may be mounted, as well as all regular catalog jewelry items. The money back guarantee is a fundamental part of The Whiteflash Guarantee, the most comprehensive package of assurances, benefits and guarantees in the jewelry industry today. Certified Diamonds from the Whiteflash Virtual Selection category, and other diamonds that they may source for you, are similarly backed by a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee. Settings containing these diamonds must also be returned within 10 days to be eligible for refund. If you are not completely satisfied with the diamond for any reason simply call customer service and receive a return authorization number (RA#) and instructions for securely shipping the diamond back to Whiteflash. Returns must be postmarked within the inspection period which begins the day the diamond is available for you to pick up. Should your Virtual Selection diamond be part of an order that will not be delivered within the 10 day inspection period, you will have the option to first take delivery of the loose diamond for the purposes of your inspection period and return it to them to complete your order, or you may elect to waive your inspection period so that your order may proceed without delay. Please contact your diamond consultant or customer service for any questions regarding the services or policies. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item to Whiteflash for your choice of a full refund or exchange. Jewelry items that have been modified to customer specified requirements (other than normal sizing or engraving), non-catalog special order items, and full eternity rings are not returnable. Whiteflash custom jewelry design service is a step-by-step process that allows for a clear understanding and approval of the design features of the item before production, and are therefore not returnable. *Should a problem be the result of an error on the part of Whiteflash, the item will be returnable.

Straightforward Return Process

Straightforward Return ProcessWhiteflash’s return period begins on the date the item arrives at your FedEx hold location, the first day the product would have been delivered should you request a delayed delivery, or on the first day it is ready for in-store pickup. Returns must be postmarked by the last day of the applicable return period. All items shipped and received by Whiteflash are thoroughly inspected under high resolution video cameras according to ISO 9000 quality control procedures. Items must be returned in original condition together will all related documentation. Upon verification your return will be processed and a refund issued within 10 business days. Your refund will consist of the full purchase price of the refunded item (s), and will be made by either credit card credit or by company check depending on your method of payment.

The Whiteflash Guarantee

The Whiteflash Guarantee The Whiteflash Guarantee is a comprehensive set of policies, practices and benefits that wrap your purchase in the very best assurance package available in the jewelry industry today. It starts with state-of-the-art manufacturing by a veteran team of highly skilled jewelers, and a large in-house inventory of laboratory graded, precision cut diamonds thoroughly analyzed by GIA and AGS trained Whiteflash gemologists, and imaged by a team of professional staff photographers. Every item that Whiteflash sells is processed through a multi-stage quality control system certified by ISO 9000 ensuring the highest level of quality, consistency and dependability. Whiteflash is one of the few jewelers in the world to have achieved this level of quality assurance. Each sparkling piece is also delivered in the finest packaging available, assuring a presentation as elegant and impressive as the jewelry contained within.

Complete Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

To ensure your complete satisfaction with every Whiteflash order, your purchase is backed by their “no questions asked” money back return policy entitling you to a refund of the purchase price for any reason at all. The return process is prompt, efficient and secure. Simple. Straight forward. No strings attached.

Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee

Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee All diamonds in Whiteflash’s three in-house categories, A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select automatically qualify for a Lifetime 100% Trade-Up guarantee. This excellent benefit allows customers to stay comfortably within budget on the initial purchase without compromising quality. At any time in the future the diamond can be traded for any other in-house diamond with 100% of the original purchase price applied to the new diamond. At Whiteflash, the benefit is as clear and simple as they can make it, without any burdensome requirements or restrictions. And the pool of diamonds available from which to choose is exceptionally deep and wide.

Conflict Free Diamonds Guarantee

Conflict Free Diamonds Guarantee All diamonds sold by Whiteflash are secured through legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and are guaranteed to be conflict free. Whiteflash will only deal with suppliers who warrant that they operate in strict compliance with United Nations Resolutions, the Kimberley Process and the USA Patriot Act. For an in-depth view of the full Whiteflash commitment to ethical practices and giving back to the community, please see their page on Social Responsibility.

One Year Service Plan

One Year Service Guarantee All Whiteflash jewelry orders are backed by their One Year Service Plan. This benefit covers refinishing and repairs to the metals and accent diamonds in your jewelry that are the result of either normal wear or manufacturing defects, for a period of one year from ship date. This comprehensive coverage is a much more solid benefit than lofty sounding but hollow ‘lifetime warranties against defects in materials and workmanship’. Who decides anyway? With the Whiteflash guarantee there is no need to determine whether a problem is due to wear or to defects – it’s covered. And any actual defects in materials or workmanship will present themselves within a year and will be addressed at no charge under their One Year Service Plan. In addition to alleviating any concerns about potential maintenance costs for the first year, many customers take advantage of the plan to have their jewelry professionally refinished and cleaned prior to their wedding ceremony or special occasion.

Absolutely No “Drop” Shipping

ISO 9000 certifiedA common practice in the industry that is particularly prevalent among internet sellers is to have diamonds or jewelry drop shipped from their supplier to the end user. This process is cheaper for the merchant, but they never actually see or evaluate the product they are delivering to their customer. Whiteflash puts every diamond and jewelry item they sell through the same in-house ISO 9000 certified quality control process, thereby assuring that their customers can have the utmost confidence in their purchase.

Complimentary Ring Sizing

Complimentary Ring Sizing Whiteflash is dedicated to servicing your jewelry whenever the need arises. While they do encourage their customers to determine the correct ring size at the time of the order, they offer one complimentary sizing within a period of one year from the date of purchase on most rings. Certain designs cannot be sized, have limited ranges within which they can be sized, or will involve additional fees. This information is available on the detail pages of every item in the online catalog. For specific clarification please contact one of their friendly diamond and jewelry consultants prior to purchase. All labor, materials and handling required for sizing are provided by Whiteflash free of charge. Shipping and insurance to and from Whiteflash are the customer’s responsibility. For important details about secure shipping and costs please see the shipping policy page.

Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry InsuranceIt is always a good idea to consider personal jewelry insurance for your protection in the event of accidental loss, theft, or damage. It is also important to understand what your policy does or does not cover. Whiteflash exclusively endorses Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company for competitively priced, comprehensive all risk coverage. Their policy covers minor damage such as broken prongs and missing accent diamonds as well as major damage, theft or loss. While Whiteflash does not sell insurance but understands that their customers often do want the peace of mind that comes with a personal jewelry policy. And they make it easy and convenient to access that coverage through special functionality. With your purchase of Whiteflash diamonds or jewelry you will have the opportunity to get free quotes and bind coverage with just your Whiteflash order number, and without the expense or inconvenience of obtaining an outside appraisal.

Without a doubt, the Whiteflash Guarantee represents the greatest set of protections and benefits available in the diamond and fine jewelry market today.

The Story of Whiteflash

Whiteflash diamonds are truly amazing. But the woman behind this company is why it is the way it is. Great product, but also a great team. Whiteflash started in 2000. The company was founded by Deborah Wexler. She'd already had experience starting up successful businesses. The first company she started up was Microcomputer Power Inc (MCP). That was in 1982 and she'd only had $5000 in personal savings with which to work. She built MCP into a large business worth $70 million with offices in Houston, St. Louis, Washington DC, and Seattle. In wasn't long before Ms. Wexler was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 1989 by Arthur Young and Inc. Magazine, and MCP was named 148th fastest growing company in the U.S.A. A few years later, in 1995 MCP was acquired by AmeriData/GE Information Technology Solutions (GE-ITS). Deborah stayed on as an Executive Vice President responsible for the South Texas region until 1998. Under her leadership the division’s annual revenue nearly doubled growing from $70 million to $120 million. She ran the most profitable region at GE-ITS by maintaining the lowest personnel turnover rate and the highest pre-tax income. In 2000 Ms. Wexler founded Whiteflash to sell top quality diamonds directly to the public on the Internet. Her specialties made this venture as successful as it is: business development, human resources development, sales and team building. Deborah holds a BA in linguistics from Michigan State University and is a graduate of the Falcon Asian Program at Cornell University. Oh, and she is fluent in Russian, Japanese and Spanish.

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