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Last modified June 6, 2021

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Oval cut diamonds have been popular for some time now. If you are going to buy oval cut diamonds online it's important to understand that choosing the right jeweler is just as important as choosing the stone. Here are some online jewelers that will spoil you for choice as they all have plenty of diamonds for you to choose from. This list of online jewelers is curated by me, a GIA Diamonds Graduate, to help you make an informed choice and see what's offered by some of the world's leading diamond jewelers. Everyone has unique needs so if you are not entirely certain which one fills your requirements please use my free diamond concierge service.  

James Allen Oval Cut Diamonds  

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Description: Online diamond & gem jewelry retailer. Brand owned by Signet Jewelers. Run as an independent entity.

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five stars5 out of 5 stars

I have given James Allen five stars as it satisfies my criteria as an online diamond retailer that provides outstanding service.

James Allen has a great selection of oval cut diamonds. The diamonds listed are graded by GIA, AGS, and IGI. If you want to view the grading report for any James Allen diamond just jump on the chat and ask. They will email it to you before you can blink. And they don't spam your email adress after that. There is no return email address when you receive the grading report so if you would like to ask anything further just jump back on the chat and ask any questions you have there. If you would like to see an ASET or ImageScope rendering of the stone in question the online consultant can share their screen with you and show you what they have got on that stone. Since fancy (non-round) shape diamonds don't have a cut grade James Allen, like most jewelers, don't assign cut categories to their oval cut diamonds. You can however find the best oval cut diamonds by following these steps: Click on Advanced Options and keep the polish and symmetry between Excellent and Very Good. You can also filter the depth percentage range from 58 to 66 and the table percentage from 51 to 64. From there, you'll just want to use the magnified video to assure that you love the shape of the diamond and see a strong amount of brilliance, avoiding large areas of darkness.

About James Allen: James Allen was founded in 2006 by a team of fantastic four. As an online diamond and gem jewelry retailer James Allen has established a strong presence online. James Allen's meticulous attention to detail coupled with a high priority on customer experience and service is why more than 150,000 happy couples are now owners of James Allen diamond rings. While James Allen has set the pace for the way diamonds should be sold online there are few competitors that can replicate James Allen's success. This is no doubt due to the fact that the founders' focus from the beginning was on customer experience. Read more about the amazing people who started James Allen and how to have the best experience there in my James Allen Review.


  • A selection of close to 15,000 oval cut diamonds.
  • A choice of hundreds of customizable ring styles.
  • Efficient and speedy diamond setting.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • GIA and IGI certified diamonds.
  • Real-time diamond inspection service. Their experts share their screen with you.
  • A solid 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Hassle-free returns.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 24/7 Live Customer support

Blue Nile  

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Description: Online diamond jewelry retailer. Owned by Bain Capital Private Equity, Bow Street & Adama Partners.

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five stars5 out of 5 stars.

I have given Blue Nile five stars as it satisfies my criteria as an online diamond retailer that provides outstanding service.

Blue Nile is a great place to shop for oval cut diamonds. Blue Nile has a large selection of oval cut diamonds along with the many other shapes they offer. I particularly like the fact that they have 360° images of the diamonds and you can check out the diamond certificates (diamond grading reports) right there alongside each of the stones' listings. Shopping for oval diamonds is a little trickier than shopping for round brilliants. The shape of an oval cut diamond lends itself to a number of different length to width ratios. This means that there are many more variables involved. Blue Nile, as is the case with the majority of jewelers, list GIA graded stones. As of yet GIA does not provide a cut grade for ovals. This is one of the reasons that jewelers for the most part won't list any oval cut diamond as having an excellent cut. If a jeweler does describe one of their oval cut diamonds as having an excellent cut grade this is based on the jeweler's assessment and not on the laboratory assessment. This is not something Blue Nile does, so there will be plenty of oval cut diamonds listed on Blue Nile that could be termed as having an excellent cut grade. However they are only labeled as having a Very Good cut grade.

About Blue Nile: Since it's founding in 1999 Blue Nile has become a leader as an online diamond and gemstone jewelry retailer. The company was one of the first to offer a a more intuitive and interactive way to buy engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry. They did so by providing essential educational content along with the tools which place you in control of the jewelry shopping process. Blue Nile continues to innovate and improve the customer experience. As such, Blue Nile has some of the highest quality standards in the industry. They are one of the only platforms that offers such a large range of independently graded diamonds and fine jewelry. Of course it's the prices that make shopping at Blue Nile so attractive. With prices significantly below traditional retail it's understandable that thousands upon thousand of shoppers choose to buy their diamonds from Blue Nile.

Buying from Blue Nile can be done by phone, though Blue Nile is best experienced through its website which can be accessed on any device or at one of its Webrooms in half a dozen locations in the US. Please check out my longer article on Blue Nile here: Blue Nile Review.


  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • GIA certified diamonds.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Quality handcrafted rings
  • 150,000+ diamonds
  • Customization available
  • Diamond Upgrade Program
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Diamond grading certificates with each listed diamond


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Description: Fine jewelry company specializing in engagement rings and bridal jewelry.

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five stars5 out of 5 stars

I have given Ritani five stars as it satisfies my criteria as an online jeweler that provides outstanding service.

There are some very good reasons to buy your oval cut diamond from Ritani. First of all they have gemologists on staff. This means they will be able to help you find a beautiful oval cut among their inventory and are able to provide advice based on a greater understanding of diamonds and gems than your average sales person. Second Ritani have an arrangement with 180 stores where you can preview your selected diamond. This is a very good idea in particular for oval cut diamonds in the absence of a cut grade. Thirdly Ritani is a well known brand for rings and as such has excellently crafted rings all hand crafted in New York. The best way to narrow down your search to the best cuts is to use the advanced options: Keep the polish and symmetry between Excellent and Very Good. You can also filter the depth percentage range from 58 to 66 and the table percentage from 51 to 64. Don't hesitate to jump on the chat and ask Ritani for advice. They know diamonds.

About Ritani: Ritani was founded in 1999 by a family of jewelers. Initially a wholesale jewelry brand, Ritani launched its e-commerce website in October 2012. Their aim was to make it simpler to purchase high quality, handcrafted jewelry. Ritani's pieces are one-of-a-kind and made to order in New York by expert artisans. Ritani knows diamonds. And they share their extensive knowledge of jewelry with you so you can find the right engagement ring, wedding band, or whatever piece that you’re looking for.

Ritani has a unique business model in that they have partnered with stores in 180 locations across the US and Canada so that customers can preview a Ritani diamond in-store.


  • 30 day returns
  • Diamond price matching
  • Pricing transparency
  • Oval cut diamonds available
  • Free insured shipping
  • Free in-store preview
  • Custom engagement rings
  • Military discount
  • Diamond buyback program
  • Gemologists on staff