Diamonds That Say "Pick Me"

Stories from Brian Gavin Diamonds blog. Edited by Thomas J Stevens GIA DG CSG - Last modified January 6, 2020
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Diamonds that say "Pick Me!"

Every fairy tale wedding starts with a fairy tale proposal. And of course diamonds play a central role in the best of these. Here are some of the stories gleaned from Brian Gavin's blog that feature beautiful diamonds that say "pick me!".

A Perfect Diamond and Setting

Ideal cut one carat diamond

Parade Design Hera Bridal Band With A 1.072 L VVS1 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts And Arrows Round Cut Diamond

Caleb and Theresa’s story could easily be picked up by someone wanting to make a cute rom-com. The two had known each other as acquaintances but only through mutual friends. They both attended a friend’s wedding and something clicked. They went on a few dates after and it soon became clear they both wanted the same thing: to share their lives together. Caleb hatched a plan to propose to Theresa on a trip to Europe. Before the departure, though, there was the very important matter of getting the perfect ring.

She had an idea of what ring design she wanted. "We had gone ring shopping only once a year earlier which had spawned my idea for this one specifically. It was a Parade Design Hera Bridal Band with a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Cut Diamond. I worked with Diamond Consultant, Brie, who was a great help. She was very accommodating and helped narrow my selection to the ring we have now."

The Parade setting has intricate milgrain-etched curves of metal in open space below a tapered band of sparkling diamonds, elevating a six-pronged center stone to perfection and featuring 26 round cut diamond melee (0.16 ctw).

This ring was special to Theresa because she wanted something that stood the test of time and reminded her of her fairytale story. She felt that her input, Caleb’s research, and the help of the Brian Gavin Diamonds Team made a ring that captured their feelings for each other.

"I wanted him to pick the one that represented our relationship the most according to him. He did exactly that. And man does it shine too. It doesn’t look like everyone else’s, it makes me feel on top of the world and proud of the man I get to spend the rest of my life with."

Once the ring was ready the only thing left for Caleb to do now was to pop the question. On their trip to Europe, Caleb had an idea of proposing at a castle in Germany, very fairytale-like and romantic. Unfortunately, the castle proposal wouldn’t work out because of the number of tourists and time constraints, so he quickly came up with a plan B that was a slight detour from their hiking path and had a beautiful view.

When Theresa had gotten over her vertigo and had started taking in the view Caleb started recording. "I proposed to her on this snowy cliff-side overlooking the castle. She couldn’t believe it was happening and was full of emotion. So much so, she’d didn’t remember much during the actual proposal so I had to go over my speech again where she finally said yes. We took a few more pictures and then hiked down the mountain to celebrate."

When You Know, You Know

Ideal cut one carat diamond

Adam and Rachel’s story began where few love stories do… at work. The two were co-workers and constantly kept bumping into each other. Finally, Adam struck up a conversation with Rachel about the long day he'd had and how an El Tiempo margarita would make things better. Rachel, never having had one, was quickly invited to join Adam for a drink.

After hours of chatting away, they knew what they had was special. It was so special that Adam took Rachel to meet his family in Florida two weeks after their first date!  The pair summarizes their love story with a “when you know, you know” and that’s also how they felt with their Brian Gavin Diamonds experience.  They looked around at various places but were unsure until they met Brian and felt comfortable when speaking with him about the different qualities of diamonds.

Brian took the time to explain the intricacies and details of their options, which helped Adam have a good idea of what Rachel liked. Finally, after hearing what they were looking for, Brian was able to narrow it down to four diamonds that Rachel liked in order to make the selection process easy and simple for Adam.  Adam had planned on to propose to Rachel while she was on a girls’ trip with her mom, aunt and cousin to Charleston. On the agenda was to tour Boone Hall Plantation, best known from the Notebook, in the afternoon during their time there.

However, Rachel suggested going in the morning despite the pleas from her mother, who was aware of Adam’s intentions. In the spur of the moment, Adam quickly rearranged all his plans, so that when Rachel was walking around the plantation, he was able to call out her name as he stood under a large oak tree to get down on one knee and ask Rachel the most important question of his life. The ring matched the magical proposal, and most importantly, Rachel loved it.  Adam chose the Platinum Classic Truth Solitaire with a two-carat cushion cut diamond. This ring has one of Brian Gavin Diamonds’ most famous features with a half round, comfort fit, tapered shank and the Truth head. The stunning two-carat cushion diamond brilliantly sparkles and catches all eyes from across the room. Rachel says it is exactly what she pictured her ring to look like since she was a little girl. She is over the moon with how much she loves her new ring and so happy with Adam’s choice.

Two Lovebirds

Ideal cut one carat diamond

For most couples, there’s a special story about that moment when they first met and Nick and Natali are no exception. These two lovebirds met in Boston just before starting their respective graduate school programs. It was a week before the official start of classes when they decided to get drinks at a cool rooftop hangout called Envoy. One thing led to another and they couldn’t stop talking all night. Since that first evening, they’ve been inseparable!

To commemorate their special relationship, the ring had to be of the same caliber. Nick visited a few stores, but nothing stood out. He wanted something that really screamed "pick me!" Nick decided to turn to Brian Gavin Diamonds. He soon found a ring that would take his future fiancé’s breath away. Since Natali is his “princess,” Nick decided on a X-Prong ring to compliment a sparkling princess cut diamond.

Staying true to his sweet romantic nature, Nick whisked Natali off to on an island getaway. The couple traveled to the Dominican Republic, where Natali is from, to relax, introduce their families and spend quality time together. Little did she know; this trip abroad would be one that the couple remembers for the rest of their lives.

On the morning of their arrival to Punta Cana, Natali was surprised with a family photo shoot from a professional photographer to celebrate the couple’s anniversary. At the moment, she didn’t think much of it and went along with Nick’s plans without any hesitation. In the middle of the shoot, Natali turned to Nick to find him getting down on one knee telling her how much she meant to him and asking her to marry him!

Nothing Short of Stellar

Ideal cut one carat diamond

Love has a funny way of showing itself. Sometimes it’s the first kiss or looking into the sunset together. “For me, it was at dinner on our first date, when she looked at my plate and asked, ‘Are you going to finish that?’” Brendon joked when sharing the story.

Brendon and Roshi met on a popular online dating site and spent two and a half years together before he decided to pop the question with a custom, sparkly Brian Gavin Diamonds ring.

Brendon began the daunting task of online diamond buying. “Confusing and overwhelming at the onset,” is how he described his initial search before landing on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website. Brendon wanted the ring to be a perfect fit, and Brian Gavin Diamonds were up for the task.

Brendon and Roshi went ring shopping months prior to his online search, giving him inspiration for her ring. While keeping in mind the ring they had once admired with lotus petal prongs, he shared his vision with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team to make Roshi’s custom-designed ring as meaningful and beautiful as ever.

“Jamie and the rest of the crew were nothing short of stellar in every regard. I had high expectations, and they delivered,” he said.

The couple was on their annual family trip with Brendon’s family in Kauai, Hawaii, but Roshi had no idea that day would take such a dazzling turn.

The morning of the proposal, Brendon suggested a relaxing hike on the beach. Hand in hand, the two made their way to a secluded beach where Brendon had planned for a photographer to capture their engagement on camera.

Roshi set off along the beach, walking away from Brendon and staring off into the sunset. After walking for what seemed like a long while she turned around to face him, wondering why he was so silent. "It took me a second to register what was happening", Roshi said, "as I saw him perched on one knee, smiling from ear-to-ear, a tiny box in hand."

Joyfully, Roshi ran back toward her love and in a burst of excitement accidentally gave Brendon her right hand instead of the left. She hurriedly switched hands so the diamond could find its rightful home.

After the shock wore off, Roshi noticed not only was the other beachgoer a photographer documenting the whole experience but also that the rest of Brendon's family watching the entire proposal. Now that Brendon could breathe a sigh of relief, he, his bride-to-be and family made their way to a private dinner to celebrate.

Throughout the dinner, Roshi couldn't help but stare at her new Brian Gavin Diamonds ring. “My ring sparkles brilliantly with dainty classic simplicity and a flare of unique elegance,” she said.

The Best Chemistry

couple embracing feturing a fluorescent diamond

Love may not be an element on the periodic table, but that didn't stop Stephen and Angelina from sparking a chemical bond in their college chemistry class. With abstruse conversations of atomic mass and charged electrons the lab partners found time to make a deeper connection, but who would have guessed they'd be life partners? As the name suggests, sometimes you find real 'chemistry' in science class.

After having started their relationship, Stephen knew Angelina would be the woman he'd be proposing to with a glittering ring in hand. With Stephen's hectic work schedule and travel, the search for the perfect ring for Angelina was in a word chaotic.

Thankfully, Stephen landed on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website when searching for diamonds. You see, he was searching for a very specific type of diamond: the highest quality diamonds with fluorescence. “I tend to over-analyze large purchases, and I was very particular about certain aspects of the ring and diamond, as I’m sure the folks at BGD can attest," Stephen described. "The images and documentation provided by BGD were very helpful in appeasing my analytical side," he said, "since I have a terrible eye for diamonds."

After deciding on the Brian Gavin Blue that was perfect, Stephen wanted to make Angelina's ring truly special and unique. He had found a stone that fit his requirements perfectly and together they built a band and setting that was exactly right for the stone. "The results were flawless," Stephen declared. He chose Brian Gavin Diamonds' popular Classic Style Half Round engagement ring setting. He also requested for a special inscription to be engraved in the band that would mark the ring with his love forever.

Stephen was a fan of the customization process. He also shared his delight with the how the Brian Gavin Diamonds team took meticulous care with every update. "For jewelry buyers that have very discerning tastes," Stephen noted, "it's so very important to work with a company that can cater to those needs."

After months of planning, — five months, no less — Stephen arranged an intimate proposal, to Angelina's great surprise. Angelina had only just come home from work excited to see Stephen after an extended business trip. Little did she know that a lack of sleep and hectic travel schedule had not prevented him from arranging the special surprise up his sleeve…or in this case in a ring box.

Angelina described the scene perfectly when she relayed the story.

Having thought that Stephen was in his office on a work call because the door was closed she went to the bedroom to change. When she walked in he was standing in front of her smiling. Something Angelina loves is lights. Stephen had written out “Will You Marry Me” on the wall using Christmas lights. The rest of the walls had lights hung all over. He had a box of chocolate covered strawberries (her favorite!) sitting on one of the nightstands. He also had several framed photos of them at various points in their relationship. Stephen had even gone to the lengths of inclusing several lit cinnamon scented candles (also her favorite!) He had also framed all of the diamond information that he received from Brian Gavin so that he could explain what he had been up to the last few months as well as describe why he had picked out my specific stone."

Angelina was in complete shock! “All I could do was repeat, ‘Oh my God” and ‘Are you sure?’ but managed a screaming ‘Yes!’ in a sudden burst," she exclaimed.

Angelina’s first impression of her engagement ring was a joy for Stephen to behold—the sparkle left her without words. She loves the special engraving and of course the Brian Gavin Blue stone as it scintillates and sparkles. The diamond's fluorescence is revealed when the sun hits the diamond. the fluorescence is an awesome aspect of the diamond that she loves. "I love that the stone has kept that natural quality," she said.

Whisked Away

couple showing off their engagement ring with a super ideal cut diamond

After nearly five years of dating and traveling around the world, Lars knew his girlfriend Jennifer was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Without a shadow of a doubt in his mind, he set his sights on finding the getting the perfect engagement ring. He vaguely recalled Jenn mentioning she loved hearts-and-arrows-cut diamonds. Armed with this and a determination to find the best he began his online searching.

Within a short time Lars came across reviews of the hearts and arrows cut diamonds by Brian Gavin. He read how the cut reflects the light in such a way that it gives it that extra sparkle.

He decided to check out Brian Gavin Diamonds' website and started looking at their ring settings. Suddenly one caught his eye. He clicked on it to give it a closer look. "That's when I noticed the setting's name was the same as her name: Jennifer. That sealed the deal,” Lars declared.

Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Jennifer engagement ring, a sparkling sign that Lars had found the right place, features a lovely twist setting with approximately .25 carats worth of hearts and arrow diamond melee and a stunning .808 carat D VS1 Brian Gavin Diamonds round stone.

With the engagement ring picked out, the last piece to fall into place was arranging the picture-perfect proposal. With Jenn’s birthday party quickly approaching, Lars thought it would be an amazing opportunity to tell close family and friends about their engagement.

“They would all be arriving in the evening, but the proposal itself I wanted to be a special moment that just the two of us shared. So earlier that day, we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. On a bridge in the gardens, I dropped down to one knee… and she said ‘yes’!”

Jenn was ecstatic and bursting with joy at the love she felt for Lars and the engagement ring he chose for her. --She was so enthused that she later selected the matching Jennifer platinum wedding band to complete the set.

“[It’s] the most beautiful, elegant, sparkly thing I cherish, and I wouldn't trade it for the world – a true symbol of our love!” Jennifer exclaimed.

The happy couple spent the evening sharing news of their engagement with guests at Jennifer’s birthday party – making it an evening to remember and the “Best. Birthday. EVER!”

Jenn and Lars’ wedding was something out of a fairytale book. It was a beautiful celebration attended by friends and family. Even the couple’s puppy, Dexter, had a spotlight moment walking down the aisle dressed in wedding attire!

Traveling around the world had always been an important feature of their relationship, so it was no surprise when the couple whisked away to Fiji on their romantic honeymoon.

“We chose Fiji because it's always been a bucket list destination! It's known for beautiful, clear water, amazing diving and snorkeling, and beautiful beaches. It had all of the romance, views and friendly people that we read about! IT WAS AMAZING!” Jennifer said.