Where Can I Buy The World’s Most Finely Cut Diamonds Online?

I was recently asked if I could help someone with their search for a jeweler that provides precision cut diamonds. Specifically the question was Where Can I Buy The World’s Most Finely Cut Diamonds Online (ideal AGS cut rating)? The diamond needed was for an engagement ring.

Short answer: Victor Canera
Victor Canera specialises in the following cuts: Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, Antique Cushion Diamonds, (a high performance diamond cut modeled on Old Mine Diamonds), and European Round Diamonds.

They have a wide variety of sizes in stock ranging from 0.3 carat – 4 carat
The range of clarity of Victor Canera stock is only of the highest grade, ranging from IF to SI1
And to top it off the Cut/Polish/Symmetry grades of Victor Canera stock is IDEAL grade.
Victor Canera jewelry is hand forged, which is a far superior way to make jewelry to your regular wax mold process.

Essentially their business is providing their customers with perfection.

Pure and simple.

A Victor Canera Ring is an infusion of three elements. This video explains how these elements are inherent in every VC design.

 Visit www.VictorCanera.com now.

Long answer:

The long answer also includes some advice on how to find a good jeweler within your local area. However for most people the highest quality finely cut diamonds will not be within driving distance. Therefore visiting a jewelry store in person is not feasible for everyone. Many people will have to conduct their search online. Luckily for anyone with internet access Victor Canera has an online presence and provides not only the highest quality cut diamonds but is also where you can have the finest hand forged jewelry made.

After gaining a little knowledge about diamonds very few people will content themselves buying from the mall jeweler. A great deal of chain stores are simply unable to provide high quality stones, much less finely cut diamonds with a super ideal cut. The diamonds found in many chain stores are simply unable to withstand a great deal of scrutiny.

Where to begin

If you think it takes a fair amount of effort to find a high quality diamond jeweler, you’re actually not too far off the mark. Short of flying around the world and spending time in Antwerp, Hong Kong and New York , you’re usually stuck with whatever local jewelers are within your immediate area. And then there’s the internet. With countless businesses vying for your attention it’s no easy task to choose and sift through the pages and pages of information. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to locate that perfect diamond. The problem often compounds when you do find a jeweler that sells online but you’re not really sure about all the diamond jargon, so it all gets a bit overwhelming.

If you are confused and frustrated don’t despair.

The following points are designed to help with the initial screening process. The aim of this article is to help the smart shopper avoid difficulties which may be encountered when navigating the world wide web, in particular when shopping for precision cut diamonds. This article will include links to jeweler websites that I have screened and consider to be the best of the best of the best. As mentioned above, one of the jewelers that has an online presence and whom I would recommend to anyone looking for the world’s most finely cut diamonds is Victor Canera.

Yet there is a service that has been running for a number of years designed to connect shoppers to the best local jewelers that not only provide high quality stones but also provide excellent service, having passed a series of secret shopper tests. To read more about this please see the page explaining the FindMyJewelerTM service.

However if you would like to conduct your own search for jewelers that provide the world’s most finely cut diamonds here are some tips.

Owned stock or Virtual Stock

Something which can get overlooked when browsing a diamond jeweler’s website is whether the jeweler has stock listed on their website which they own or if the inventory is virtual stock. Virtual stock is very similar to drop shipping, though there are some technical differences which don’t make a huge difference in regards to the aim of this article so don’t need to be gotten into. The main point which this article addresses in regards to virtual stock is to realise that if the jeweler owns the stock themselves they will usually be able to lay eyes on the diamond and describe it to you. This is something which should not be underestimated. A diamond jeweler can’t help but appreciate the beauty of a well cut diamond and this will show in the way they describe it to you whether over the phone or via online chat or even by email. If diamond is from the jeweler’s “virtual stock” it means that it is held by the wholesaler. This presents two drawbacks which, though not major, should be considered. One, the diamond in “virtual stock” may get sold to someone else by another retailer/jeweler and you will have to spend time selecting another diamond. Two, as mentioned above the online jeweler may have no more information than is listed on their own website and therefore can’t give you any more information. To my knowledge the highest quality diamonds are not found within the virtual selections. There may be exceptions to this, but I haven’t come across such exceptions yet.

If high performance and fine quality is an important factor I would suggest that searching through virtual inventory is not going to turn up anything of note. If you are hoping for the jeweler to lay eyes on the diamond so it can be described to you, work with jewelers that own their entire stock.

Signature cut

Time is not the only reason to select a jeweler that owns their stock. If a jeweler/diamond cutter has developed their own signature cut they will in most cases be very meticulous when choosing which diamonds they acquire. Again, here is an area where Victor Canera shines, and it is another reason, among the many, why I am featuring their website repeatedly throughout this article. The diamonds selected by Victor Canera are of the highest grade and they are cut to the highest standard.

the world's most finely cut diamonds
Victor Canera: the world’s most finely cut diamonds
What’s a signature Cut?

To explain what a signature cut is we will first remind ourselves about the basic elements that make a cut diamond such a wondrous thing of beauty. A finished diamond attests to both an impressive feat of nature and of human achievement. A diamond’s scintillation, fire and brilliance* are mostly the result of three well known factors: the quality of the cut, the clarity of the stone, and the color of the stone. The classic diamond shape most commonly used in rings, known by various names but usually referred to as the round brilliant is based on a design published by an engineering student in 1919. The 20 year old Marcel Tolkowsky included this mathematical formula as part of his dissertation for his Ph. D. While the results were impressive for the day the mathematical calculations required to determine theoretically how light would bounce around and disperse in a diamond were calculated by him at a time when computers had not yet been invented. Since the time of his original dissertation many improvements have been added to the science of diamond cutting.  These improvements are incorporated into designs known as Signature Cuts. These designs are often light years ahead of the rest. And yet despite these marvellous improvements people can easily settle on a design that is based on century old calculations! In this day and age there are some wonderful signature cuts to choose from. Admittedly some signature cuts are a little over hyped, but there are some that are definitely worth a closer look.
*Brilliance = white light; Fire = colored light; Scintillation = play of white and colored light in motion.

The Victor Canera signature cuts truly are the result of the highest level of craftsmanship one can imagine.

The Canera Ideal Hearts (CIH) exhibits exemplary physical and Optical Symmetry , Light Performance.

The Emilya Halo Solitaire, hand forged in Precious Platinum pictured above features a 4ct Canera Ideal Hearts & Arrows Round diamond. A halo of Single Cut pave surrounds the center stone. The shank is adorned with “shallow U-Cut” Single Cut pave otherwise known as cut down. The U-Cut pave used throughout maximizes the size of the diamonds minimizing the amount of seen metal. As it is hand forged it is a much higher quality end product than it would be if a wax mold were to be used, as would be the case if this type of design were to be attempted by most other jewelers.

The above ring is to be found at:


The video above shows two Canera European Round Old European Cut Diamonds.

  1. www.victorcanera.com/diamonds/32h62n-1.515-e-vs1-ideal-estimated-old-european-cut
  2. www.victorcanera.com/diamonds/r4qf5a-1.492-f-si1-ideal-estimated-old-european-cut