Where can I buy the best $100,000 fancy color diamond?

Some of the most beautiful and rare diamonds are found among the range of natural colored diamonds, referred to in “diamondspeak” as fancy color diamonds.

An object’s rarity combined with its desirability are two of the greatest factors that determine how an item is priced. Of course no one wants to pay more than absolutely necessary and for this reason many of us still shop around even when we find something we really want.

The online diamond market is great for consumers and sellers alike. It is a great platform for merchants to display their inventory. Jeweler who understand their customers needs provide good photos and documentation. This makes it possible for shoppers to find what they want and to make a choice that they will be happy with. The more information is provided the easier it is to feel confident when making a decision.
At the same time jewelers know that no matter how much effort has been made to attract people to their website it is very easy to navigate away from a page. So they do have to make sure they are offering top service and of course the thing that wins in the end is fair pricing.

As a result of specific circumstance, or in order to stand out among the many other sellers out there, a jeweler will often focus on a particular niche. Where one jeweler excels in listing a particular type of signature cut, another will specialize in fancy color diamonds. Sometimes the niche area is not well advertized and it takes someone who is familiar with a few different online jewelers to direct people to the one that can help them find the particular type of gem they are interested in.

This is something I can help with and many people message me asking for advice on finding a particular type of product.

The type of questions I get sent are usually very specific, like “Where can i find a pink or purple diamond for $45,000?” or “Where can I find a jeweler that can engrave a ring for me with vines going up the side of the setting?” or “what is the best and biggest emerald cut diamond I can get for less than $35,000?”

If you have a question you would like me to answer specifically please send a message through my contact page.

Fancy color diamonds are a lot harder to find than colorless diamonds, especially good quality ones. When buying color diamonds it is imperative to deal with a jeweler that has made fancy color diamonds their specialty.

I have also had people email me asking if it’s possible for them to get a wholesale account so they can buy diamonds at wholesale prices. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. It is a lengthy process to gain the trust of the diamond mine owners.

A diamond is arguably the most compressed form of wealth accessible to most people. This is specifically when you are talking about material “possessible” items. (Yes I think I just made up that word). But what I mean to say is that a precious diamond is extremely valuable, yet relatively small. And where there is a lot of money at stake there is an increased need for trust between the involved parties. Just as important are the secure procedures surrounding the item. This is part of the trust factor. The owner of the mine for example will not only need to have trust placed in them that they are providing what they are promising, they will need to have confidence that the jeweler has vetted their employees to make sure they are trustworthy too. So you can see that small items such as diamonds require caution, vigilance, and secure systems. Businesses that have been in the diamond trade for generations understand all these requirements and are able to proceed in a manner that respects that trust between parties, and of course they will attend diamond tender events etc., as they have established strong connections either as or directly through a sightholder.

However one thing I am able to tell people who want a wholesale account is that they can actually get very close to wholesale prices without needing to buy in bulk to make it worth it. And the way to do this is by buying from a jeweler that has a great deal of experience in this market and understands the value of color diamonds. It also helps if the jeweler is also a manufacturer and sells directly to the public.
fancy color diamonds over $100000

Leibish & Co. checks all those boxes which is why I recommend them as my number one choice when looking for fancy color diamonds. It is definitely worth contacting them if you are looking for high quality. They have a nice variety of fancy color diamonds to choose from and provide top customer service.

Their access to pink Argyle diamonds is another major plus. In 2016, Leibish‘s intimate knowledge of diamonds resulted in their winning the first internally flawless pink diamond seen since before the dawn of the 21st century. That was a pretty big deal.

Leibish & Co. is also the place to go for advice on investing in fancy color diamonds.

Their access to high quality fancy color diamonds is one of the reasons I recommend going to them to purchase color diamonds.

In this video Leibish & Co. talk a little about their business and how they are not only a manufacturer nor are they only a jeweler or retailer. They are a combination of all three and deal with a global customer base through their website.

Please take two minutes to watch a little of the above video to get an idea of the degree of proficiency you get from Leibish & Co.

Here is another video showing one of Leibish & Co’s skilled craftsmen at work on a masterpiece.

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