Round Hearts and Arrows Diamond: 0.820 Carat G Color VS2 Clarity

Heart and arrows diamond at

Type Brian Gavin Signature
Product ID: AGS-104057253028
Shape: Round
Report: AGS
Carat: 0.820
Color: G
Clarity: VS2
Measurements: 5.99 x 6.04 x 3.71
Lab Cut Grade: Ideal
Light Performance: Ideal
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Table %: 56.4
Depth %: 61.8
Crown %: 15.4
Crown Angle: 35.2
Star %: 53.0
Pav Angle: 40.9
Pavillion %: 43.4
Lower Girdle %: 75.0
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: Negligible
Girdle Min-Max %: 1.0 – 3.6
Girdle: Thin To Medium Faceted

Can’t go past this diamond at BrianGavinDiamonds. It is truly a superior cut as not only has its cut been executed perfectly, it comes with an AGS certificate which confirms that its light performance/brilliance is rated right at the top.


It definitely gets my No Regrets stamp of approval.

See it here

No Regrets stamp of approval for this round diamond

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Ideal Cut, Fancy Yellow Color, VS2 Clarity, and certified by EGL

Diamonds-USA has been providing high quality diamonds at bargain prices online since 1997. As stated on Diamonds-USA’s site: “there is not a single diamond that enters or leaves the business without David’s experienced eye checking for quality and value for money. This remains David’s personal commitment to every customer.” If you want expert advice and detailed information about your purchase you’ll do well speaking to the experts at Diamonds-USA. There is no middle man, therefore no drop shipping. They are the source, the diamond cutters and the jewelry manufacturers.

I have been scouring Diamonds-USA’s inventory locating those diamonds with actual photos, as it’s just so much easier to make a determination about the diamond with an actual photo.


0.5 carat, Round Diamond, Ideal Cut, Fancy Yellow Color, VS2 Clarity, Certified by EGL. Ideal for "petite" engagement ring
This half carat diamond would be perfect for a “petite” engagement ring.

Today I am highlighting this Fancy Yellow diamond. (With actual photo!) The color of the diamond itself has been enhanced, (not the image). Diamonds-USA tell me that the image does not do it justice, as it is a very beautiful diamond.

Diamonds-USA’s fancy color enhanced diamonds are the closest you can get to natural colored diamonds, but they’re only a fraction of the price.  Natural fancy color diamonds are extremely rare and therefore finding a cheap fancy yellow is going to prove impossible. If you went through a pile of 1 million diamonds there would only be 10 naturally occurring fancy yellow diamonds. Diamonds that show some color but are not attractive enough to be used as Fancies can be enhanced. Electron accelerators are used to adjust the color and have no harmful effect, leaving no radiation. These diamonds can be used in jewelry immediately.

The diamond’s size is on the lower end of the range of what you’d want for an engagement ring, so it is ideal for anyone with smaller hands, or prefers a unique, yet understated diamond. Half a carat round is approximately 1 mm smaller than a 1 carat round would be. This diamond measures 5 mm across its diameter.

It is an Ideal cut diamond. The cut grade (how well a diamond is cut to proportions that make it sparkle) is the most important factor in determining if a diamond will be a genuine sparkler.

Diamonds-USA offer a huge variety of ring styles, even vintage styles, which have been quite popular of late. They also offer palladium which is a much stronger metal than gold, yet is similar in price to 14K gold.

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The Most Beautiful Cushion Cut Diamond

Brian Gavin Select  Cusion Cut Diamond 0.783 E color VS2 clarity
click image to go to this diamond at Brian Gavin Diamonds

This diamond was one of 32 diamonds added to the Brian Gavin inventory today.

After looking over each one’s images and grading report I felt that I should place this one here as our Catch of The Day. 

All of Brian Gavin Diamonds are in a class of their own, as everything coming from Brian Gavin Diamonds just stands out as being so perfect. When looking over all the new inventory I felt like they are all finalists in a beauty contest. However I consider this particular one to be outstanding and not only the top performer, but representing the best value.

I have highlighted the characteristics which make this diamond exceptional, and the ASET image also indicates that this diamond is truly magnificent.

With actual photos of the diamond in high resolution you get to see exactly what the diamond looks like.

Don’t expect to find high resolution photos of diamonds at every jewelry seller’s website. Of the hundreds of thousands of diamonds for sale, only a small percentage get photographed like this. The majority of the time buyers have to make do with stock photos, and one has to read through the diamond certificates to get an idea of how nice the diamonds are.

This 0.783 carat E color VS2 Select Cushion Cut Diamond can be seen in the image above. And the best aspects are its cut, which even though cushion cut diamonds do not get a mention of cut grade on the grading report, the ASET shows how much brilliance can be seen in this diamond, confirming that it is an Ideal cut. Also of note is the color (E, very rare!), and its VS2 clarity which would require 30x magnification to see any inclusions! All in all an ideal diamond for a lovely engagement ring.

Type Brian Gavin Select
Product ID: 104061059012
Diamond Shape: Cushion
Grading Report: AGS
Carat Weight: 0.783
Color: E
Clarity: VS2
Measurements: 5.52 mm x 5.50 mm x 3.69 mm
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent


Table: 58.6 %
Depth: 67.1 %
Crown: 15.9 %
Crown Angle: 37.0 degrees
Pav Angle: 42.0
Pavillion: 48.0 %
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: Negligible
Girdle: Thin To Slightly Thick Faceted

See this diamond here:



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Can I Find A Diamond Engagement Ring For Less Than $3000?

Today’s challenge was:

Can I find a diamond engagement ring for less than $3000?

I wanted to find a good quality diamond without going for inferior and poorly cut diamonds. It had to be a nice “sparkler“.

For this I applied a wider filter which involved looking through diamonds with a slightly higher coloring, like a K.

It is advisable to have K diamonds placed in a yellow gold setting. More about this below.


Shape: Round
Carat Weight: 0.76
Cut: Hearts & Arrows Ideal
Color: K
Clarity: VS2
Certificate: AGS
(with Computer Generated Light Performance Map!)

Depth: 61.9%
Table: 58.2%
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Culet: None
Fluorescence: Negligible
Measurements: 5.82 mm x 5.85 mm x 3.61 mm
Crown Angle: 35.6
Crown %:
Pavilion Angle: 40.7
Pavilion %:

This particular Heart and Arrows Ideal cut diamond would be ideal for anyone who would prefer a yellow gold ring setting. This is because the color of this diamond has been grade by AGS laboratory as being a 3.5 which in the more familiar GIA color grade is “K”.  Yes, it is a little farther down on the color scale. Which is why it is often suggested that diamonds of this color be set in yellow gold. The yellow color of the gold creates a contrast and makes the slight coloring of this diamond less noticeable. With such perfect symmetry and polish the diamond will have a very high “sparkle” (technically called fire and brilliance), also reducing the notice-ability of the slight coloring. The VS2 grade makes this diamond almost completely perfect in regards to inclusions. As you can see from the image no inclusions are visible. And the grading report (certificate) indicates where the inclusions are to be found, so you know where to look for them. You still can’t see them even if you are looking for them.

This diamond is a good size for an engagement ring. Anything over half a carat will do, though most people try to get as close to 1 carat as possible.


Looking at the Computer Generated Light Performance Map not only tells us that this diamond has the highest grade of light performance, but also confirms the incredible symmetry.

At $2,550.00 I can guarantee that this diamond is going to be very well liked once you have it in your hands.

You may click here if you would like to buy it:

Here’s what it would look like in a yellow gold ring setting.

The engagement ring in the video is made of 18 karat gold. This is quite pure gold, with 18 parts out of 24 being pure gold, and the rest other metals/alloys. Since pure gold is quite soft it might be prudent to get 14 karat gold which is not as soft as 18 k gold and will do a better job of holding the diamond in place.

Here is a link to a 14 karat gold setting:

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Where can I find a heart shaped diamond?

Today I received a request for a recommendation on where to find heart shaped diamonds.

Many online diamond vendors don’t list heart diamonds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them to order one in. This is the same situation if you go to any jeweler within driving distance. Hearts will rarely  be in stock, and if they are in stock they will be quite expensive.

Thanks to internet shopping we can access quite a large selection of heart diamonds. Three places you can actually browse for heart shaped diamonds and find a decent selection. Heart diamonds are found at JamesAllenDiamonds-USA and BlueNile. A quick search at BlueNile,  gave me 250 to choose from. I didn’t include very small ones nor ones with inferior characteristics. However, BlueNile doesn’t have photos of the actual diamonds. This is why I am hesitant to recommend buying hearts at BlueNile.

Cutting a diamond into a heart shape is very tricky. The shape of the heart will vary from one Ideal cut heart to another Ideal cut heart. This is because there is no single set of geometrical requirements for optimum brilliance as there are for round diamonds.  Actually even with round diamonds there are all sorts of variations which still make for a very brilliant diamond.

Having said that I do notice some diamonds cut into a heart shape which receive an Excellent cut grade still have a bit of a squashed look. If you are going through the trouble of finding a heart shaped diamond ou want to make sure it’s a nicely porportioned heart, the kind that we think of as a classic heart shape. For this you need a photo. Not a stock photo. An actual photo of the diamond you will get.

So this is why I am very excited about today’s Catch of The Day

I narrowed today’s search down to one beautiful and very competitively priced heart diamond from Diamonds-USA. I was very pleased to see that the listing includes an actual photo of the diamond.

Astoundingly it is 1.2 carats, E color, and the shape is fantastic!

heart cut diamond from Diamonds-USA
Click on image to go directly to this diamond

So the question remains. Why is it only $5040?

I believe it is discounted because its grading report says it has slight blue fluorescence. What does this mean? It means that it will glow slightly blue under UV light. Pretty cool. Yes there is UV light coming from the sun all the time so this will make your diamond fluoresce ever so slightly in daylight (or in a tanning salon, or night club with black lights turned on). In daylight this fluorescence can in rare cases detract from the natural sparkle as the glow reduces how the light is turned into fiery brilliance. How often does this happen? Only 1 in 50,000 diamonds that are rated as having fluorescence will be dimmer in daylight. So the odds are in your favor.

Diamonds-USA allow you 10 days to inspect the diamond  before you pay for it, so it’s really a no-risk exercise. All you have to do is look at the diamond in daylight and see if it looks any less sparkly. If it looks cloudy in daylight then you can return it at zero cost to you. You could even call Diamonds-USA and ask them to do this for you if you prefer. And you stand a good chance of having picked up a fantastic bargain. I mean, a 1.2 carat E color* is going to be hard to pass up at this price!
*The color of EGL graded diamonds are not to be compared with the color of GIA graded diamonds as they have a different set of master stones from which they assign the grade.

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Nicest, Finest, Most Gorgeous Diamond Ring In The World (Under Half A Million Dollars)

Ah, yes, the fine things in life. Diamonds being one of them. And what a fine thing we have for you today. If all you can do is drool over it, well that’s kind of fun too. I mean, anticipation is half the enjoyment.

Just the fact that there is this 9 carat diamond is so mind-blowingly incredible. Oops I let the cat out of the bag. Yes, I am reviewing a 9 carat diamond.

And it is made available to you by one of our favorite sites. I try not to play favorites, but at the moment I am just so excited about Gemvara. They make it so much fun to play with the settings on the rings and customizing this and that. This is what technology should be used for, and happily someone is using it for this: Gemvara. They have designed their website in such an interactive way that I think everyone else’s websites are falling by the wayside.

Hmmm. I hope I won’t make the others feel bad…I don’t feel good when I appear to be playing favorites.

It’s like a beauty contest. The finalists are all winners in my books.

But here we are, nevertheless with an outstanding performer. FUN!  It is fun to play with the choices.

When all is said and done it all comes down to choices. And Gemvara gives us a lot of choices. They definitely know about the modern mindset. We like choices. Although, fortunately, they haven’t made it as mind boggling as the 3 million choices BMW was giving its customers a few years ago. I don’t know if they still do that. Three million possible combinations. It could take a while to scroll through three million possible combinations.

Gemvara offers 8 different gemstones as side stones, and you can see the color of the side accent stones on the ring change right there in front of you on the screen. Am I too excited, about this? Maybe it’s because I can remember the days before computers when this kind of thing was impossible. It would have been quite an exercise to get pictographical representations of a diamond ring in 8 different styles. Not to mention showing it to hundreds of people simultaneously around the world!

Well, now that I got that off my chest here’s the ring.

9 carat diamond ring with accent pave stones
Click on the image to go directly to this ring at Gemvara

The diamond with ring and with accent stones is priced considerately below half a million. How very considerate of them.

But really, diamonds are rare. Clear ones are rarer, big ones are even rarer. I am not sure how many 9 carat diamonds there are in the world, but I can tell you that there will not be very many.

And this one is very very high on the color scale (it should be called the colorless scale). It is an E. Just one step removed from the almost unobtainable D. Certainly in this size, it would be. I did not find any D diamonds this size on three other jeweler sites.

So how big is a 9 carat diamond? It is 12mm in diameter when viewed in the setting, from above. That is what you call a big rock. Not for the faint hearted.

When choosing a color for the side stones, diamonds of course would be the first choice. But if you want a splash of color, maybe checking to see what the recipient’s favorite color is could give you a clue, or there are a number of gems that are considered birth stones, so if the recipient is born in the corresponding month, maybe that would be the gem to choose for the accent stone.

Ruby is July’s birthstone, and the 15th anniversary as well as the  40th anniversary gem.

Diamond is April’s birthstone and the 10th anniversary gem.

Emerald is May’s birthstone and the 20th and 35th anniversary gem.

Sapphire, available in blue, pink, yellow, and white, is September’s birthstone and the 5th and 45th anniversary gem.

The other thing which is an excellent improvement at Gemvara is that they have also started including the GIA grading report for their diamonds.

Aren’t they just doing everything right?

Here is the grading report for this 9.03 carat diamond:

Grading report for 9 carat E diamond


With Gemvara’s 101 day return policy, I think that there is plenty of time to inspect the merchandise after buying it without worrying about running out of time. Wouldn’t you agree?

This diamond is a cushion cut (that is the term used when referring to its shape), which is classified as a Fancy Cut. With a Polish grade of Excellent (that is referring to its exterior), and a symmetry grade of Very Good, you are going to have one beautiful stone here.

My one piece of advice would be to have a browse, look at the ring on their site and the different options for the ring, then pick up the telephone, and call Gemvara and find out if the inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

I am 97.9% certain that the inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye.

Best Deal For Best Looking 0.60 Carat Diamond


Here is a diamond which truly stands out amongst the other diamonds of the same size.

The reason it makes the grade as our

Catch Of The Day

is because it is just so close to perfection and its symmetry is outstanding.

Retail price on this would undoubtedly be $3100 to $3400.

All the important things are present. Its one flaw is mentioned in the Diamond Dossier: a feather. This means there is a tiny line somewhere. Look through the magnifier and you’ll see that the feather is not even visible under such intense magnification. As a matter of fact there are no flaws visible under high magnification. That’s what is called “eye-clean”, even “loupe clean”.

This definitely gets our stamp of approval.

Shape:  Round
Carat weight:  0.60
Cut:  Excellent
Color:  I
Clarity:  VS2
Certificate:  GIA
Depth:  61.9%
Table:  56.0%
Polish:  Excellent
Symmetry:  Excellent
Culet:  None
Fluorescence:  None
Measurements in mm:  5.42*5.44*3.36

Brian Gavin Blue: 1.01 K color, round Signature Cut

Here is the stone which is our

Catch Of The Day

Brian Gavin’s Blue

A couple things I want to draw attention to which make this outstanding:

It is over one carat.

The cut grade is Ideal. (as well asLight performance, Polish, AND symmetry! )

VS2 (Brian Gavin always ensures that the inclusions are practically unnoticeable. )

And finally this is what makes it remarkable: It is a BRIAN GAVIN SIGNATURE CUT!

(Warning: you might never buy any other type of diamond after getting a Brian Gavin Diamond)

 Price: $6,177
Type Brian Gavin Blue
Product ID: BLAGS-104054186001
Shape: Round
Report: AGS
Carat: 1.010
Color: K
Clarity: VS2
Measurements: 6.38 x 6.43 x 3.97
Lab Cut Grade: Ideal
Light Performance: Ideal
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal













Table %: 57.2
Depth %: 62.0
Crown %: 15.0
Crown Angle: 34.8
Star %: 54.0
Pav Angle: 40.9
Pavillion %: 43.3
Lower Girdle %: 76.0
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: Medium Blue
Girdle Min-Max %: 1.7 – 4.1
Girdle: Thin To Slightly Thick Faceted
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