1.00 Carat I-SI1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond $4900!

Check out this beauty!

Even though it is Slightly Included, you can observe that it is eye clean in the  high resolution image. Click on the image and you’ll see the diamond in complete 360° at a magnification of 40.

That’s even higher than a jeweler would get through a standard jeweler’s loupe!

1 carat diamond

Carat weight:1.00



Shape: Round

Clarity: SI1

Cut: Ideal
Depth %:60.60

Girdle: Medium-Slightly Thick

Table %:59.00 Culet:NN


Crown ?: –


Crown %:0.00


Pavilion ?:- L/W/D (mm): 6.46 x 6.44 x 3.91

Pavilion %: 0.00

Round Brilliant Hearts and Arrows Diamond: Best Buy Under $3000


Catch of The Day: https://www.jamesallen.com/diamonds/I-SI1-Ideal-Cut-Round-Diamond-1500338.asp

0.73 Carat I Color-SI1 Clarity Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Round Diamond
0.73 Carat I Color-SI1 Clarity Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Round Diamond
Shape: Round
Carat Weight: 0.73
Cut: Hearts & Arrows Ideal
Color: I
Clarity: SI1
Certificate: AGS
Depth: 61.8%
Table: 57.6%
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Culet: None
Fluorescence: Negligible
Measurements: 5.75*5.78*3.56
Crown Angle: 35.5
Crown %:
Pavilion Angle: 40.8
Pavilion %:

This diamond is one that I deem to be the best buy under $3,000 and still have an incredibly beautiful diamond. There is a little trick I used to locate this diamond and this trick is only possible if you can view an actual photo of the diamond and not a stock photo. The trick is to compromise in one selected area which doesn’t detract too much from the beauty of the diamond. James Allen is very handy for this as this is really the only place that strives to put up photos of every single diamond in their inventory. I think they are up to 25,000 diamonds currently.

If you start looking at diamonds within the $2,000 to $3,500 range you’ll find that either they are very small or have an inferior cut grade, a lower color grade, or lower clarity grade. It’s up to you to choose which area a compromise is acceptable. You will find that jewelers and diamond experts agree that the greatest disappointments occur when a compromise is allowed in regards to the cut grade. Ideal or Excellent cut diamonds are the most likely to please you. James Allen’s TrueHearts TM are their signature Hearts and Arrows design and are all meant to be Ideal/Excellent cut. I hate to say this, because I am a huge fan of almost everything James Allen does, but I have noticed that there are some TrueHearts that look a little less than perfect. I am glad that it is possible to examine both the image of the diamond as well as the diamond’s grading report and this prevents disappointment. The diamond I selected to highlight today is a TrueHearts TM diamond. And it has perfect symmetry and shows superior light performance on its grading report, thanks to the AGS labs Platinum Light Performance Quality Document, which you can see below.

To locate a diamond which would at least be of average size for an engagement ring  (between 0.5 carat and 1 carat) I decided to make the compromise in the clarity grade. This means that I allowed SI1 diamonds to show in the search results. I had a closer look at any diamond that stood out to me from the thumbnail images that showed up. Examining the diamond using James Allen’s Virtual Loupe TM helped me decide whether there were any inclusions which would be visible without magnification. The term is “eye-clean”, and that’s often the aim when looking for a diamond that is going to be pleasing to the eye. The AGS lab document confirmed that the light shines through the diamond without obstructions and this is why I can recommend this diamond as extremely good value, with hardly any compromise, and certainly no compromise that hampers the stone’s beauty.

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Bargain 0.70 ct Round Brilliant I Color SI1

Today’s search for the catch of the day went very fast. This diamond was one of the first I looked at and it looked very promising.

But I thought it too easy and kept searching. Well I am back to the one I started with. Here is what I was trying to accomplish. I figured I would look through the stones that have an SI1 clarity grade and see which ones look the best.

Here is one which I think fits this very well. It is from James Allen, who gives us the ability to view the diamonds they list at 18x magnification. This is the only reason we can go around looking at stones with an SI1 clarity grade. Otherwise the risk of ending up with a diamond which is not eye-clean would be rather high. All the diamond vendors I recommend do offer you the option of being able to return the stone if it doesn’t meet expectations.  With stones purchased from James Allen you get the the longest return period of anyone on my list of recommended places to buy diamonds. It’s a very generous 60 days.

Since we can actually get to view specific diamonds on their site, not just sample images, we can do a bit of bargain hunting.

What I mean by this is that we look for stones which have more inclusions according the grading report, but when looking at their magnified image we see that the inclusions are not obvious. You see, just because a diamond is graded SI1 doesn’t mean that the inclusions are all at the top of the stone where they would be visible. James Allen welcomes people calling them up and asking their expert staff to actually look at the diamond as well. They will be able to tell you if the diamond’s inclusions are visible to the naked eye. They are experts and will have seen so many diamonds that thy will know instantly if it is a good buy or not.

I definitely recommend this as a great idea, especially when bargain hunting like this and trying to find a diamond with a clarity of SI1 or SI2.

0.70 Carat I-SI1 Very Good Cut Round Diamond


I tell you what. After looking at the diamonds being sold at local mall jewelers for $9,500 with huge visible inclusions that make you want to scrub them with steel wool, this diamond at $2620 just seems like an incredible bargain with a tiny inclusion which would just barely be visible.

Beautiful And Rare Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

2-3/4ct tw Radiant Cut Natural Fancy Yellow & Round Diamonds Fashion Engagement Ring Micro Pave’ 18k Gold 2.01ct Natural Fancy Light Yellow SI1 GIA Certified Center Stone – 5

Today’s Catch of The Day is an incredibly beautiful ring which features not only a yellow diamond, but a micro pave totalling 144 diamonds!

On sale for 78% off!

List Price: $73,500.00
Price: $36,750.00
Sale: $16,537.50
You Save: $56,962.50 (78%)

The great thing is that this ring is available in several sizes.

The return policy is said to be the standard Amazon return policy, so call the seller to clarify. The seller’s telephone number is listed here: Contact information and Return Policy


What!? A 1.01 ct Marquise for less than $4000? (Much Less!)

We recommend the Brian Gavin Select 1.010 D SI1 Select Marquise

Here’s a stone that stood out to me as presenting terrific value.

A great choice for those who are looking for something different, something elegant: a marquise cut diamond.

This falls under the category of “fancy cut”. Any shape (correctly called “cut”) that is different from a round brilliant is called a fancy cut. The design of round brilliants makes them disperse light in the best possible way. This superior “light performance” makes it possible to buy a round brilliant which is a little lower on the color scale. As “D” diamonds, which are completely colorless, are so rare, it’s is often more affordable to choose a stone which is lower on the scale. “J” is about the lowest most diamond experts recommend if you want the diamond to look at its best. And of course it is still of the highest priority to make sure the cut of the diamond is “excellent”, “ideal”, or at least “very good”. But the cut is the most important factor.

When choosing a diamond that is a fancy cut it is recommended to choose a stone that is a little higher than “J” as the “light performance” simply can not be as effective as a round brilliant.

The reason we give this marquise cut our stamp of approval is because its color is “D”, the highest grade on the color chart; the cut is excellent; it is a Brian Gavin Select, one of Brian Gavin’s signature cuts.

The specifications tell us that the Fluorescence is medium blue. If you are worried that this might cause it to look “milky” in certain light, don’t. As it is only one in 50,000 fluorescent diamonds that will have this problem and Brian Gavin checks every diamond specifically for this and will not even buy it from the wholesaler if it does. The specifications also tell us that this diamond is Slightly Included 1. This is not a concern as Brian Gavin is extremely choosy when he buys his diamonds wholesale. He only works with diamonds whose inclusions are located in such away so they do not impact on his final product.

The attitude toward inclusions is changing now that inclusions are seen as a sign of authenticity. This proves that the diamond is not manufactured artificially in a lab. As long as they are small, they serve more like fingerprints than as imperfections. Still any diamond from Brian Gavin’s signature line is going to knock your socks off.

stamp of approval

You are going to be very pleased with this one. http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamonds/diamond-details/1.010-d-si1-marquise-diamond-gia-35344172

Type Brian Gavin Select
Product ID: 35344172
Shape: Marquise
Report: GIA
Carat: 1.010
Color: D
Clarity: SI1
Measurements: 10.34 x 5.68 x 2.68
Lab Cut Grade: Excellent
Light Performance:
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Good
Table %: 61.0
Depth %: 47.2
Crown %:
Crown Angle:
Star %:
Pav Angle:
Pavillion %:
Lower Girdle %:
Culet: Slightly Large
Fluorescence: Medium Blue
Girdle Min-Max %:
Girdle: Slightly Thick-Thick
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Best Value Round Brilliant 0.90 ct under $4500


Shape:  Round
Carat weight:  0.90
Cut:  Very Good
Color:  I
Clarity:  SI1
Certificate:  GIA
Depth:  61.5%
Table:  59.0%
Polish:  Very Good
Symmetry:  Excellent
Culet:  None
Fluorescence:  Faint
Measurements:  6.17*6.18*3.80
Crown Angle: 34.0
Crown %: 13.50
Pavilion Angle: 41.2
Pavilion %:

What a Find! Princess Cut Diamond, GIA certified

Today’s challenge was to locate a bargain diamond from the range of Princess cut diamonds available.

I’ve located a nice one which I highly recommend as an excellent bargain.

Stock number: LD02674459
Price: AU$ 4,685
Bank wire price: AU$ 4,615
Price per carat: AU$ 4,549
Carat weight: 1.03
Cut: Very Good
Color: H
Clarity: SI1
Depth %: 70.0%
Table %: 73%
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Girdle: Slightly Thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 5.71 x 5.71 x 4.00 mm
Length/width ratio: 1

It is listed at BlueNile.com

The reasons that this stone makes the grade as our

Catch Of The Day

is due to the following:

Princess cut diamonds are likely to show their color more than round cut diamonds. Therefore the stone chosen has an H color. Any diamond specialist will tell you to stay away from stones with a color grade of J or more when choosing a fancy cut. A fancy cut is anything other than a round brilliant. This stone being H is sufficiently removed from J to suit our requirements beautifully.

You may notice that the clarity is SI1. This may be a concern, however when looking at the grading report we see that the inclusions (internal blemishes) are listed as a feather, cloud, and crystal. They are all located near the center of the top of the diamond, but they are all rather small inclusions. While I can’t be 100% certain that it is eye-clean, I am 97.99% certain that the inclusions are not noticeable. What truly makes this diamond a bargain is that its Symmetry has been graded as Excellent, and along with a Very Good cut, this diamond will be B.E.A-utiful!

Definitely gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval.