Simply Stunning! Mesmerising Beauty! The Quadex from Brian Gavin Diamonds

Today we went in search for the best deal for those looking for a Radiant Cut diamond. Radiant cuts are a fancy cut and  fancy cut diamonds have to come with higher clarity characteristics than round brilliants in order to look as sparkly as a round. However here is a little secret: Brian Gavin Diamonds are so thoughtfully and meticulously chosen, and equally meticulously cut (manufactured) that you can choose a Brian Gavin Stone Stone with lower clarity characteristics and you will find that it is indistinguishable from one a few steps up on the clarity scale. Brian Gavin Diamonds are very selective in the diamonds they will even consider working with. They are constantly turning down diamond wholesalers who  think they have the highest quality stones. Many wholesalers’ stones don’t get accepted as candidates due to the very exacting high quality specifications Brian Gavin Diamonds requires.

Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular choice for diamond engagement rings. I suspect this is because it has a very attractive name. Radiant diamonds actually have a few features which make them a much better choice. Radiants are somewhat similar to a Princess cut. Radiants don’t have the sharp corners so they are a little less vulnerable to chipping.  Diamonds rarely chip as they are the hardest mineral on earth. However the sharp points on any fancy cut would be the vulnerable spots if the stone experienced any trauma. The Radiant therefore is unlikely to be as vulnerable.

Brian Gavin has looked at the traditional Radiant cut and made some very clever mathematical improvements to do with the light play. The cut has been altered and improved in order to get maximum light performance.

He has named this improved design the Quadex.

The diamond we have identified today as our

Catch Of The Day

is a signature cut from Brian Gavin called a Hearts and Arrows Quadex.

Type Brian Gavin Signature
Product ID: AGS-104049790038
Shape: Quadex
Report: AGS
Carat: 0.803
Color: E
Clarity: SI1
Measurements: 6.14 x 5.22 x 3.78
Lab Cut Grade: Ideal
Light Performance: Ideal
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal
Table %: 46.6
Depth %: 61.6
Crown %: 13.6
Crown Angle: 34.8
Pav Angle: 40.7
Pavillion %: 44.3
 Price:  $4,493
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: Negligible
Girdle Min-Max %: 2.1 – 6.8
Girdle: Thin To Very Thick Faceted

This gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval.

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