The Best Place To Buy Oval Diamonds

The result of hundreds of hours of research and comparing is finally in and I can share with you what I deem to be the best places to buy oval diamonds. This is mainly if you are interested in making your purchase online rather than in person. Although I do have a recommendation elsewhere on this website as to the where to look for the best deals on oval diamonds if you want to go to a place in person, this article’s aim is to help you if you are interested in buying your diamond jewelry via a website.

Today’s article will be showcasing a jeweler that provides a very useful service when it comes to buying oval shape diamonds. As explained in more detail below oval shape diamonds come in many different ratios. Some ratios are better than others. The jeweler I am showcasing in this article sorts through the higher quality diamonds held by manufacturers and only allows the ones that meet his strict criteria for optimum ratios to be listed on his website. This jeweler is none other than Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

This is the direct link to the Oval diamonds that are listed on right now.

Brian Gavin Diamonds has been chosen to be showcased as one of the best places to buy oval diamonds for a number of reasons. Primarily this online jeweler demonstrates the highest level of care in every aspect of jewelry and diamond production as well as in the area of customer service. Brian Gavin himself is a fifth generation diamond cutter.  This is an advantage which shows in every aspect and is consequently appreciated by the many happy recipients of Brian Gavin jewelry.

The oval diamonds listed on Brian Gavin Diamonds’ website have been selected because they meet the strict criteria set by Brian Gavin.

Diamonds and jewelry within their virtual selection have been chosen because they meet Brian’s strict Select quality standards. These are diamonds that exhibit outstanding cut, color and clarity as demonstrated by their light performance.

These select stones represent the optimum balance between performance and value.

Oval Diamond Buying Tips

There is a range of ratios to choose from when it comes to oval shape diamonds. The optimum ratio is somewhere around 1.5 : 1, though it’s quite unheard of to actually find a diamond that is exactly this ratio. The range most people find pleasing is between 1.3:1 and 1.7:1.

The choice though in the end comes down to personal taste. If you see a shape you like take note of its length to width ratio. Calculating the length to width ratio of a fancy shape diamond such as an oval diamond is very easy. Simply divide the length by the width. These numbers will be found on the diamond’s grading report. Unfortunately the grading reports do not include the calculated ratio. Grading reports will show you three numbers in millimeters. The largest number is the diamond’s length, the smallest number will be the diamond’s depth. This leaves the middle sized number as the diamond’s width.

For example:

Here we have an oval diamond listed on Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

The measurements are shown to be 7.38 x 5.30 x 2.94. These are all in millimeters.

The smallest of these three numbers is 2.94 and this is the diamond’s depth.

The largest is the length, since it is an oval diamond after all, this makes sense.

Divide 7.38 by 5.30 and we get 1.39.

The length to width ratio is therefore shown to be a very acceptable 1.39:1. This is the kind of high quality offerings we can expect to find at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Oval diamonds exhibit a unique effect called the bow-tie effect. It is a cute little optical effect created by differences in refraction. This occurs at the junction point in the middle of the diamond. The bow-tie effect is somewhat reduced and therefore less obvious in diamonds with the above specified optimum length to width ratios that also have a depth anywhere between 58% to 68%.


1.00 Carat F VVS2 Oval Cut Diamond for under $6500

I have a beautiful diamond for you today. It is 1 carat, and you can see by the image that it is very well cut.

Carat weight:1.00





L/W/D (mm): 7.19 mm x 5.77 mm x 3.73 mm

Check it out here:!/loose-diamonds/oval-cut/1.00-carat-f-color-vvs2-clarity-sku-119309

This diamond will give the impression of being quite large for a 1 carat diamond since on side is 7.19 mm. A 1 carat round diamond will have a maximum of 6.5 mm in width. See this example.

James Allen have recently added a very cool feature and it is just the thing an online shopper would dream to find, particularly when looking for diamonds: a 360° view of the diamond you want to buy. Their previous method of viewing a diamond through a virtual loupe was cool, but this one is going to knock your socks off. The view of the diamond rotates  360° allowing you to see it from all angles. This is really going to blow the competition out of the water as no one else (that I know of) is displaying their diamonds this way.

This gives us as shoppers much more confidence when buying a diamond. Some of the fancy cuts are known to present certain problems and you really want to be able to get a good look at them if you are after something else than the standard round of princess cut diamond. I hardly need to point out the perfection of this diamond by going through the diamond’s grading report. In this case it is a Diamond Dossier so it is less detailed than a full grading report, but that also means it is $100 to $150 cheaper than a diamond with a full grading report. What it does tell us is that the stone has no fluorescence, which is good. See my article about diamond fluorescence for more information about this phenomenon.

oval cut diamond
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