A Fantastic 1.02 ct Marquise Diamond

Any shape that is not a “round brilliant” falls into the category of “Fancy Cut”.

Today we are exploring our options when it comes to buying a marquise diamond.

These stones are often chosen to be worn by women with long slender fingers. The Marquise is one that is more likely to be chosen by someone who has actually tried one on and felt that it suits them.

The nice thing is that it is 10 mm across, whereas a round diamond of the same weight (1 ct) is only 6.5 mm across. This shape looks pretty and feminine with a decent visibility factor.

Light, when reflected and dispersed in a diamond behaves in a predictable manner. So we know what proportions give us a beautiful stone. The hypnotic qualities of a diamond have to be seen in real life to be truly appreciated. Buying online does not give us this opportunity so we turn to the mathematics of diamond proportions to select the finest stone. I suspect that people shopping online will take much more time when choosing a diamond.

This marquise diamond has been selected by me to be our Catch Of The Day, as it has all the qualities required to receive our “No Regrets” stamp of approval.

We chose it because it is sufficiently high on the scale in regards to color (colorlessness actually), being a G will help it to shine B-E-A-U-tifully. The cut is Very Good, always important, and the table is 61% which is a very good thing. Faint fluorescence is nothing to worry about. There is a tiny, tiny chance (2 in 100,000) that the fluorescence may reduce the diamond’s brilliance a little. Blue Nile offer a generous 30 day return policy, so do look closely at the diamond when you get it, before the 30 days expire. But really it is highly unlikely you’ll want to return this diamond. This one’s a keeper.


Price: $5,668
Carat weight: 1.02
Cut: Very Good
Color: H
Clarity: VVS1
Depth %: 59.0%
Table %: 61%
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Girdle: Thin to Very Thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: Faint
Measurements: 10.76 x 5.24 x 3.09 mm
Length/width ratio: 2.05

stamp of approval

What!? A 1.01 ct Marquise for less than $4000? (Much Less!)

We recommend the Brian Gavin Select 1.010 D SI1 Select Marquise

Here’s a stone that stood out to me as presenting terrific value.

A great choice for those who are looking for something different, something elegant: a marquise cut diamond.

This falls under the category of “fancy cut”. Any shape (correctly called “cut”) that is different from a round brilliant is called a fancy cut. The design of round brilliants makes them disperse light in the best possible way. This superior “light performance” makes it possible to buy a round brilliant which is a little lower on the color scale. As “D” diamonds, which are completely colorless, are so rare, it’s is often more affordable to choose a stone which is lower on the scale. “J” is about the lowest most diamond experts recommend if you want the diamond to look at its best. And of course it is still of the highest priority to make sure the cut of the diamond is “excellent”, “ideal”, or at least “very good”. But the cut is the most important factor.

When choosing a diamond that is a fancy cut it is recommended to choose a stone that is a little higher than “J” as the “light performance” simply can not be as effective as a round brilliant.

The reason we give this marquise cut our stamp of approval is because its color is “D”, the highest grade on the color chart; the cut is excellent; it is a Brian Gavin Select, one of Brian Gavin’s signature cuts.

The specifications tell us that the Fluorescence is medium blue. If you are worried that this might cause it to look “milky” in certain light, don’t. As it is only one in 50,000 fluorescent diamonds that will have this problem and Brian Gavin checks every diamond specifically for this and will not even buy it from the wholesaler if it does. The specifications also tell us that this diamond is Slightly Included 1. This is not a concern as Brian Gavin is extremely choosy when he buys his diamonds wholesale. He only works with diamonds whose inclusions are located in such away so they do not impact on his final product.

The attitude toward inclusions is changing now that inclusions are seen as a sign of authenticity. This proves that the diamond is not manufactured artificially in a lab. As long as they are small, they serve more like fingerprints than as imperfections. Still any diamond from Brian Gavin’s signature line is going to knock your socks off.

stamp of approval

You are going to be very pleased with this one. http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/diamonds/diamond-details/1.010-d-si1-marquise-diamond-gia-35344172

Type Brian Gavin Select
Product ID: 35344172
Shape: Marquise
Report: GIA
Carat: 1.010
Color: D
Clarity: SI1
Measurements: 10.34 x 5.68 x 2.68
Lab Cut Grade: Excellent
Light Performance:
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Good
Table %: 61.0
Depth %: 47.2
Crown %:
Crown Angle:
Star %:
Pav Angle:
Pavillion %:
Lower Girdle %:
Culet: Slightly Large
Fluorescence: Medium Blue
Girdle Min-Max %:
Girdle: Slightly Thick-Thick
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