Where Can I Buy The Best Round Diamond For $3000?

Today I am answering the following question: Where can I buy the best, (nicest, most fiery, most sparkle) round brilliant diamond for about $3000?

Your best value for a budget of three thousand dollars will very likely be amongst the .50 carat diamonds if you want a round brilliant that has close to ideal attributes.

Diamonds that are not the very top of the color range are much more affordable. It is very difficult (actually I will venture to say, impossible) for anyone to be able to tell the difference between a D and an E color diamond. Actually any color is hard to differentiate from the one adjacent to it because the change is so gradual and slight. By the time you reach J it starts looking a little bit more colored, though it’s still negligible. If you compare diamonds that are three grades apart you definitely notice the difference in color. Round brilliant diamonds do look their best within the D to J range, so the middle of that range represents the best sparkle per dollar value. I know that many people settle for J diamonds, but when you actually get to see higher color grades they are really quite stunning. I consider H to be the area where you have some of the best value for higher sparkle, provided you don’t ignore the most important factor, and that is the quality of the cut.

Therefore if we are going to stick to a budget of about $3000 for a loose cut diamond (whether for an engagement ring or any other ring) I would suggest this diamond here found at BrianGavinDiamonds.com

I sifted through much of Brian Gavin’s inventory of round brilliant diamonds and realized that to be able to get something within the price range I was looking for it would have to come from their Virtual Stock. This means that the diamond would be preordered for you from the factory and be guaranteed to have the attributes shown in the listing with.

Now this is something worth checking out:

0.507 Carat Round Diamond

Wire Price : $3,023
Price : $3,116
Factory ID BFG-23172
Cut Grade Ideal
Type Signature

Table %




Depth %




Crown %



Advance -Ideal

Crown Angle




Star %:



Pav Angle:



Internally Flawless

Pavillion %


5.15 x 5.19 x 3.19

Lower Girdle %

Lab Cut Grade




Light Performance






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Attention! Price drop at DiamondWave!

bargain loose diamond at DiamondWaveThe diamond business is getting more and more competitive. Which is great for us consumers! We get to pick and choose, and are offered all sorts of bargains.

Today I got an email from DiamondWave.  They have dropped the prices of loose diamonds, so I suggest heading over to check out what they have on offer.

As I generally recommend using the savings we get by buying diamonds online to get a better quality stone, I looked through the diamonds listed at DiamondWave to see what I could come up with.

I was very surprised to see one lonely little diamond just waiting to be snatched up. It stood out because it is internally flawless. Once you’ve looked around a little you’ll know that the chance to buy an internally flawless diamond does not come up every day. At least not at this excellent price.

The size is just a little over the minimum threshold I recommend, weighing in at 0.61 ct.

I particularly liked this stone as it not only has an Excellent Cut (always the first thing on the list), but both its polish and symmetry are graded as being Excellent. That is a very very nice combination.

Definitely gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval.

DiamondWave have also just gone up a notch in our books as they have both improved the searchability of diamonds on their site and added Grading Reports for viewing. Remember they have one of the most generous return policies, a whopping 45 days!

stamp of approval