1.00 Carat F VVS2 Oval Cut Diamond for under $6500

I have a beautiful diamond for you today. It is 1 carat, and you can see by the image that it is very well cut.

Carat weight:1.00





L/W/D (mm): 7.19 mm x 5.77 mm x 3.73 mm

Check it out here:


This diamond will give the impression of being quite large for a 1 carat diamond since on side is 7.19 mm. A 1 carat round diamond will have a maximum of 6.5 mm in width. See this example.

James Allen have recently added a very cool feature and it is just the thing an online shopper would dream to find, particularly when looking for diamonds: a 360° view of the diamond you want to buy. Their previous method of viewing a diamond through a virtual loupe was cool, but this one is going to knock your socks off. The view of the diamond rotates  360° allowing you to see it from all angles. This is really going to blow the competition out of the water as no one else (that I know of) is displaying their diamonds this way.

This gives us as shoppers much more confidence when buying a diamond. Some of the fancy cuts are known to present certain problems and you really want to be able to get a good look at them if you are after something else than the standard round of princess cut diamond. I hardly need to point out the perfection of this diamond by going through the diamond’s grading report. In this case it is a Diamond Dossier so it is less detailed than a full grading report, but that also means it is $100 to $150 cheaper than a diamond with a full grading report. What it does tell us is that the stone has no fluorescence, which is good. See my article about diamond fluorescence for more information about this phenomenon.

oval cut diamond
Click image to go to this diamond at JamesAllen.com



No Regrets stamp of approval for this round diamond

Princess Cut Diamond: A Real Treasure! 1.057 carat F VS1 Brian Gavin Signature

Princess cut diamonds have been growing in popularity and I can see a few reasons why.

I have just been holding two 1 carat diamonds and examining them side by side. One is a round brilliant cut and the other is a princess cut. Even though they are both 1 carat, I find that the princess cut diamond just looks a little bigger. I was discussing this with another jeweler and she was saying that it was because of the particular setting, but I wasn’t entirely in agreement with her on this. The settings were both prong settings and not that different from each other. I suppose this can be debated forever since I was only talking about the appearance of which one “looked” bigger.

The reason I think princess cut diamonds are getting so popular is related to their price per carat, their nice name, and their sparkle.

They do really sparkle.

Princess cut diamonds have more facets than round brilliants. The standard round brilliant cut has 58 facets and the princess cut has 76 facets. What do more facets mean? Well, more facets mean that when it’s in the light, the light gets divided up more ways and as a result you’ll have more fire and brilliance. With a greater amount of reflectors you get a greater number of points from which light bounces, refracts, and disperses. The end result is that the princess diamond really does seem to be made out of a magical substance, stardust, and pure light beams.

Today I have found a magnificent princess cut diamond for you that is going to knock your socks off!

This is it:



princess cut diamond 1.057 carat F color VS1 clarity

And not only do we get an image of the actual diamond, we also get an AGS Laboratories report: http://www.agslab.com/pdf_sync_reports/104047876017-PLDQR.PDF

Having an AGS lab report is a huge bonus because this means we have a Computer Generated Light Performance Map, only available on AGS Lab’s grading reports. If you don’t know how to read those, well, the simplest rule of thumb is this: the more brightness on the Computer Generated Light Performance Map the better, along with a distinct area, but not overwhelming, area of contrast.

Princess Cut Diamond with actual photo
This listing has the actual photo of the diamond. Not a stock photo. Examine it up close with the online magnifier.

This diamond gets my No Regrets Stamp of Approval.

No Regrets stamp of approval for this princess diamond


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2.01 Carat Diamond For Better Than Wholesale Price

Today I bring your attention to an absolutely fantastic diamond at Diamonds-USA.

I was very pleased to see that Diamonds-USA is including more and more photos of their diamonds on their website.

This is very considerate, but also a smart move as we know that shoppers love to get a look at the diamond on offer and not just make do with a generic photo of a similar diamond.

It’s not the same if we are buying a telephone or a camera. A stock image of an item we are buying in that case is fine because those items are all the same and all have the same specifications.

Diamonds are unique. Every single diamond is unique. This is a wonderful and special quality that make diamonds so wondrous. This does make it difficult for the sellers because it takes extra effort to list every single diamond.

Some online jewelers don’t bother listing each diamond’s individual characteristics, but lump diamonds into broader categories.

Diamonds-USA have taken the extra effort to give detailed descriptions for each diamond on offer and they even give us the link to the diamond’s certificate, which is an official report issued by a gemological laboratory giving a scientific description of the dimaond’s properties. This is why Diamonds-USA have made it on our list of the top 10 diamond websites. Add to that the fact that they have high quality diamonds which are below wholesale prices.

I hate to say it, but I do think their website needs a makeover. But that’s just because the design is looking a little dated. It functions perfectly well and provides clear information.

This particular diamond we consider our Catch Of The Day is an absolutely incredible 2.01 carats! Anyone in the diamond business can tell you that a 2 carat diamond can get to be about $70,000.

This one is priced at $13,869, which I deem to be a fantastic deal.

This one is not only an Ideal Cut, which I always recommend, but the color grading it has received from EGL (the lab which has issued the report) is F. This means it is very very beautiful. This is only two slight shades away from the completely colorless D! Diamonds are generally considered colorless if they receive a D, E, F, G, H, or I color grade. Even J can sometimes look colorless if it is a round cut, since round cuts disperse light so well.

This diamond is listed as an Emerald Diamond. This means that it is cut in a shape which has been named the Emerald Cut. It is not an emerald gem.

Emerald cut diamonds look clearest if they are at least an I color. This diamond is really going to sparkle.

The grading report also tells us that there are no issues with fluorescence.

The grading report shows that there are some very small visible crystals (called inclusions) which can be seen in the photograph, though this photograph is an enlargement of the diamond. The diamond’s actual length is 8.5mm. So if you zoom out of this webpage until the diamond is 8.5mm on your screen you’ll see the actual size and that will confirm that the tiny inclusion is actually only about a 10th or smaller than the size seen on the screen (depends on the size of the screen).

This diamond gets my No Regrets Stamp of approval.


2.01 carats, Emerald Diamond, with Ideal Cut, F Color, VS1 Clarity, and certified by EGL
Click  image to go directly to this diamond

stamp of approval

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0.80 Carat Ideal Cut F Diamond For Ring

Go to this TrueHearts diamond at JamesAllen 0.80 Carat F-VVS2 Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut Round Diamond

Anyone seeing the photos of James Allen’s diamonds for the first time may not be sure what they are looking at. Different people react differently. The first time my son looked at a JamesAllen diamond image he said, “Wow!, That’s an awesome diamond!” My wife, on the other hand said “Is that really a diamond? Where are the sparkles?”

Well sparkle only comes from the diamond being moved around. Also those contrast lines are only due to the neutral lighting conditions under which the photos are taken. This kind of lighting makes it easier to see the diamond’s symmetry and perfection.

In normal lighting conditions the diamond will sparkle. And the better the cut, along with a high level of “colorlessness” (like this F diamond) the better the sparkle.

JamesAllen has this information on color: https://www.jamesallen.com/diamond-education/diamond-color.html

Here is a video of one of JamesAllen’s diamonds so you can see what the diamond looks like when in motion. Evidently quite a sight to behold.

The reason JamesAllen has their diamonds photographed in neutral lighting is so you can see the diamond’s clarity characteristics. This would help you determine if there are any visible non-clear crystals or trace minerals that would impair the shine factor. As the view of the diamonds in these photos, when under the virtual loupe gives you a magnification approximately 18 times larger than life. This varies depending on what device you are using, PC, tablet, ipad, smart phone. But that estimate is based on an average size monitor.

So, why, you may ask, was this chosen as our catch of the day?

Here’s why: Since we are already saving $1000’s by buying online we don’t have to compromise on quality. This  allows us to choose one of the best cut diamonds.  For this we go to anything whose grading report gives an Ideal cut grade. Every single stone in JamesAllen’s TrueHearts range is an Ideal cut. We can still double check and see if we agree with this at a glance, by looking at the photos, but AGS labs are very strict with their grading and if they say it is an Ideal cut, it’s going to be an Ideal cut diamond. Still, I noticed a couple of TrueHeart diamonds which did not have the arrows perfectly aligned, with a very tiny misalignment on one of the “spokes”.

This diamond, which I have chosen for today, displays absolutely perfect symmetry and will make any wearer proud to own.

Shape:  Round
Carat Weight:  0.80
Cut:  Hearts & Arrows Ideal (this is extremely good!)
Color:  (this is extremely good!)
Clarity:  VVS2 (this is extremely good!)
Certificate:  AGS (this is extremely good!)
 Price: $5,710 (this is extremely good!)
Depth:  62.8%
Table:  54.6%
Polish:  Ideal (this is extremely good!)
Symmetry:  Ideal (this is extremely good!)
Culet:  None
Fluorescence:  Negligible (this is extremely good!)
Measurements:  5.91*5.93*3.72
Crown Angle: 34.2
Crown %:
Pavilion Angle: 41.0
Pavilion %:

Go directly to this diamond here:



JamesAllen have Free International Shipping, and a 60 day return policy.

Top Sparkle Factor in 1.12 Carat Round Ideal Cut F Color VVS1 Clarity

blue nile diamond 1.12 carat F

Here’s the real deal: a 1.12 carat diamond. Click on the image above to go directly to this diamond at Blue Nile.

If you are going buy a diamond it is going to be hard to go past this one for sheer sparkle factor.

Carat weight: 1.12
Cut: Ideal (this is going to make it sparkle!)
Color: F (that’s going to make it SHINE!)
Clarity: VVS1  (this will guarantee it will not be prevented from sparkling!)

Depth %: 62.0%
Table %: 58%
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: Faint (nothing to worry about)
Measurements: 6.67 x 6.65 x 4.13 mm

The Grading report indicates that the inclusions are infinitesimally small. Absolutely eye-clean, meaning they are invisible to the unaided eye, and even someone looking through a jeweler’s loupe would have to be a trained expert to notice them.

The GIA cut grading is a very authoritative indicator of how sparkly the diamond is. So if a GIA grading report says Cut: Ideal, you know you are on to something special. When this is combined with a diamond that is very close to D you are guaranteed an incredible beauty. This stone being only two steps removed from being classified as a D makes it just incredibly sparkly.

This diamond gets our No Regrets stamp of approval. Most definitely.

stamp of approval