What About A Pretty ‘n Pink Ring?

Yesterday’s black diamond article went over very well with many people expressing thanks for drawing their attention to the lovely ring provided by Gemvara. One person brought up a subject which is one of those tricky subjects: where to get a pink diamond. You see, pink diamonds are found in Australia and from what I recall there have been barely a handful of pink diamonds which were not found in Australia. I am sorry to say, but I haven’t found any online retailers who offer pink diamonds. All the Australian retailers I have located who do stock pink stones do not have online stores. If you really have to have a pink diamond the only suggestion I can make is do an online search for pink diamonds. Place a telephone call to the store of your choosing and discuss how to buy a pink diamond. You’ll probably save some money on import taxes by flying to Australia, even if you stay in the most expensive suite at the most expensive hotel. However I haven’t got any specific dealers I recommend above all others. Since my aim is to recommend the best places with top notch customer service along with easy access to buying diamonds (online) I have to limit my recommendations to vendors who have long and traceable positive track records.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me sell you on another idea, which I think is a pretty good idea: Pink Sapphires.

And this is where Gemvara really shines. They have designs which are very popular with girls. I am not just pulling this out of thin air. I have been browsing the Ringenvy.com website and taking note of the rings that get the highest “envy” ratings. The halo and double halo style of ring are without fail the designs that get the highest percentage of “envy” ratings in proportion to the amount of views. Not scientific research, but it’s something to take note of.

Here is a ring which is not only a double halo style, it has a pink sapphire. For all intents and purposes it is as lovely as a pink diamond, if not lovelier.

This ring has a 2.56 ct Pink Sapphire.

I don’t know how much a Pink diamond of this size goes for retail, however I was able to access wholesale prices for pink diamonds and let me tell you, pink diamonds are E X P E N S I V E.

A 2.56 ct fancy pink diamond is about US$1.5 million. Wholesale. So maybe we can see this pink sapphire ring with a new appreciation.