Discount coupon for Diamonds-USA

Great news for those who want to take advantage of discounts at Diamonds-USA. They have announced a new discount voucher just in time for valentine’s day.

The coupon code is currently listed here on
Expires Feb 28 2017

A couple of reminders why you would want to buy your diamonds from Diamonds-USA: They offer the option to receive the jewelry before you pay so you can inspect it first. They offer diamonds which have all been inspected by David Braverman for top quality and clarity.They are the source: they have their own cutting facilities, which means they’ve cut out the extra step (and removed the additional cost) of having the diamonds displayed in a retail store. They offer CAD design, so you can get your ring customized exactly the way you want it.


Ideal Cut, Fancy Yellow Color, VS2 Clarity, and certified by EGL

Diamonds-USA has been providing high quality diamonds at bargain prices online since 1997. As stated on Diamonds-USA’s site: “there is not a single diamond that enters or leaves the business without David’s experienced eye checking for quality and value for money. This remains David’s personal commitment to every customer.” If you want expert advice and detailed information about your purchase you’ll do well speaking to the experts at Diamonds-USA. There is no middle man, therefore no drop shipping. They are the source, the diamond cutters and the jewelry manufacturers.

I have been scouring Diamonds-USA’s inventory locating those diamonds with actual photos, as it’s just so much easier to make a determination about the diamond with an actual photo.


0.5 carat, Round Diamond, Ideal Cut, Fancy Yellow Color, VS2 Clarity, Certified by EGL. Ideal for "petite" engagement ring
This half carat diamond would be perfect for a “petite” engagement ring.

Today I am highlighting this Fancy Yellow diamond. (With actual photo!) The color of the diamond itself has been enhanced, (not the image). Diamonds-USA tell me that the image does not do it justice, as it is a very beautiful diamond.

Diamonds-USA’s fancy color enhanced diamonds are the closest you can get to natural colored diamonds, but they’re only a fraction of the price.  Natural fancy color diamonds are extremely rare and therefore finding a cheap fancy yellow is going to prove impossible. If you went through a pile of 1 million diamonds there would only be 10 naturally occurring fancy yellow diamonds. Diamonds that show some color but are not attractive enough to be used as Fancies can be enhanced. Electron accelerators are used to adjust the color and have no harmful effect, leaving no radiation. These diamonds can be used in jewelry immediately.

The diamond’s size is on the lower end of the range of what you’d want for an engagement ring, so it is ideal for anyone with smaller hands, or prefers a unique, yet understated diamond. Half a carat round is approximately 1 mm smaller than a 1 carat round would be. This diamond measures 5 mm across its diameter.

It is an Ideal cut diamond. The cut grade (how well a diamond is cut to proportions that make it sparkle) is the most important factor in determining if a diamond will be a genuine sparkler.

Diamonds-USA offer a huge variety of ring styles, even vintage styles, which have been quite popular of late. They also offer palladium which is a much stronger metal than gold, yet is similar in price to 14K gold.

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2.01 Carat Diamond For Better Than Wholesale Price

Today I bring your attention to an absolutely fantastic diamond at Diamonds-USA.

I was very pleased to see that Diamonds-USA is including more and more photos of their diamonds on their website.

This is very considerate, but also a smart move as we know that shoppers love to get a look at the diamond on offer and not just make do with a generic photo of a similar diamond.

It’s not the same if we are buying a telephone or a camera. A stock image of an item we are buying in that case is fine because those items are all the same and all have the same specifications.

Diamonds are unique. Every single diamond is unique. This is a wonderful and special quality that make diamonds so wondrous. This does make it difficult for the sellers because it takes extra effort to list every single diamond.

Some online jewelers don’t bother listing each diamond’s individual characteristics, but lump diamonds into broader categories.

Diamonds-USA have taken the extra effort to give detailed descriptions for each diamond on offer and they even give us the link to the diamond’s certificate, which is an official report issued by a gemological laboratory giving a scientific description of the dimaond’s properties. This is why Diamonds-USA have made it on our list of the top 10 diamond websites. Add to that the fact that they have high quality diamonds which are below wholesale prices.

I hate to say it, but I do think their website needs a makeover. But that’s just because the design is looking a little dated. It functions perfectly well and provides clear information.

This particular diamond we consider our Catch Of The Day is an absolutely incredible 2.01 carats! Anyone in the diamond business can tell you that a 2 carat diamond can get to be about $70,000.

This one is priced at $13,869, which I deem to be a fantastic deal.

This one is not only an Ideal Cut, which I always recommend, but the color grading it has received from EGL (the lab which has issued the report) is F. This means it is very very beautiful. This is only two slight shades away from the completely colorless D! Diamonds are generally considered colorless if they receive a D, E, F, G, H, or I color grade. Even J can sometimes look colorless if it is a round cut, since round cuts disperse light so well.

This diamond is listed as an Emerald Diamond. This means that it is cut in a shape which has been named the Emerald Cut. It is not an emerald gem.

Emerald cut diamonds look clearest if they are at least an I color. This diamond is really going to sparkle.

The grading report also tells us that there are no issues with fluorescence.

The grading report shows that there are some very small visible crystals (called inclusions) which can be seen in the photograph, though this photograph is an enlargement of the diamond. The diamond’s actual length is 8.5mm. So if you zoom out of this webpage until the diamond is 8.5mm on your screen you’ll see the actual size and that will confirm that the tiny inclusion is actually only about a 10th or smaller than the size seen on the screen (depends on the size of the screen).

This diamond gets my No Regrets Stamp of approval.


2.01 carats, Emerald Diamond, with Ideal Cut, F Color, VS1 Clarity, and certified by EGL
Click  image to go directly to this diamond

stamp of approval

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Where can I find a heart shaped diamond?

Today I received a request for a recommendation on where to find heart shaped diamonds.

Many online diamond vendors don’t list heart diamonds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them to order one in. This is the same situation if you go to any jeweler within driving distance. Hearts will rarely  be in stock, and if they are in stock they will be quite expensive.

Thanks to internet shopping we can access quite a large selection of heart diamonds. Three places you can actually browse for heart shaped diamonds and find a decent selection. Heart diamonds are found at JamesAllenDiamonds-USA and BlueNile. A quick search at BlueNile,  gave me 250 to choose from. I didn’t include very small ones nor ones with inferior characteristics. However, BlueNile doesn’t have photos of the actual diamonds. This is why I am hesitant to recommend buying hearts at BlueNile.

Cutting a diamond into a heart shape is very tricky. The shape of the heart will vary from one Ideal cut heart to another Ideal cut heart. This is because there is no single set of geometrical requirements for optimum brilliance as there are for round diamonds.  Actually even with round diamonds there are all sorts of variations which still make for a very brilliant diamond.

Having said that I do notice some diamonds cut into a heart shape which receive an Excellent cut grade still have a bit of a squashed look. If you are going through the trouble of finding a heart shaped diamond ou want to make sure it’s a nicely porportioned heart, the kind that we think of as a classic heart shape. For this you need a photo. Not a stock photo. An actual photo of the diamond you will get.

So this is why I am very excited about today’s Catch of The Day

I narrowed today’s search down to one beautiful and very competitively priced heart diamond from Diamonds-USA. I was very pleased to see that the listing includes an actual photo of the diamond.

Astoundingly it is 1.2 carats, E color, and the shape is fantastic!

heart cut diamond from Diamonds-USA
Click on image to go directly to this diamond

So the question remains. Why is it only $5040?

I believe it is discounted because its grading report says it has slight blue fluorescence. What does this mean? It means that it will glow slightly blue under UV light. Pretty cool. Yes there is UV light coming from the sun all the time so this will make your diamond fluoresce ever so slightly in daylight (or in a tanning salon, or night club with black lights turned on). In daylight this fluorescence can in rare cases detract from the natural sparkle as the glow reduces how the light is turned into fiery brilliance. How often does this happen? Only 1 in 50,000 diamonds that are rated as having fluorescence will be dimmer in daylight. So the odds are in your favor.

Diamonds-USA allow you 10 days to inspect the diamond  before you pay for it, so it’s really a no-risk exercise. All you have to do is look at the diamond in daylight and see if it looks any less sparkly. If it looks cloudy in daylight then you can return it at zero cost to you. You could even call Diamonds-USA and ask them to do this for you if you prefer. And you stand a good chance of having picked up a fantastic bargain. I mean, a 1.2 carat E color* is going to be hard to pass up at this price!
*The color of EGL graded diamonds are not to be compared with the color of GIA graded diamonds as they have a different set of master stones from which they assign the grade.

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Where Can We Find A Nice One Carat Diamond Under US$5000?

This year may be one of the last years we see such good prices on one carat diamonds. The competition is fierce and online retailers are doing all they can to get our attention. They know it’s just one click and you’re gone, so they have to really deliver the goods.

On the other hand we aren’t just going to go any buy from anyone that says they are the best if they actually provide inferior product. This is why I’ve established this site to shortlist 10 diamond vendor sites which have established good reputations. A quiet achiever is Diamonds-USA. Having been online since 1997 they certainly know what an online shopper wants: variety and good prices.

My 18 year old son was listing some stuff on eBay for the first time and was concerned with his stuff not selling. I told him: “The only thing that matters is price. If you are just $1 cheaper it could make the difference between a sale and no sale. Unless you can show them that you offer something extraordinary. If you are priced beyond people’s expectations then you have to demonstrate exactly why this is.”

And this is what I keep in mind when looking for diamond bargains. The relationship between Price and Service. So this brings me to today’s Catch of The Day.

Diamonds-USA have high quality diamonds, and a wide variety of ring designs to choose from. They are knowledgeable, which is extremely important. It may seem like something you’d expect everyone to be if they are in the diam ond business. But every company has to empoy people and they have to determine how to train their staff and they have to make sure their staff is up to the job. Diamonds-USA staff are definitely experts.

They are not a broker, they are a real jeweler. They have a workshop where the diamonds are set into the rings.

Why is this an advantage?

Primarily because it will be faster to deal with them in case there is a need to resize the ring.

So, on to our Catch Of The Day.

We have a fantastic 1.06 carat diamond here

Looking over the EGL certificate (grading report) it is definitely a B-E-A-Utiful stone!

It’s got all high marks in Cut, Clarity, and Color*!


1.06 carats, Round Diamond, with Ideal Cut, G Color, VS1 Clarity, and certified by EGL

gift box which this rings comes in.

Diamonds-USA include a nice leather jewelry box, and you can receive the diamond BEFORE you pay! They give you 10 days in which to inspect the diamond without you paying for it. And only after that 10 days have elapsed will they charge your card. They may not offer as long a return period, but they do have this very attractive offer of paying after you receive the goods.

We have to give this diamond our No Regrets Stamp of Approval as we can’t find any fault with it. Still can’t figure out why it isn’t more expensive. I guess whoever’s first will get a bargain!

stamp of approval







*EGL diamonds are graded on a different scale to GIA diamonds. You can only compare EGL diamonds to other EGL diamonds in regard to color, not to other GIA graded diamonds. The two labs use a different set of parameters to grade the color.

If we want something real perfect: Here is the perfect diamond.

1.01 carats, Round Diamond, with Very Good Cut, G Color, VVS1 Clarity, and certified by GIA


For some reason today it took me  a while to find something to post for our Catch Of The Day. The diamond that stood out to me was one I finally found at Diamonds-USA. These guys offer an unusual deal in that they let you receive the diamond before you pay for it.

This diamond is graded as VVS1, and I downloaded the Grading Report from GIA (see it here: )

After looking at dozens of grading reports today I noticed something unusual about this one: it’s a nearly perfect diamond.

As you can see in this screen shot of the grading report the close up on the right is the bottom of the diamond (the pavilion) and that’s where the only inclusion is, which is a pinpoint, so this is practically a perfect diamond:

Being a “G” it is perfect for not only engagement rings but this is a popular choice for anniversary rings or three stone rings.

Here is the link to it: