Valentine’s Day Sale at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Get up to 8% off at

Create the perfect piece for your special someone and give them an everlasting symbol of your love this Valentine’s Day.

When you pair a diamond (or diamonds) with a pendant or earrings, you’ll enjoy up to 8% off the diamond (or diamonds).


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Terms and Conditions
 1. Cannot be applied retroactively to purchases made before 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday 1/11/17.

2. Cannot be combined with any other discounts, besides normal Wire Discount.

3. All bank wire payments and checks must be received by end of business day, Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017 otherwise price will revert to original listed bank wire price.

4. Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds include - Signature H&A or Blue, Round, Cushion or Princess Diamonds. Offer is not valid on "Black by Brian Gavin"

5. To receive discounts - purchase must be made online, and both diamond and setting must be purchased

6. Discount does not apply to settings

7. Special offer only good until 5 pm CST, Friday 2/10/17
 8. 8% includes 3% wire dscount for wire and check payments, receive 5% off for credit card and Paypal.

Discount coupon for Diamonds-USA

Great news for those who want to take advantage of discounts at Diamonds-USA. They have announced a new discount voucher just in time for valentine’s day.

The coupon code is currently listed here on
Expires Feb 28 2017

A couple of reminders why you would want to buy your diamonds from Diamonds-USA: They offer the option to receive the jewelry before you pay so you can inspect it first. They offer diamonds which have all been inspected by David Braverman for top quality and clarity.They are the source: they have their own cutting facilities, which means they’ve cut out the extra step (and removed the additional cost) of having the diamonds displayed in a retail store. They offer CAD design, so you can get your ring customized exactly the way you want it.


10% off VVS cushion diamond. Coupon for Brian Gavin Diamonds.

It may have been a while since I posted anything in Catch of The Day.  But as soon as I got news of this sale I knew I would have a lot of happy readers. Brian Gavin Diamonds seem to be the diamonds almost everyone wants. I sure am glad to have discovered them in my search for the best places to buy diamonds. Here’s your chance to take advantage of not only a discount on a Signature Cut diamond, which is about as rare as you can get, but it is on a cushion diamond which seems to be one of the most sought after cuts at the moment. Click here to view the coupon code at Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

view coupon code

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Discount on Diamond Earrings

Here is a great opportunity to get some beautiful earrings at a great price:

10% Off Diamond Earrings at B2C Jewels! code: LS45 (excludes loose diamonds) Expires Jan 15th

One happy customer in California, Tina said:

“I have been looking for studs on the net for about a week. When i came to your site i was very impressed. It was easy to navigate and I found the studs that fit my budget. I got my order in 2 days an could not be more pleased. I wore them to church last Sunday and everyone commented how beautiful my earrings were. “

by Tina (California)


One Day Only: 12-12-12 Coupon code for Signature Diamonds at Brian Gavin Diamonds

This is not the kind of thing you will get to see every day. Not even every month, nor year!

It’s not the 12-12-12 date I am talking about. It is the discount on signature diamonds. You will never see this deal again!

High quality diamonds like this are worth every penny, as they are so beautiful.

The total amount of stones available to which this discount can be applied is 36 (12 + 12 + 12)

See the list by clicking on the image below:

12% discount on signature diamonds.


For details and to view the coupon code go here:

Diamond Earrings Sale at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Hey guys-

1. Tonight Friday, at 12:01 AM CST Brian Gavin Diamonds will be launching their Black Friday Special on Diamond Earrings This sale runs until Monday at 11:59 PM CST. Save up to 10% + $175 with a coupon code.

For more details checkout:

2. They have added over 200 Brian Gavin Signature H&A Rounds and Blues for you to choose from!

Though not all of the photographs are up at the time of writing this post, I still thought that you would appreciate the advance notice! If you need any specific pictures, just let them know and I am sure they will do their best to fulfil your request ASAP.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
P.S. Also note now if you checkout on the site using Paypal and select Bill Me Later, then No Payments + No Interest if paid in full for 6 months. A great offer for the holidays!

For Veteran’s Day Gemvara is giving $25 off all jewelry orders.

Yes this 4 Day Veteran’s Day Sale gives you $25 Off All Orders,

For Veteran’s Day Gemvara is giving $25 off all jewelry orders.  (did I just repeat myself? Oops. )

No minimum order required.

Coupon: K262502
Start date: 9 November 2012
End date 12 November 2012
With the longest return period of any of the jewelry sites we recommend Gemvara has managed to catch the attention of thousands of internet shoppers.

And today they informed me that I can give you the link that gets you $25 off all orders: simply click here

Jewelry Sale (diamond rings, gem rings, wedding bands and everything!)
Click image above to go to sale page

$50 Off All Orders at Gemvara

Today I received an email from Gemvara, and I believe you will like this. Especially since Christmas is coming up, it’s a good idea to get started on getting those presents sorted out (if you haven’t already gotten started).

I really love the way Gemvara has designed their website as they have made it so easy for anyone browsing their site to customize and personalize what they want with a fantastic range of options.

I am always happy to hear from Gemvara because it usually means they have a new sale on. And this is the case today, so I know a lot of my readers will be overjoyed too! This time you don’t even need to remember any coupon codes. The discount is automatically calculated. Just use this link here: GEMVARA.COM SALE.

Holiday Special Offer: $50 Off All Orders plus Free Shipping!

This fantastic promotion was launched November 1st. Every order will receive an automatic $50 off – Plus always get Free Shipping at Gemvara!  Valid for ALL of November 2012!

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