What size diamond should I propose with?

Man proposing to girlfriend with small diamond ring
Any real diamond is fine. Recommended size: 0.50 carat to 1 carat.

First time diamond buyers often want to know what size of diamond is acceptable. It’s a common Google search. “Is a 0.52 ct diamond good enough?” is one such phrase I noticed being used. I don’t know what was going through this person’s mind, and why they were interested in 0.52 carat specifically. Why not say 0.50 carat? Or 0.55 carat diamond for that matter. But that’s beside the point.

The answer to the question is YES.

Yes, a 0.52 carat diamond is good enough. Small diamonds (0.50 carat) are perfectly good enough!

Come to think of it, anything you get is good enough! Even a plastic ring with a paper butterfly on it is good enough. You don’t need a $10,000 ring to be good enough!

Still, a diamond ring says so much more. And it conveys a message that does not even have to be spoken. Of course speaking is still recommended. And it’s certainly easier to convince someone that you are totally serious if you do have a real diamond ring when you are proposing.

As far as size goes, a ring with a diamond which is over 0.40 ct can be seen clearly enough to be recognised as a diamond.

One carat seems to be a size that is commonly thought of when someone first starts thinking about getting a diamond. The majority of people set out to get a 1 carat diamond, but will settle for somewhere in between half a carat (0.50 ct) and one carat (1 ct).

Diamond experts usually recommend going for a diamond slightly over 0.50 carat if at all possible, even if you can’t manage a 1 carat diamond. Going for just below one carat is a pretty common practice. Maybe a little too common. 0.98 carat diamonds are pretty hard to find.

It’s actually easier to find a 0.80 carat diamond than a 0.95 carat to 0.99 carat diamond. Diamonds which are just under 1 carat get snapped up faster for two reasons.

1. The price per carat jumps disproportionately at every quarter carat.

2. And the visual size difference between a 0.95 carat diamond 1 carat diamond is impossible to see. And while diamond vendors are not permitted, by law, to call a 0.95 carat diamond a 1 carat diamond, there’s no law preventing the buyer from rounding it up to 1 carat when describing it to friends.

Statistics from only 5 years ago showed that less than 1 percent of women receive a diamond of one carat or more. However diamonds are becoming more accessible and affordable. For now. The supply is not unlimited. So right now is the best time to buy diamonds. And it is inevitable that more people are going to take advantage of