Kanye West rumoured to be designing ring for Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, like many courting suitors, is designing a ring.

Let’s hope he gets it right, as there seem to be many, too many, guys designing rings according to what they like rather than trying to figure out what their girlfriend likes.

I have said it many times and I’ll say it again.

Its not that hard to figure out what she likes. She is wearing the kind of stuff she likes.

If she is wearing big chunky bling, then she’s be more likely to appreciate that big chunky ring. But if she always goes for dainty, intricate designs then try to come up with something similar.

The places I highly recommend from my list of top diamond sellers that have their own in house designers are:

Brian Gavin Diamonds


Union Diamond



These are not drop shippers. They can make custom designs, and will help you get what you want. And hopefully that will be what the girlfriend wants.

Did you know that Brian Gavin Diamonds once had one of their people fly interstate to personally deliver a custom designed ring because it was the holidays and the courier would have taken an extra 2 days? Do you think you can beat that for customer service?

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