Perfect Pear: GIA certified diamond gets our “No Regrets” stamp


This is a pear shaped diamond at BlueNile. It almost made the grade to be our catch of the day. However in weighing up the characteristics we felt that we should only recommend an excellent or ideal cut. And this way we feel more confident in being able to guarantee a “no regrets” purchase. The stone above has a slightly thick girdle which makes us hesitate to give it a “no regrets” rating.

Pear shaped diamonds are a real nice shape for those who want something a little different but still want  a very brilliant stone. Of course for it to be brilliant it has to be well cut. Very well cut. If you get an Ideal Cut stone when choosing a pear shaped diamond you won’t have a stone which shows a dark patch in the middle in the shape of a bow-tie. This is the most important factor in choosing a pear shape stone: Excellent or Ideal Cut. As you can see in the sample image the stone portrayed here does not have dark patches in the middle as it has excellent proportions, good symmetry.

I definitely think it is a good idea to take advantage of the lower prices which online dealers offer to get a better stone. The opportunity to browse and select the type of diamond we want is something unparalleled in history. The fact that Blue Nile offers us the chance to actually compare 80,000 stones makes us more privileged than Louis the XIV.

But this privilege means we often become as choosy and picky as royalty and we can pick and choose from some incredible masterpieces. And we were unable to locate the stone we wanted at Blue Nile. The one we did find, gets an honorable mention, as it comes extremely close. (click on the image above to go to the pear shape we located at Blue Nile)

After a little perseverance we finally found a beauty, which we are calling our

Catch of The Day

We consider this stone to be a “no regrets” purchase. It is located at, Diamonds-USA, who never fail to impress with their excellent service and with what they have on offer.

The GIA report for this stone tells us the following:

Shape and Cutting Style Pear
Ideal Cut
  Measurements 5.98*9.05*3.46
  Weight 1.11 Cts.
  Depth 57.8 %
  Table 61 %
    Polish Very Good
    Symmetry Very Good
Clarity Grade VVS2
Color Grade E
  Fluorescence medium blue

As we want to weigh up the variety of influencing factors to determine if this is a “no regrets” purchase, we see that the positives are in the most important areas. It is an Ideal Cut, the most important factor, along with the fact that it is has a color grade of E (very rare!) and it is Very Very Slightly Included 2 (close to being internally flawless!), definitely outweigh the fact that it gives off a little blue fluorescence. Fluorescence is always the least of our concerns as it only affects the stone’s brilliance under certain lighting conditions. It is a decent price, as Diamonds-USA are very competitively priced. Though they have a 10 day return period, you can actually get the stone before paying for it, so they are quite generous in that regard.

Pear shaped diamonds are worn with the pointed end of the stone going toward the finger tip.