Brian Gavin Blue: 1.01 K color, round Signature Cut

Here is the stone which is our

Catch Of The Day

Brian Gavin’s Blue

A couple things I want to draw attention to which make this outstanding:

It is over one carat.

The cut grade is Ideal. (as well asLight performance, Polish, AND symmetry! )

VS2 (Brian Gavin always ensures that the inclusions are practically unnoticeable. )

And finally this is what makes it remarkable: It is a BRIAN GAVIN SIGNATURE CUT!

(Warning: you might never buy any other type of diamond after getting a Brian Gavin Diamond)

 Price: $6,177
Type Brian Gavin Blue
Product ID: BLAGS-104054186001
Shape: Round
Report: AGS
Carat: 1.010
Color: K
Clarity: VS2
Measurements: 6.38 x 6.43 x 3.97
Lab Cut Grade: Ideal
Light Performance: Ideal
Polish: Ideal
Symmetry: Ideal













Table %: 57.2
Depth %: 62.0
Crown %: 15.0
Crown Angle: 34.8
Star %: 54.0
Pav Angle: 40.9
Pavillion %: 43.3
Lower Girdle %: 76.0
Culet: Pointed
Fluorescence: Medium Blue
Girdle Min-Max %: 1.7 – 4.1
Girdle: Thin To Slightly Thick Faceted
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