1.00 Carat I-SI1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond $4900!

Check out this beauty!

Even though it is Slightly Included, you can observe that it is eye clean in the  high resolution image. Click on the image and you’ll see the diamond in complete 360° at a magnification of 40.

That’s even higher than a jeweler would get through a standard jeweler’s loupe!

1 carat diamond

Carat weight:1.00



Shape: Round

Clarity: SI1

Cut: Ideal
Depth %:60.60

Girdle: Medium-Slightly Thick

Table %:59.00 Culet:NN


Crown ?: –


Crown %:0.00


Pavilion ?:- L/W/D (mm): 6.46 x 6.44 x 3.91

Pavilion %: 0.00

Where Can We Find A Nice One Carat Diamond Under US$5000?

This year may be one of the last years we see such good prices on one carat diamonds. The competition is fierce and online retailers are doing all they can to get our attention. They know it’s just one click and you’re gone, so they have to really deliver the goods.

On the other hand we aren’t just going to go any buy from anyone that says they are the best if they actually provide inferior product. This is why I’ve established this site to shortlist 10 diamond vendor sites which have established good reputations. A quiet achiever is Diamonds-USA. Having been online since 1997 they certainly know what an online shopper wants: variety and good prices.

My 18 year old son was listing some stuff on eBay for the first time and was concerned with his stuff not selling. I told him: “The only thing that matters is price. If you are just $1 cheaper it could make the difference between a sale and no sale. Unless you can show them that you offer something extraordinary. If you are priced beyond people’s expectations then you have to demonstrate exactly why this is.”

And this is what I keep in mind when looking for diamond bargains. The relationship between Price and Service. So this brings me to today’s Catch of The Day.

Diamonds-USA have high quality diamonds, and a wide variety of ring designs to choose from. They are knowledgeable, which is extremely important. It may seem like something you’d expect everyone to be if they are in the diam ond business. But every company has to empoy people and they have to determine how to train their staff and they have to make sure their staff is up to the job. Diamonds-USA staff are definitely experts.

They are not a broker, they are a real jeweler. They have a workshop where the diamonds are set into the rings.

Why is this an advantage?

Primarily because it will be faster to deal with them in case there is a need to resize the ring.

So, on to our Catch Of The Day.

We have a fantastic 1.06 carat diamond here

Looking over the EGL certificate (grading report) it is definitely a B-E-A-Utiful stone!

It’s got all high marks in Cut, Clarity, and Color*!


1.06 carats, Round Diamond, with Ideal Cut, G Color, VS1 Clarity, and certified by EGL

gift box which this rings comes in.

Diamonds-USA include a nice leather jewelry box, and you can receive the diamond BEFORE you pay! They give you 10 days in which to inspect the diamond without you paying for it. And only after that 10 days have elapsed will they charge your card. They may not offer as long a return period, but they do have this very attractive offer of paying after you receive the goods.

We have to give this diamond our No Regrets Stamp of Approval as we can’t find any fault with it. Still can’t figure out why it isn’t more expensive. I guess whoever’s first will get a bargain!

stamp of approval







*EGL diamonds are graded on a different scale to GIA diamonds. You can only compare EGL diamonds to other EGL diamonds in regard to color, not to other GIA graded diamonds. The two labs use a different set of parameters to grade the color.