Eternity Ring. Forever Beautiful. (and a coupon!)

$30 Coupon for all purchases at

Today we turn our attention to something different from the engagement rings we have been discovering over the past week.

An eternity ring.

We have found a gorgeous eternity ring at

This eternity ring features exquisite diamonds of F-G color and, VS1 group clarity. They are not kidding when they say that the retail price would be $16,150.

Primestyle is a jewelry manufacturer who aims to keep prices as low as possible. This is really the place to go if you like finding the cheapest without compromising in too many areas. Primestyle uses EGL to grade the diamonds that they sell. This can reduce the final cost by about $100, sometimes more in comparison to GIA graded stones.

As EGL labs use a different set of master stones it sometimes happens that a diamond that gets graded as an “F” color from EGL could possibly be graded “G” if GIA had graded the stone. Having said that, it is often a negligible difference and hardly anyone would be able to tell unless they were a trained gemologist.

This particular ring will most likely not come with a grading report for each diamond as they are small diamonds.

Still, it is a good deal, and a B-E-A-utiful ring.

If you’re looking for a bargain here is a super one, and we also give you an this $30 coupon: type in “PS109” at checkout.