Heart Diamond Craze

I was glad to hear from some of my regular readers that they are looking for hearts, and I was asked to post another one I would recommend which might suit those with a different  budget.

So here is a wonderful wonderful heart diamond that suits a lower budget beautifully. We adjusted the color grading and looked for a stone rated “J”. Remember as shown in the video comparing the color of diamonds J is about the lowest we go if we want a clear and colorless diamond, as its coloring is still very faint.

The thing about heart cut diamonds is that when the cut is graded as “excellent cut” it is done so because it shows the most sparkle (brilliance and fire are the terms used). However in order to accomplish this the cutter has to sometimes make the lower sides of the heart curve enough so that the angle at which the light bounces carries the light back to the viewer’s eye. Sometimes the result is that it can tend to look less like the traditional “cute” heart shape. The one above falls within my idea of an ideal heart shape. And therefore gets named as our

Catch of The Day



I consider it to be more of a “cute” heart shape than some more expensive heart stones even though these more expensive ones get graded as an excellent cut.


Here is an example, though it is still a fantastic piece, I am not too enamoured with the resultant heart shape.

You can see that this diamond below has been graded as an excellent cut, and yet that heart shape looks a little squashed.

This is of course due to the challenging task of creating a heart shape and getting the light to play and disperse in such a way to create the maximum “sparkle”. Also the stone below is the very rare and coveted “D” color. Imagine being responsible for making a heart shape out of such a rare item. I would not like that job. Get it wrong and the stone becomes worth $2000 less.

So this should give us a little more understanding as to why the stone below is the shape it is. Still recognisable as a heart, and absolutely stunning, as it will have incredible brilliance/fire/sparkle, with so many fine characteristics. But the difference in size compared to the above “Catch of The Day” is negligible. But the price is $4560 greater than the one we are recommending above.