Center Diamond: 1 carat, plus 1.05 carats of side stones

Catch of The DaySmaller players in the diamond market often have to try some pretty drastic stunts to get any attention. Diamonds online are already quite a bit cheaper than diamonds in retail shops. But Primestyle have such incredible bargains that you’d be hard pressed to find anything priced any lower.

They’ve got a number of rings on special right now, and I don’t know for how long they will be able to keep these rings at this price as this is quite low. If you want a cut diamond but are hoping to find it close to wholesale price on the internet this is likely going to be as good as it gets. This is the one place you’ll find this kind of bargain where you are dealing with a legitimate jeweler with fair return policy and free shipping.

What is the catch? Well it’s actually not so bad.

The diamonds are graded as I to J color. I is generally acceptable for a Princess cut stone. And as far as inclusions Primestyle give it a VS2 to SI1, which admittedly is on the lower end of what is ideal, but when this is compared to the small fortune that you are saving it seems like an insignificant compromise. The cut is graded by Primstyle as Very Good. While we prefer the cut to be Excellent this is still a very tempting stone as it’s just such a good price.

I think there is virtually no risk of regretting this purchase. And even if there is, Primestyle purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Have a look at the stone once it arrives, and I am sure you’ll see that it’s B-E-A-U-tiful.

When I think of the prices people are paying in local malls I can’t imagine anyone NOT looking online when you can get such incredible deals such as the ones you have at Primestyle at the moment. I saw a stone in the local mall priced at $9,800 and it had so many inclusions that it was way past SI3. But these rings sell because buying a ring is an emotional experience, and it’s not always about the money.

When you have a stone like this one at Primestyle which is of better quality by several degrees you can easily accept that its retail price would be $12,500. I don’t doubt that the local mall jeweler would price it closer to $15,000.

So at $2,824.99 this is definitely a great “Catch Of The Day”

Use the coupon “PS109” to get an additional $30 off.