2.01 Carat Diamond For Better Than Wholesale Price

Today I bring your attention to an absolutely fantastic diamond at Diamonds-USA.

I was very pleased to see that Diamonds-USA is including more and more photos of their diamonds on their website.

This is very considerate, but also a smart move as we know that shoppers love to get a look at the diamond on offer and not just make do with a generic photo of a similar diamond.

It’s not the same if we are buying a telephone or a camera. A stock image of an item we are buying in that case is fine because those items are all the same and all have the same specifications.

Diamonds are unique. Every single diamond is unique. This is a wonderful and special quality that make diamonds so wondrous. This does make it difficult for the sellers because it takes extra effort to list every single diamond.

Some online jewelers don’t bother listing each diamond’s individual characteristics, but lump diamonds into broader categories.

Diamonds-USA have taken the extra effort to give detailed descriptions for each diamond on offer and they even give us the link to the diamond’s certificate, which is an official report issued by a gemological laboratory giving a scientific description of the dimaond’s properties. This is why Diamonds-USA have made it on our list of the top 10 diamond websites. Add to that the fact that they have high quality diamonds which are below wholesale prices.

I hate to say it, but I do think their website needs a makeover. But that’s just because the design is looking a little dated. It functions perfectly well and provides clear information.

This particular diamond we consider our Catch Of The Day is an absolutely incredible 2.01 carats! Anyone in the diamond business can tell you that a 2 carat diamond can get to be about $70,000.

This one is priced at $13,869, which I deem to be a fantastic deal.

This one is not only an Ideal Cut, which I always recommend, but the color grading it has received from EGL (the lab which has issued the report) is F. This means it is very very beautiful. This is only two slight shades away from the completely colorless D! Diamonds are generally considered colorless if they receive a D, E, F, G, H, or I color grade. Even J can sometimes look colorless if it is a round cut, since round cuts disperse light so well.

This diamond is listed as an Emerald Diamond. This means that it is cut in a shape which has been named the Emerald Cut. It is not an emerald gem.

Emerald cut diamonds look clearest if they are at least an I color. This diamond is really going to sparkle.

The grading report also tells us that there are no issues with fluorescence.

The grading report shows that there are some very small visible crystals (called inclusions) which can be seen in the photograph, though this photograph is an enlargement of the diamond. The diamond’s actual length is 8.5mm. So if you zoom out of this webpage until the diamond is 8.5mm on your screen you’ll see the actual size and that will confirm that the tiny inclusion is actually only about a 10th or smaller than the size seen on the screen (depends on the size of the screen).

This diamond gets my No Regrets Stamp of approval.


2.01 carats, Emerald Diamond, with Ideal Cut, F Color, VS1 Clarity, and certified by EGL
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stamp of approval

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Biggest Possible Diamond + Engagement Ring Under $10,000

Today’s challenge, which I set for myself, was to find the biggest possible diamond for an engagement ring , and keep the total budget to under $10,000.

I allowed myself to compromise on a few of my rules. I’d allow for color and cut quality to not be the top priority, and focus only on size.

It just is a fact that no matter how much I harp on about cut quality and clarity being the most important factors in getting a beautiful stone some people just want a big diamond. And I really shouldn’t judge them, if that is their priority.

I had to reject a number of candidates as I still think of the cut quality being important even though I tried hard to not think that way. It’s still in the forefront of my mind when appraising a diamond, and determining if it is going to give the buyer complete satisfaction and no regrets.

I had to think long and hard about  giving this one my No Regrets stamp of approval. And I almost did. What made me hesitate is an inclusion which is noticable at close range. There is a crystal in the middle of the table (center of the top of the diamond) which is of sufficient size to be visible to the naked eye, though one would still have to look quite close to really notice it. I’ll say that this  is still better than a lot of diamonds I have seen in display windows that sell at a higher price with even more inclusions, which made me feel like taking out a steel brush and giving it a little scrub.

But let’s look on the bright side: inclusions are really a badge of authenticity, as they show us that it is a natural diamond.

So I’ll just reiterate that this diamond is selected as our Catch of The Day for being the biggest diamond under $10,000, and it is still a very decent diamond. The cut is really quite nice. It has perfect proportions with a depth of 61.9% being extremely close to the ideal 60%, and a table of 60% which is exactly the ideal. It will definitely look fantastic. In light of the compromises we are making in order to get a bigger diamond this one is a very good choice. This one is 8mm across!

Look I don’t think you can do better than this for a 2 carat diamond, it’s $8700, especially for anyone who feels that size is all that matters.  If that is the case I present to you our massive Catch Of the Day:

2.01 Carat K-I1 Good Cut Round Diamond


Shape:  Round
Carat weight:  2.01
Cut:  Good
Color:  K
Clarity:  I1
Certificate:  GIA
 Price: $8700
Depth:  61.9%
Table:  60.0%
Polish:  Very Good
Symmetry:  Very Good
Fluorescence:  None
Measurements:  7.98mm*8.00mm*4.95mm