Finding The Best 2 Carat Round Brilliant Diamond. Budget=$25000

If you want to spend a larger sum on a larger diamond you’ll want to feel some assurance that it is going to be worth the price you have paid for it. The reasons for spending big will of course vary, however I am going to assume here that a budget of $25,000 is accompanied with a desire for not only a large but an exceedingly beautiful diamond.

Is is possible to spend $25,000 and end up with a dull stone?

To be quite frank it’s not that easy to find a dull diamond at that price as long as you stick to our recommended list of jewelers. They know that it is not worth stocking dull and inferior diamonds. It just creates extra hassle with having to deal with unsatisfied customers.

They haven’t built up their reputations as high quality reliable business by taking shortcuts.

So it is comforting to know that we are only going to be tweaking things a little to make sure we have the best performing diamond, truly deserving of its price tag.

If the budget is $25,000 and the aim is to find a 2 carat diamond, we can make sure to eliminate any under-performers by trying to find diamonds with a grading report (diamond certificate) issued by AGS Laboratories.

Why? Because there is a very useful feature included on a certain type of AGS grading report which the lab has been issuing in the past few years. It is the Platinum Light Performance Diamond Quality Document.

Not the kind of document name you can turn into an easily pronounceable acronym, but nonetheless a very useful document.

I like what AGS says on their website:

<< Begin Quotes >>

There are several patented technologies encompassing the system with enough technobabble to satisfy the nerdiest among us.

However, the IDEAS behind the system are based on good old common sense.

The complex pattern of light and dark in the diamond is really a fun house view of the surrounding world.

<< End Quotes >>

Read the rest here:

If you’re like most people and don’t feel like studying table percentage values just to choose a diamond don’t feel overwhelmed. As stated above, most 2 carat diamonds with a value of $25,000 are top performers and there won’t be that many to choose from. The easiest way to perform this search is to set your search values to include diamonds over 2 carats, and close to $25,000. You’ll see that most diamond jewelers only have diamonds that are Excellent/Ideal cuts or Very Good cuts. Once you have narrowed down your search to a couple of diamonds, check to see if it is an AGS grading report and have a look at the grading report. Some places even let you select only those diamonds that have an AGS grading report ( James Allen for example). The majority of Brian Gavin Diamonds are graded by AGS.

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The search parameters I used to locate the above diamonds can be used at



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Height of Perfection

Today I set myself a challenge to identify a diamond that embodies perfection.

This is the diamond that would be given to someone who embodies elegance, perfection, and class.

The aim here was to locate a stone that is outstanding, above average, yet still have that hint of the nature, so just shy of Internally Flawless. We wanted to locate a stone for anyone who wants something outstanding, but not garishly big. I wanted to have the stone to still be easily differentiated from a synthetic diamond by an expert, and this clearly translates well with the characteristics someone might see in the recipient: perfection for all to see, yet remembering the fact that they are still human.

So this is why the diamond would have to be double the average engagement ring diamond.

  • 2 ct.
  • as close to “D” color as possible.
  • Almost no inclusions.
  • Cut, polish & symmetry all had to be perfect.
I decided on a Select IdealTM round cut diamond from Union Diamond. This is a superior cut and this cut ensures the maximum fire and brilliance.
Se here is our
Catch Of The Day:

Loose Diamond Round E VVS1 2.01 GIA Certified

Loose Diamond Round E VVS1 2.01 GIA Certified
Loose Diamond Round E VVS1 2.01 GIA CertifiedThis diamond’s proportions are so exact that it has been classified as a Select Ideal Cut by expert Gemologists. Nearly all light that enters the Select Ideal Cut diamond is reflected from facet to facet; and then back to the top of the diamond which produces maximum brilliance, fire and beauty. Select Ideal Cuts can only be found at Union Diamond.

This gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval without hesitation.