Latest Arrival at Gemvara: Diamond Ring with 2.02 ct Centerstone + 52 pavé stones

Today’s Catch of The Day is a newly arrived design at Gemvara which we think is a very nice design and we think you will like it too!

The Jillian Ring:

2 carat diamond engagement ring
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Type: Certified Round Diamond (Grading Report: GIA 6127138446)
Quality Grade: G / SI2
Size: 7.97×7.92mm
Weight: 2.02cts


Type: Round Diamond
Quality Grade: G-H, SI
Size: 1.10×1.10mm
Total: 24 stones, about 0.14cts total


Type: Round Diamond
Quality Grade: G-H, SI
Size: 1.10×1.10mm
Total: 28 stones, about 0.17cts total


Metals: 18K White Gold


Ring Width (underside at widest point):3.39mm


Gemvara has been catching our attention quite a bit of late.

First I noticed that they had changed their return period from 30 days to a whopping 101 days.

The second thing I noticed is that  they now have grading reports (aka certificates) available for viewing alongside the listings of jewelry which includes diamonds.

Gemvara already ticks a lot of boxes on my list. They only use earth-friendly recycled gold, and they also offer palladium which is naturally white, comfortable to wear and hypo-allergenic.

This makes it so much easier to make an informed decision when evaluating a particular diamond.

Looking at the grading report we can see that the cut grade is Very Good, which is the within the range we recommend for good brilliance.  There are a few small inclusions, which are the birthmarks of the diamond and show that it is REAL, and not a simulant or synthetic. As Gemvara only sells eye-clean diamonds we can be guaranteed a top of the range diamond with this ring.

Gemvara’s customizable options are quite fun to play with. Prefer it to be a different metal? click. Maybe a gemstone? click. Hmmm, change my mind, let’s keep the diamond. click.

Try it.

This ring also has matching bands!