Best Deal For Best Looking 0.60 Carat Diamond


Here is a diamond which truly stands out amongst the other diamonds of the same size.

The reason it makes the grade as our

Catch Of The Day

is because it is just so close to perfection and its symmetry is outstanding.

Retail price on this would undoubtedly be $3100 to $3400.

All the important things are present. Its one flaw is mentioned in the Diamond Dossier: a feather. This means there is a tiny line somewhere. Look through the magnifier and you’ll see that the feather is not even visible under such intense magnification. As a matter of fact there are no flaws visible under high magnification. That’s what is called “eye-clean”, even “loupe clean”.

This definitely gets our stamp of approval.

Shape:  Round
Carat weight:  0.60
Cut:  Excellent
Color:  I
Clarity:  VS2
Certificate:  GIA
Depth:  61.9%
Table:  56.0%
Polish:  Excellent
Symmetry:  Excellent
Culet:  None
Fluorescence:  None
Measurements in mm:  5.42*5.44*3.36