Top Sparkle Factor in 1.12 Carat Round Ideal Cut F Color VVS1 Clarity

blue nile diamond 1.12 carat F

Here’s the real deal: a 1.12 carat diamond. Click on the image above to go directly to this diamond at Blue Nile.

If you are going buy a diamond it is going to be hard to go past this one for sheer sparkle factor.

Carat weight: 1.12
Cut: Ideal (this is going to make it sparkle!)
Color: F (that’s going to make it SHINE!)
Clarity: VVS1  (this will guarantee it will not be prevented from sparkling!)

Depth %: 62.0%
Table %: 58%
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick
Culet: None
Fluorescence: Faint (nothing to worry about)
Measurements: 6.67 x 6.65 x 4.13 mm

The Grading report indicates that the inclusions are infinitesimally small. Absolutely eye-clean, meaning they are invisible to the unaided eye, and even someone looking through a jeweler’s loupe would have to be a trained expert to notice them.

The GIA cut grading is a very authoritative indicator of how sparkly the diamond is. So if a GIA grading report says Cut: Ideal, you know you are on to something special. When this is combined with a diamond that is very close to D you are guaranteed an incredible beauty. This stone being only two steps removed from being classified as a D makes it just incredibly sparkly.

This diamond gets our No Regrets stamp of approval. Most definitely.

stamp of approval