Stone like Cleopatra’s “Emerald” necklace

Ok, this is going from one extreme to the other, but life’s kind of like that. One day it rains, the next there’s an earthquake. Ok, not really the right analogy , but you get the drift. You have got to have contrasts in life.

Yesterday I was talking about a very high priced heart diamond, today it is a peridot silver pendant.

The great thing about some of the place I have listed is that they stock more than diamonds. I know this site is supposed to be mainly about diamonds, but I thought I’d mix things up a little and talk about a stone that has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. It is thought that some of the stones described as “emeralds” which were worn by Cleopatra were actually peridot.

But give it a chance to dazzle you. Peridot is a lovely green. As far as hardness goes it is close to the hardness of quartz.


Yes peridot is that beautiful.

And here is a fantastic deal from Diamondwave:

Peridot pendant