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A timeless gift: diamond ringThere are advantages both to buying online and advantages to buying at a brick and mortar jeweler. The main advantages to buying online are price and variety. The prices offered online are generally lower due to the lower overhead costs of running business online. When shopping online (for jewelry or for anything for that matter) it is naturally a simple process to compare prices and find something that suits your budget. One thing you’ll notice when shopping for diamonds and other precious gem jewelry online is that the range of stones available from an online dealer is invariably greater than would be found on display at your local jeweler’s brick and mortar store. Bear in mind that your local jeweler, if of the helpful sort, will offer to order in anything you like. It just depends on how patient you are and if you can find a jeweler whom you trust to order in the gem that matches your expectations. The brick and mortar jewelers we connect you to when you select “I would like to buy from a local jeweler” have all passed secret shopper tests conducted by DiamondHelpersTM and therefore are on our list because they have proven themselves to take extremely good care of their customers. Read more about this here; If you are like me and love shopping online then you can choose from our list of websites which we have checked and have passed our legitimacy test. We chose sites to be listed here only if they rank amongst the highest in the following categories: quality product; efficiency; strong return policy; user-friendly; fast service; competitive pricing.
Another reason you might select “I would like to buy from an online jeweler” could be because you are located outside the USA. The online jewelers all offer international shipping, and often it is free. The reason these vendors are so cheap is because they serve a huge market, the USA being the largest market for cut diamonds. This large volume gives them a price advantage which is difficult for others to match. This is even taking into account any import tax you would have to pay. See my article comparing the cost of purchasing a diamond from USA for a buyer located in Australia.

If you would like to shop for your diamond and precious gem jewelry online you may appreciate our Diamond and Precious Gem Jewelry Coupon Codes email. This is a compilation of coupon codes and special offers from those sites on our list that offer coupon codes. Not every online jeweler offers coupon codes so you may still want to save our list of recommended online jewelers to your Favorites folder.