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A flawless diamond in platinum setting

Clicking on one of the above options will take you to a list of the appropriate websites that offer what you are looking for. The first option will take you in the right direction to finding jewelers and online diamond sellers who only sell natural diamonds. The second option will show you where to find created diamonds. Created diamonds are made of the same material as natural diamonds except for the fact that they are man made. They are diamonds which have been created in a special high-tech laboratory. Whereas natural diamonds were created by nature and are on average 2.5 billion years old. Lab made diamonds which have been selected for use in jewelry are more often than not of very high quality. The choice you make between a natural or lab made diamond will depend on your preferences. Sellers are required by law to disclose whether a diamond is natural or if it has been manufactured. Getting a grading report (also known as a diamond certificate) will remove any doubt as to whether a diamond is natural or manufactured. Diamond grading laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America have ways of detecting certain atomic signatures in created diamonds which makes it possible for them to determine if a diamond has been made in a lab or if it is a diamond that was formed in the ground and is a natural diamond. Lab created diamonds are not the same as Cubic Zirconias, nor are they Moissonite.