Synthetic, Manufactured and Simulant Diamonds

Deciding to buy someone a synthetic/manufactured diamond

A round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia
A round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia

If you do buy a synthetic diamond it is important to be upfront with whoever is receiving the stone and let them know that it is synthetic.


Imagine the the following scenario, which is based on something that actually happened:

John shops around for a diamond ring, and settles on a 2 carat man made diamond. This is not a Cubic Zirconia, it is a pure colorless “D” grade, internally flawless, ideal cut synthetic diamond. He figures it’s exactly the same as a real diamond. Just more affordable. He compares the price of a real diamond of the same size and grade: $1100 for the man made synthetic with platinum setting. And it is $40,000 for the natural one with platinum setting. For him, $1100 is already a hefty sum of money, so he feels like he’ll be doing quite well to buy this for his sweetheart.

One day while on a stroll in the park  John proposes to Vanessa and she is totally blown away with the ring he presents to her. She hardly hears his question, which he has to repeat three times before she says yes. Vanessa begins showing off her ring to her friends who are quite surprised at the big rock that John got her, as they have rarely seen such a big diamond. John feels very proud of his choice and soaks up all the credit basking in the admiration of his friends. Some of them joke around with him “How many banks did you have to hit to get this rock?”. He shrugs it off, like it was nothing, but never brings up the fact that it is not nearly as expensive as they think. One of the people in this circle of friends, Garson, is often in competition with John and they have a bit of rivalry going which at times borders on the unfriendly. Now Garson’s dad was a jeweler so Garson thinks he knows a little bit about diamonds. He asks Vanessa for a closer look at the diamond and soon discovers that what he figured was a $25,000 to $40,000 diamond is in fact worth much, much less. Unfortunately Garson doesn’t feel enough loyalty to John to let it slide. He announces to Vanessa that it’s a cheap fake. Even though he later explains that it is still a diamond, just not a mined diamond, and that when he meant cheap he didn’t mean $10 cheap but $1000 cheap, Vanessa is still furious. She thinks John tried to fool her and her friends. She feels humiliated that she was parading this ring around, bragging about this ring. Arghhh. The regret feels devastating. Her mind starts running in circles thinking that if John is dishonest at this stage in their relationship how will things be in the future? Her mother tells her that she shouldn’t get so upset over “Just a ring”, but Vanessa can’t get over feeling the fool for believing this was a real diamond ring and starts feeling resentment toward John. John doesn’t understand what the big deal is and thinks she’s making a huge deal out of nothing. He justifies his actions to himself, by telling himself that no one ever asked specifically if it was a natural diamond or not. He doesn’t see that he did anything wrong. But Vanessa has a wary look in her eye, she starts questioning him more about things to make sure he’s truthful. John sees her behavior as irrational. Bordering on the psychotic. He starts thinking that maybe they are not meant to be together. If she gets this upset about a little ring maybe it’s for the better that he doesn’t get hitched.

It’s easy to see how this whole situation could have been avoided. Had John been upfront about the stone being a man made diamond rather than a natural diamond then it would have gone very differently. Yes, it can be difficult to do this. The initial moments when the ring is presented don’t feel appropriate for a “by the way, before you get too excited, this diamond is a manufactured diamond”. However it may be possible to tie it into the proposal speech by continuing: “it is clear, the clearest of diamonds , just like I believe our future together is. It is flawless, just like you, and I chose it myself, and I’d like to think you would choose me too, and it is durable, like ..”

Anyway, I just thought it would be good to mention the possible consequences of presenting a synthetic diamond, and to be certain that the person receiving it is aware of what it is, as they would feel like they have been fooled, if they aren’t made aware. And no one wants to feel like a fool.

If you have decided that you would prefer a synthetic diamond or diamond simulant we recommend the following :

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