Signature Cut Diamonds from DiamondWave: Crisscut

Digging deeper into DiamondWave’s website I discovered that they have the beautiful Crisscut diamond rings designed by Christopher Slovenski.

You may have seen Crisscut diamonds advertized in glossy magazines such as In Style Weddings, Town and Country, Elegant Bride, The Ritz Carlton, and The Robb Report. (read more about the Chrisscut here:

Of course after having seen the advertisement in any of the aforementioned magazines you still have to seek out which local jewelers have the Crisscut diamond, as the ads don’t list the scores of jewelers across the USA that stock Crisscut diamonds.

If you want to buy Crisscut diamonds online you can get them from DiamondWave. Pamela, at DiamondWave is one of the most professional and helpful diamond experts you could hope to deal with. So you are in good hands when getting her help in finding the perfect diamond.

Anyone who wants to know where to find the Crisscut signature diamonds will be very pleased with our Catch of The Day:

Crisscut diamond rings: signature diamonds
Click image to go to directly to Crisscut diamond rings at DiamondWave’s website


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