Secret Shopper Tests Of Jewelers in the USA

Diamond expert and consumer advocate Robert Hensley has compiled a list of jewelers which he recommends as extreme diamond experts operating with integrity, helpfulness, and fair pricing. Compiling this list was no small task. It has taken several decades of work. Yet Robert wanted to do this for a very personal reason. His father had been conned out of the sum of $5000 which had taken years and years to save up. It had taken 20 years to fulfil a promise to his wife. And when he was finally able to buy the diamond ring, an unscrupulous jeweler sold him a cubic zirconia worth less than ten dollars. The fact that it was not a real diamond only came to his attention three years later. His son noticed that the stone was showing signs of wear uncharacteristic of a diamond. They took it to a jeweler who informed them that it was a diamond simulant, in other words, a fake.

This set Robert on a course to do his part in helping others avoid a similar swindle. He set up DiamondHelpersTM to provide education and FindMyJewelerTM where prospective buyers can discover which jewelers passed the test.

From his extensive research Robert found  that no matter how much a buyer knows about diamonds, a dishonest jeweler can cheat and overcharge them.

On the other hand, an honest jeweler will treat a buyer with respect and charge a fair price no matter how little the buyer knows about diamonds.

The process employed to test jewelers on their level of integrity was to try to buy from them by telephone or by having shoppers go directly to the jeweler. The jewelers had no idea they were being graded on their quality of service, quality of diamonds, level of helpfulness, level of expertise, and whether they engaged in shady practices like selling laser drilled stones and clarity enhanced stones without informing the customer. Jewelers are not offered the option of paying to be included on this list. They will only be included if they have passed the secret shopper test.

If you would like to know which jewelers in your city passed the test you can type in your USA zip code here:

This list is made up of brick-and-mortar jewelers who had an excellent rating in the following areas:

  • Selection of  high quality GIA certified diamonds in stock
  • Gemologists or diamontologists on premises
  • Provides quality service, take ample time to educate and help you make the best decisions
  • Must have scopes on hand to let you examine your diamond before purchase
  • Provides fair prices.
  • Stock the highest quality diamonds including ideal cuts
  • Certificates provided by GIA or AGS
  •  High quality and good selection of settings in stock
  • Able to set diamonds by the next day, by having a jeweler on hand.
  • Must have an excellent local reputation
  • Have excellent ratings with the Jewelers Board of Trade
  • Member in good standing with the BBB and/or Chamber of Commerce, showing good ethics
  • Be a professional member in good standing in one or more of the foremost jeweler organizations:
    • Jewelers of America
    • Jewelers Vigilance Committee
    • American Gemological Society
    • Diamond Dealers Club
    • Jewelers Board of Trade
  • Answers email promptly
  • Answers phone calls promptly
  • 30 days, unconditional, money-back guarantee
  • Offer 100% trade-up policy of original price paid toward larger purchase
  • Convenient shopping hours, including weekends
  • In business for at least 5 years
  • Must be one of the top volume diamond stores in the area