Possibly The Easiest Way To Buy A Diamond Ring

Brian Gavin just keeps amazing us with their fantastic diamonds.

Now they amaze us with their innovative new feature.

Today they have launched a new feature on their site which maked it even easier to make your choice without being swamped with hundreds of options.

Just type in your budget and you are presented with the 3 to 6 best matches. Once you choose the one you like you can still decide to upgrade to a diamond which has only a modest price difference. (2% to 3%)

I have always thought it advisable to set the budget first when shopping for a diamond. See my page on How To Buy An Engagement Ring. I have spoken to local jewelers who always tell people to pick what you want first, and think about the budget later. They confided in me that people will find the money if they want something bad enough. This obviously works for them, but I feel for the poor people who have over extended themselves. The beauty of shopping online is that you will not be faced with high pressure sales tactics, and it should be easier to stick to the budget.

I can say with full confidence that Brian Gavin Diamonds don’t sell anything one would regret buying. You know you are getting good quality from them. Even if their return policy is 15 days, I know you won’t be returning it because of an inferior diamond, that’s for sure. It’s still double the standard 7 day return policy found all over the internet.

We think this new feature for choosing a diamond ring is absolutely brilliant. This feature gets our “No Regrets” stamp of approval without hesitation.

stamp of approval

See the page here: http://www.briangavindiamonds.com/engagement-rings/pre-selected-engagement-rings