Online Jeweler With a HUGE Variety of Diamonds

Diamonds play an important role in our modern culture, but not everyone chooses the exact same type of diamond.

Personal taste and individual budgets vary.  Everyone has their own unique requirements.

So, where do we begin?

By searching, comparing, searching, and more searching. Some people go to great lengths, taking note of various factors, customer reviews, reputation at the Better Business Bureau, check forums for any mention of the company. But for most of us we can tell straight away if a business is one we want to be dealing with. We usually go for ones that we have heard about. Even so  in the end it comes down to whether or not the business has what we are looking for.

It can be frustrating when we are looking for something very specific.

In this article I will cover jewelers that provide a large selection of diamonds to choose from.

As the total stock any business will have on hand will vary from time to time the top spot may have changed by the time you are reading this. However these companies all have a strong presence and will undoubtedly continue providing a large selection for you to peruse.

To provide a large selection to choose from very few jewelers actually own all the stock they have on offer.

Fortunately the diamond industry has made it possible for us to view more than one manufacturer’s inventory.

Most jewelers, if asked, can get you just about any diamond you want, given enough time.

Unfortunately jewelers will rarely be able to provide a high definition photo of the diamond before ordering it in.

This is one reason why certain online jewelers have been such popular websites for those seeking to buy loose diamonds and precious gemstone jewelry.

Blue Nile

Review: Vast selection; Easy to navigate.

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile has grown to become the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. Internet Retailer Magazine reports Blue Nile as the world’s biggest online retailer by far.

Blue Nile’s underlying philosophy is stated as “choosing an engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated”. Blue Nile has gone to great lengths to simplify the diamond buying process. There is still a little learning required, but Blue Nile does provide enough information on the Blue Nile diamond education pages for a beginner to feel confident with their purchase. Blue Nile has kept their main goal in mind in the design of their site by having a very direct, plain layout and refrained from adding too many distractions on their site. The design of the Blue Nile website is definitely in keeping with their aim. By presenting you with a plain white and blue design you can focus on looking for your perfect stone.

Blue Nile Diamond Search
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Diamond Cut Selection

The great thing about starting your search here is that Blue Nile offers the most extensive collection of the world’s finest cut diamonds. Selected for exceptional quality, cut, color, and clarity Blue Nile’s loose diamonds are evaluated based on a standardized grading scale. Each loose diamond is accompanied by a grading report from the GIA, an independent diamond grading lab highly respected for their consistency and stringent grading standards. Round brilliant diamonds make up two thirds of engagement rings, so chances are you’ll find your perfect round brilliant diamond here. If you want a different cut, Blue Nile has an additional nine cuts to choose from: Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, Marquise, Radiant, Oval, Pear, & Heart.

Blue Nile diamond cutsRound diamonds are of course the most popular cuts but if you are interested in something a little different you will be pleased to know that Blue Nile offers a decent selection of other cuts as well. Available under the Round, Princess, and Cushion cuts you will find one of Blue Nile’s hidden treasures.

Signature cut: ASTOR BY BLUE NILE™


Diamond cuts often take years to develop and perfect, so to protect their distinctive designs from copycats, it is common for cutters to secure patents on a design that is unique and which helps them stand out above the rest. This allows them to stay in business as it prohibits other companies from  copying the same pattern when cutting a diamond. These patented disigns are called signature cuts. Blue Nile has a signature cut that is available exclusively through them: Astor by Blue Nile™

Only 1 in every 1,000 diamonds possess the potential to achieve Astor by Blue Nile™ status. These diamonds are curated and analyzed by two independent industry experts to claim a spot among the most brilliant diamonds.  This analysis carried out by the GIA and GemEx assures the stones’ quality and exceptional brilliance. Each Astor by Blue Nile™ diamond arrives with a brochure that includes grading information from GIA, as well as a GemEx Diamond Light Performance certificate. The reports issued by these laboratories are available online for each Astor by Blue Nile™ diamond.

Diamond Characteristics Documented in the GemEx Report

  • Brilliance
    Measures the percentage of bright, white light being returned to the observer.
  • Fire
    Measures the percentage of bright, colored light being returned to the observer.
  • Sparkle
    Measures the number of light points being returned to the observer, and how they change as the light moves.
Gemex Sample Report
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Founded in 1998, GemEx pioneered the concept of scientifically measuring diamonds for light performance. Using a unique lighting technology developed by engineers called the imaging Spectrophotometer, GemEx can determine and quantify the brilliance, fire, and sparkle of every diamond they certify.

GemEx Diamond Light Performance Certification

A diamond is comprised of many facets that act like mirrors. One of the ways diamonds are beautiful is the way they play with light. The more light a diamond is able to reflect with those facets, the brighter it shines. GemEx uses their patented BrillianceScope to measure how much light is returned to the eye from a diamond. The BrillianceScope takes five measurements that measure white light (brilliance), colored light (fire), and scintillation (sparkle), as well as a view that reveals the craftsmanship and symmetry of the diamond. Only diamonds that measure Very High in brilliance, fire, and sparkle on the GemEx Diamond Light Performance scale are fine enough to be Astor by Blue Nile™ diamonds.

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