Most incredible F VS1 1.01 ct round diamond GIA Certified

I have been looking at diamonds all day, and here is a real stunner.

F VS1 1.01 ct GIA Certified round diamond
price: $11,848

This diamond’s proportions are so exact that it is absolutely, definitely, unequivocally, going to qualify as the

Catch Of The Day


Loose Diamond Round F VS1 1.01 GIA Certified


First of all it is just really beautifully and skillfully cut, and it is a very highly rated stone according to its GIA report.

Stones which are 1 carat or more get a more detailed report. The GIA grading report for this stone can be seen here.

But let me point out a few remarkable characteristics.

It is an F color. This means it is so close to completely clear that it can’t help but sparkle beautifully when combined with its Select Ideal™ Cut, which is Union Diamond’s Signature cut. Nearly all light that enters Union Diamond’s Select Ideal™ Cut diamonds. This light is then reflected from facet to facet; and then back to the top of the diamond which produces maximum brilliance, fire and beauty. What certainly adds to the winning combination is its VS1 rating on the clarity scale. The GIA report shows the inclusions the stone contains and they are so microscopic that they simply don’t detract from the stone’s beauty.

The stone has been cut so well that it gets an “Excellent” grading in regards to its cut. And its polish is also graded Excellent.

Plus, it has no fluorescence. This is usually the last consideration when looking for a beautiful stone, but this stone gives us nothing to worry about in this department.



Loose Diamond Round F VS1 1.01 GIA Certified