List of recommended loose diamond vendors

Where to Buy a Diamond Online
This page lists companies where you can buy Loose Diamonds
The following websites all offer loose diamonds for purchase directly. The prices are all good and they all have real photos of diamonds as well as certificates for you to view. They all also offer to set the diamond in a ring, which you may choose to have them do, or you might choose to have your local jeweler do it. It’s always best to ask your local jeweler first whether they offer this service.

If you would like to buy a diamond over the internet these are the places I recommend:

Massive Selection with High Resolution Images

James AllenJames Allen logo

James Allen offers high resolution images of over 200,000 natural diamonds for you to inspect. You may purchase a diamond with a ring or on its own. They have a very generous return policy and the website is a breeze to use. You can get advice from their trained gemologists by telephone, email, or online chat. You’ll love your experience at James Allen.

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Blue NileBlue Nile logo

Blue Nile offers a modern approach to celebrating life’s most cherished traditions with an incredible selection of rings and jewelry for engagements, holidays and milestone events. Blue Nile lists 200,000 diamonds compared to maybe a few hundred at a traditional jeweler. Choose the best diamond for you, instead of what’s available from a jeweler’s case. Blue Nile was founded on the idea that it should be easy to buy a diamond.

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Ideal Cut Diamonds with High Resolution Images

Brian Gavin DiamondsBrian Gavin Diamonds logo

Brian Gavin Diamonds are known for their fine beauty and excellent cut. All diamonds are hand picked according to the most stringent requirements, and cut with superior artistic finesse. The diamonds can be set in a ring of your choosing, or you can even work with their designers and have a ring custom made. The website is very easy to navigate, and most of the signature cut diamonds have high resolution images and ASET images available.

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Black by Brian Gavin

The Black by Brian Gavin® difference

Eclipsing all other diamonds in their light performance, the diamonds in the Black by Brian Gavin® collection represent a new level of diamond selection, cutting, and presentation
A Black by Brian Gavin® is a wonder of nature mixed with the precision of storied craftsmanship.
The Gavin Effect® Cut
A breakthrough in light optimization in diamonds.
Light is everything when it comes to diamonds. The way the light catches a diamond during a pivot or a gesture. The hypnotic movement of light as it dazzles the eye—captivating the viewer and drawing them close.
Light performance is what separates Black by Brian Gavin® from other diamonds—this dazzling light performance is due to a patent pending diamond cutting technique, which is the result of years of extensive experimentation and diamond research. You can be assured a Gavin Effect® diamond meets our strictest and most exacting quality requirements.
To achieve the strictest and most exacting light performance requirements for the Gavin Effect® cut in every diamond in the Black by Brian Gavin® collection, Brian Gavin Diamonds select the finest possible natural diamond material. They then follow a meticulous and proprietary process to optimize secondary angles, symmetry, and reflective potential. They then inspect each diamond to ensure that it meets the pinnacle of their demanding light performance standards for the Gavin Effect®.

The result is a diamond that has Impeccable Performance®, Exacting PrecisionTM and Incomparable BeautyTM. And you’re guaranteed to find it with Black by Brian Gavin®.
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WhiteflashWhiteflash logo

Whiteflash is all about the Ideal Cut Diamond. Whiteflash stocks the largest inventory of AGS ideal diamonds in the world. Whether you are looking for an ideal round diamond or an ideal princess diamond Whiteflash undoubtedly has one of the best selection of AGS certified ideal diamonds you will find anywhere. Combining the finest in certified diamonds with top quality designer engagement rings and fine jewelry, they consistently deliver “A Brilliant Diamond Buying Experience”® to discriminating customers worldwide.

As authorized resellers for the finest designer brands such as Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Ritani, Danhov, Vatche, and Benchmark, and as the exclusive provider of their own A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds, there is no better place to create a truly extraordinary piece for your special occasion than at Whiteflash. Shop online or visit the Houston Jewelry Store to experience the Whiteflash difference for yourself. Whiteflash is an internationally recognized authority on hearts and arrows diamonds. The Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® super ideal is a diamond of world-class cut precision and is available exclusively through Whiteflash. To achieve the A CUT ABOVE ® Hearts and Arrows brand a round diamond must have perfect three dimensional facet alignment and a pristine pattern of hearts and arrows. It must be certified as an AGS Ideal, specifications must fall within a narrow subset of AGS ideal parameters, and the diamond must pass additional light performance image testing. These images along with comprehensive gemological data for each diamond are posted to Whitflash’s website, clearly demonstrating the superior craftsmanship, fire and brilliance of these elite gems. The A CUT ABOVE® Round Hearts and Arrows diamond is The Most Visually Balanced in the World®.


Special Mentions

RitaniRitani logo

Ritani have a unique offer which makes their service exceptionally good: Create your ring and preview it for free. While retail stores offer an in-person experience, they cannot show you your diamond in your setting before you buy. Other online retailers require you to buy your ring before you can hold it in your hand. Add a loose diamond, ring, or designer collection item to your cart and choose “Free In-Store Preview.” Ritani handcrafts your item and appraises its value before shipment. Visit your jeweler to see your item in person for FREE. Buy today or walk away — the hold is released with no obligation. If you don’t buy the ring you preview, Ritani will melt the metal down and return the diamond to their inventory.

B2CJewels logoB2CJewels

B2C Jewels, established on the idea of making online purchase of jewelry easier, has grown to become a large and well respected online jewelry store. It is backed by a family which has been in the diamond industry as renowned wholesalers for over 20 years. With an extensive and vast range to select from and a strong infrastructure backing, you are sure to find your perfect jewelry piece.



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