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As our aim is to only recommend the finest and most reliable jewelers, we are very pleased to present an exceptional tool called FindMyJewelerTM.

Secret shopper tests were conducted over a period of many years (over 10 years) to construct this list. Read the story of why and how the secret shopper tests of USA jewelers were conducted here.

If you would like to know which jewelers in your city passed the secret shopper test you can type in your USA zip code at:

This list is made up of brick-and-mortar jewelers who received an excellent rating in the following areas:

  • Selection of  high quality GIA certified diamonds in stock
  • Gemologists or diamontologists on premises
  • Quality service, giving ample time to educate and help you make the best decisions
  • Scopes on hand to let you examine your diamond before purchase
  • Provide fair prices.
  • Stock the highest quality diamonds including ideal cuts
  • Certificates provided by GIA or AGS
  • High quality and good selection of settings in stock
  • Able to set diamonds by the next day, by having a jeweler on hand.
  • Excellent local reputation
  • Excellent ratings with the Jewelers Board of Trade
  • Member in good standing with the BBB and/or Chamber of Commerce, showing good ethics
  • Professional member in good standing in one or more of the foremost jeweler organizations:
    • Jewelers of America
    • Jewelers Vigilance Committee
    • American Gemological Society
    • Diamond Dealers Club
    • Jewelers Board of Trade
  • Answers email promptly
  • Answers phone calls promptly
  • 30 days, unconditional, money-back guarantee
  • Offer 100% trade-up policy of original price paid toward larger purchase
  • Convenient shopping hours, including weekends
  • In business for at least 5 years
  • Top volume diamond stores in the area
Who should use this service?
  • Anyone who is shopping for high quality diamond jewelry in the USA
  • Those who are unable to purchase through a website
  • Anyone who likes good service
  • Those who prefer speaking face to face with their diamond consultant or jeweler.
  • Anyone who prefers to shop locally as much as possible.

Take advantage of this free service now:start here

 Find My Jeweler

Your enquiry can be regarding any of the following:

  • Diamond Engagement Ring;
  • Engagement Ring;
  • Loose Diamond;
  • Wedding Ring;
  • Anniversary Ring;
  • Righthand or Fashion Ring;
  • Other Gemstone Ring; Earrings;
  • Necklace or Pendant;
  • Bracelet;
  • Fine Watch;
  • Other Jewelry or Accessories;
  • Jewelry Appraisal;
  • Jewelry Repair and Services.

You will then receive the names and addresses of the jewelers that are in your neighborhood or situated closest to you.

FindMyJeweler’s MISSION: To eliminate the intimidation factor from the jewelry-buying process by educating novice buyers, guiding them to the finest quality jewelers available, and ultimately providing them with the jewelry of their dreams at competitive prices.

Since 2001, FindMyJeweler’s in-house jewelry experts have evaluated 10,000+ jewelers in the US using secret shopper tests as well as background checks. Under 1% made the cut. They really did Test to find the Best!

Now you can benefit from all that hard work with this wonderful service:

(and it is a free service)


“Thank you so much for your help! My boyfriend and I visited [your recommended Chicago diamond specialist] on our way out of town on Friday and decided to buy the diamond there. The people there were helpful and didn’t put any pressure on us to make a decision.”
– Katy (Chicago, IL)

“I had been searching for an engagement ring for about 2 months and the end result was confusion. I cut through the confusion after talking with Robert; I realized the most important part of finding a diamond is finding a trustworthy jeweler. They were great. Competitive, provided great advice, quick. It was great.”
– Robert (Boston, MA)

“Wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, prices comparable to the reputable websites, fun to meet, a wonderful character, I am thrilled that I was directed to them and glad to have purchased a diamond. Thank you!”
-Rick (Boston, MA)
“[Your recommended Philadelphia diamond specialist] & Massey were everything your FindMyJeweler recommendation said. I wanted you to know how much you helped my fiance and I, and how thrilled we are with our purchase and our whole experience. I don’t think we would have ever found [your recommended Philadelphia diamond specialist], it would have been hit or miss for us on jeweler’s row – yikes.”
– Julia (Philadelphia, PA)

“It was nice to have a referral from someone knowledgeable. Nicole was very helpful, patient – and seemed to do her best to give me the best deal. Seemed to have the best price for diamonds. Sales person was very accomodating, and patient.”
– Jeremy (Seattle, WA)

“Wonderful service for a diamond novice like me! I had a lot to learn about diamonds, and the jeweler you recommended was patient enough to teach me diamonds 101 in a no-pressure environment. I couldn’t have asked for better service.”
– Tom (Atlanta, GA)
“I want to thank you from the bottom off my heart for the diamond Jeweler you referred me to at [your recommended New York diamond specialist]. Steve invited us into his office to view several diamonds. He did not pressure us and he was very informative. Thank You”
– Candace (New York, NY)

Buying Tips:

1. Right Choice, Right Jeweler

A dishonest jeweler can cheat or overcharge you regardless to how MUCH you may know about jewelry. They can sell you cheap imitations, confuse you with the wrong diamond certificates thereby exaggerate the quality using certificates from inferior or affiliated laboratories, misrepresent laser-drilled or clarity-enhanced diamonds, sell fake certificates, and attempt countless other scams.

In contrast, a reputable jeweler will treat you with respect and fairness, no matter how LITTLE you know about jewelry. FindMyJeweler tests to find the Best Jewelers — by putting them through rigorous “secret shopper” tests and background checks and will provide you with the highest level of integrity, customer service, selection, quality, and product knowledge, all at competitive prices.

2. Avoid the 7 signs of an inferior jeweler

  1. They only sell diamonds with IGI certificates (best to stick with GIA or AGS or at least EGL).
  2. They sell laser-drilled stones (GIA always labels stones with laser drilling, but some other labs do not).
  3. They will not show your diamond under a scope.
  4. They sell poorly cut stones (poorly cut stones often trade at huge discounts)
  5. They push you to buy right away instead of educating you first so you can make an intelligent choice.
  6. Their salespeople do not have a strong background of experience in both buying as well as selling diamonds and jewelry.

There are better jewelers around. Trust your judgement and try elsewhere.

3. First find the jeweler, then the jewelry

Look around and interview jewelers. Find someone you are comfortable with and that comes to you with references, then stick with that expert and let them work with you, so they can locate the right jewelry for you.

When shopping for diamonds, many people make the mistake of looking around at many stores until they think they have found it — only to find out later that the dealer was not honest about the quality or treatments, and it was not such a great deal after all.

4. Remain open to ordering what you want

Keep in mind that even the largest jeweler cannot stock the endless varieties of jewelry pieces and diamond size/quality combinations. A good jeweler will focus on ordering what you want if they need to, and not just on selling whatever they have in stock that day.

Once you show a reasonable commitment to a reputable jeweler, they will work very hard to find your ideal dream jewelry.

5. Learn by holding actual jewelry and looking at actual diamonds

Once you find a reputable jeweler that you like and trust, learn everything you can from them. Go in and learn by holding actual jewelry in your hands, and looking at diamonds in their office under a microscope.

Learn by personal experience, not just by reading articles on web sites or by looking at numbers on certificates. Go in to see how the piece feels in your hand and looks on you. Learn how each of the details on a diamond grading certificate actually affects beauty and value. Don’t take anyone’s opinion about the numbers — the numbers should never be more important than what you learn with your own eyes. The numbers NEVER tell the whole story. The main reason to buy from a local jeweler is to see jewelry and diamonds before you buy, so take full advantage of that opportunity and learn by seeing and touching first.