Little beauty: 0.52 Carat F-VVS1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond, GIA graded

James Allen make it so easy to find gorgeous stones.

With their un-touched-up photos and online magnification tool it’s a snap to locate the ideal stone to go with anyone’s requirements.

Today we set out to find a stone which would suit someone with petite hands. The stone we found is just perfect. It also suits someone who prefers understated jewelry, but still wants high quality jewelry.

We agree with jewelers who say that 0.50 ct is the smallest size that is recommended for a ring. This is of course when we are talking about a single diamond. If we have a ring made up of many smaller diamonds, they will  be much smaller than half a carat. The tiny diamonds are called a “melee”. Their Total Carat Weight (TCW) refers to all their combined weight when rings with a melee of diamonds are described.

But a single diamond gets noticed nicely if it measures over half a carat. A few people still go below this and get a 0.4 carat diamond, however it’s often something they later feel was just a tad too small. So here is our

Catch Of The Day

0.52 Carat F-VVS1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond, GIA graded $2,730

See it here:


0.52 Carat F-VVS1 Ideal Cut Round Diamond

The cut of this stone is just so beautiful, and its symmetry is mesmerising, that I can see this going over very well.

I know, I am kind of partial to round diamonds. It’s just that round diamonds can be cut to disperse light so well that there is really no comparison. When buying a diamond online we just don’t get the opportunity to examine the stone directly, but we can do our best to guarantee that we end up with a beautiful stone by looking for good characteristics on the grading report. And round diamonds just work really well in being very sparkly when cut well and combined with good clarity characteristics.

I think if we are going to buy a stone online it is a waste of time to go for a very included stone or a lower quality cut. If you want that you can find that in the local mall. Whether small or not.


Stones smaller than 1 ct usually don’t come with a full report, as they generally come with a diamond dossier. This is just a less detailed report, which the diamond vendors usually refer to as a Diamond Certificate, even though technically they are not certificates.

This stone’s dossier tells us:

Shape: Round
Carat weight: 0.52
Cut: Excellent
Color: F
Clarity: VVS1
Certificate: GIA
Depth: 61.8%
Table: 55.0%
Polish: Excellent

Clarity characteristics: Internal Graining
Symmetry: Excellent
Culet: None
Fluorescence: None
Measurements in millimeters: 5.19 x 5.18 x 3.21

Everything about this stone is wonderful, except for the mention of internal graining. However since it has a clarity rating of VVS1 (Very Very Slightly Included of the lesser degree) we need not concern ourselves much with the internal graining issue as it was not enough to  warrant being labeled a VS or even VVS2. Remember VVS1 is just one step away from the extremely rare and coveted Internally Flawless. And it is an F! That’s pretty darn nice!

If you want a small stone for a solitaire ring this is a fantastic candidate . Get it now before someone else does. (If it’s gone before you get to it, please send me a message and I’ll go to work and find another one)